Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce – A Healthy & Delicious Raw Food Recipe

Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce – A Healthy & Delicious Raw Food Recipe

You’ve learned stacking, stuffing, and rolling. Well, there’s another secret to making a
really fast, easy, and delicious raw entrée, and that is raw pasta. Pasta is always a comforting main dish, but many people avoid it
because it’s high in carbs and you’ve got the wheat
and the white flour. Well, I’m going to show you how to
make a low-starch pasta out of zucchini. When people like pasta, what they
really like is the al dente texture and the taste of the sauce. Wheat pasta by itself really
doesn’t have any taste. It’s that texture and the
sauce that people like. Well, zucchini is kind of bland
the way that wheat pasta is, so it’s very easy to turn it into a
pasta if you just cut it the right way. And then once you toss
it with a flavorful sauce, it’s going to taste a lot
like the traditional thing. So let’s start off with
shaping the pasta. I’m going to start with a peeled zucchini, and the simplest way that you
can turn this into a noodle is by using a vegetable
peeler to create ribbons. Remember we did those ribbons with
the carrots when we made the sushi? Well, now I’m ribboning this
zucchini, and it’s just like fettuccine. It’s zucchini fettuccine. Long, wide noodles. And I’m just rotating all the way
around the zucchini until I get to the core, and then we can save that
core for a garden soup or something. And once you get enough
of these ribbons together, they really do look like a noodle. And when you toss
them with a sauce, you really visually cannot tell the
difference between this and fettuccine. Another way that you can make a
noodle is by using a special gadget. This is a gadget here. It’s called a spiral slicer. It’s a really fun tool to have because this is
going to turn this zucchini into angel hair pasta. So here’s how you use it. I’m going to cut the zucchini into a
shape that’ll fit into that machine, so for most zucchini, that
means cutting it in half. If you have a particularly large zucchini, you might need to
cut it into thirds. You want to make sure
it’s really straight, and that’ll go into the
machine a little bit easier. Then you take off the top. Again, this is called a spiral slicer, and it’s available at
most cookware stores. In the back of my book
Raw Food Made Easy, I have a resource section that
tells you where you can get all of these unique tools. So I just put it on–there’s
a little spike right there, and I just rested the zucchini on that
spike, and now I’m putting the top on. And I’m just going to use a gentle
pressure and rotate this handle, and I’m making pasta. This is like the easy pasta maker here. When you get to the very end,
you’ll stop feeling it resisting you, and that means it’s not
going to go any further. You take it off. There’s always a little bit
left that doesn’t go through. Again, we’ll save that for one
of our garden vegetable soups. And here, you have
angel hair pasta. You can count on about one
to two zucchini per person, so this is actually a lot faster than boiling
water and making the wheat version. So now I’ve got the pasta made. Now it’s time to
move onto the sauce. I’m going to make a fast marinara sauce
that tastes so good and so like cooked, you’re not going to believe it didn’t
simmer on the stove for hours. Really easy to do in a food processor,
and I’m using the food processor because I like my marinara
sauce to be a little bit chunky. And that’s what the food processor, as
opposed to the blender, is going to do. It’s going to keep in
some of that texture. So I’m going to start
off with some tomatoes. And I’ve just chopped
these tomatoes roughly. It doesn’t need to look perfect because
they’re just going into the food processor. And some red bell pepper. And what the red bell pepper is going to
do is give some sweetness to the sauce. When tomatoes cook, they
develop a sweetness, and these tomatoes are raw, so they
might have a hint of acid to them. So adding some red bell pepper is
going to put the sweetness back in, and it s also going to make
it a very vibrant red color. The secret ingredient in this
marinara sauce is sundried tomatoes, and that’s what’s really going
to give it that texture and taste of a cooked marinara sauce. Sundried tomatoes have a very
intense, sweet, rich, tomatoey flavor, and they also act as a thickener. When we process them, they’re going to
add some body and thickness to the sauce. So we’ll go ahead and add these. You can buy sundried tomatoes
either totally dry or oil-packed. I’m using oil-packed right now. These have been packed in extra
virgin olive oil, so they’re very soft. If you buy them dry, just make sure
that you soak them in water for a couple of hours before you
add them into your recipe. Got some sundried tomatoes. And let’s season that up. Everyone loves garlic
in a marinara sauce. It wouldn’t be marinara without garlic. I’m going to separate a clove right here. And raw garlic is a little bit
stronger than when it’s cooked, so I tend to use a little
bit less in raw recipes. So I think a clove is going to be great. Let me loosen up that peel
by cutting off the ends, and then I can crush the
garlic a little bit with my knife. Smash into it, and that
loosens up the peel a lot. Peel that. And I’m going to
use a garlic press. If I were making this in a blender, I
wouldn’t need to crush the garlic at all. I could just put the clove
right into the blender. But in a food processor,
you do need to crush it in so that it gets incorporated. All right, some other seasonings. I want to use some herbs in here. We’ve got some basil and oregano. Those are traditional
seasonings in marinara. Of course, if you have fresh
on hand, that’s great, but this sauce tastes
great with dried. A little basil, a little
oregano, and a little salt. Don’t add too much salt to this recipe
because sundried tomatoes are already a little bit salty naturally. Just a couple of pinches there. A little bit more olive oil;
make it nice and rich. And let’s add some spice
here, too–a little pungency. I’m going to add just
a little bit of cayenne. Just a hint, not enough
to make it really spicy, but get some heat in there. And a little bit of black pepper. And we’re ready to process this sauce. It’s as simple as putting
it in the food processor. That is looking so thick and rich, and
I can smell all the herbs in there. Just going to scrape it down with a spatula. This is one of my favorite recipes. I just love this marinara. Go ahead and process one more time. And that’s it. That is really fast. So I’m going to go ahead and
add the marinara to the zucchini. If you’re serving this dish to friends, just
wait to toss it with the marinara until a few minutes before you’re going to serve it
because the zucchini will get a little bit watery if it sits too long in
the marinara sauce. But separately, this sauce keeps
for a week in your refrigerator, and the zucchini keeps for several days. So if you made this sauce in
the beginning of the week, you could have an entrée on the table
within a matter of a couple of minutes. Oh, that is smelling so good. I’m going to give that a toss. It’s so exciting to know that you
can still eat spaghetti and be healthy. And these noodles are
just softening right up. When you’re making your sauce at home,
make sure that you make it highly seasoned. Add enough of the herbs and the
salt and the oil because the zucchini is a little bit bland, and so it’s
going to dilute the sauce slightly. We are getting a very
flavorful, soft dish here. I can feel the al dente texture in
these noodles just with my tongs. Let’s put some of that in a bowl. Let’s say that you
want to serve this warm. You can do that. You don’t have to eat cold
foods just because they’re raw. What I would do is heat up
just the sauce, not the noodles. Just put them on a stove just for a
couple of minutes, stirring it constantly just until it’s a little
above body temperature. And then go ahead and
toss it with the noodles, and you’re going to
have a warm pasta dish. You can warm up your soups
that way, too, if you want to. I’m going to add a little color
to that with a little bit of basil. So remember that chiffonade
cut we did with the kale? I’m going to do that with the
basil just for a little garnish. Just rolled it up, thin strips. It looks like the original dish;
it tastes like the original dish. I guarantee that if you try this, you’ll be eating raw pasta
at least several nights a week.


