Your Spaghetti & Meatball Questions Answered By Cooking Experts | Epicurious

Your Spaghetti & Meatball Questions Answered By Cooking Experts | Epicurious


  1. OK now… I cook my spaghetti in a small pot, and YOU DONT break it in half! You twist your spaghetti bundle slightly, so they will "blossom" when you drop them in the pot so their bottom half that is in the water do not stick. And after 30 seconds, when the bottom half softens a little bit, you can twist the rest of the pasta into the pot. Easy. 👌

  2. It makes sense that a sharper knife would help for two reasons. One is it's faster, and two is that a sharp blade makes a cleaner cut so less of the onion is getting crushed, hence the lower release of gases. It's the same reason why paper looks so mangled after cutting with safety scissors, but really nice with a good pair of shears.

  3. i never thought i would want to be best friends with a bunch of chefs on a youtube channel so much but then this channel and bon appétit happened lmao

  4. I literally search for the videos with lorenzo in it because of that video where the cooks exchange ingredients. He is just soooo jolly 💖

  5. Anthony : Aka the pink shirt guy
    Anna : your friend that make delicious food
    Lorenzo : your teacher aka school dad that keep forgetting lots of thing
    Rose : a mom that everyono love
    Frank : ur cool uncle

  6. Meatball : is named meatballs because it's made out of meat

    Random guy : CaN i MaKe MeAtBalLs OuT oF cHicKeN?

    Edit : I just realized that chicken is meat. Oof

  7. How to not cry from onions: keep them in the fridge until you need to cut them. It will keep the sulfuric acid from floating up into the air as easily.

  8. I have to disagree about when to add meatballs. I put mine in right at the getgo while they are still warm from the oven. That gives them time to absorb more of the sauce ( gravy) and are more tender and flavorful

  9. My mom breaks the noodle apart
    Also I died after one of the cards
    Said “why don’t you just pick the tamatoes” lmao 😂🤣

  10. If you don't want to cry due to chopping of onion than
    1)chop the onion in half and dip it into vinager or water for 25 hrs
    2) ta da result is when you chop the onion you dipped into the water or vinager the acid in the onion that makes our eyes teary will be removed

  11. my trick against the crying onion thing, is just put on your motorbike helmet! alternatively, anything that fully covers your eyes

  12. I eat cut spaghetti for the same reason I don't eat sushi with chopsticks, I put something on my fork or spoon and eat, still unsure what difference it makes besides not having extra steps or inconveniences

  13. I was told not lubricate pasta for serving purposes but instead for the purpose of being able to get the pasta out of the container it has put in the fridge in. Here's the twist. Do it with butter or margarine. Something that has saturated or trans fat to give the sauce an adhesive boost to something that is slippery. Is this practice with butter or margarine better or worse for taste?

  14. I'm surprised that the food scientist didn't know that a wet knife catches and reacts with the oil from the onion, before it can react with your tears.

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