  1. I make this all the time, its delicious and it really does taste like pasta. This is an amazing recipe, you would not believe its raw food. Thank you

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  4. @Bourne2bwild1989
    I find it funny that you bring up the olive oil but not the sun dried tomatoes.

    Thank you for the video, very tempted to try this myself. 🙂

  5. Too much fat. Just because it's raw doesn't make it any healthier than the cooked alternative. Way too much olive oil. High carb, low fat is were it's at.

  6. I liked your video so much, I had to make it. I went to the farmers market today and bought zucchini. I did a different variation of your sauce but wow, I am impressed. Thanks for sharing. Especially for the tip with the peeler since most people don't have that tool you use.

  7. "what people like is the al dente pasta, and the sauce. Whole wheat pasta has no taste."

    Or some of us like fully cooked pasta with no sauce….and I'm pretty sure whole wheat pasta has a great taste, it's called whole wheat -_-

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  10. This dish is slamming! I made this dish for the first time and added a little extra fresh herbs like parsley,oregano,a little extra garlic since we had dinner for 3 and this came out sooo amazing,my husband took his extra's to work and shared and now his workers want to buy a spiralizer & try it themselves,the tasty sauce its self can be used on anything from this to salads,savory soups & drinks and the zucchini make the dish way more dense and filling than pasta,Thank you for this recipe!Yum!

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