Worst Interview Ever?!

Worst Interview Ever?!

res office line is a scholar as you’re
about to find out in a fox news about the find out he’s written about many of
the different religions he’s written a book zell the life and
times of Jesus of Nazare well it’s a historical account of Jesus
fascinating I like to know what its in it but I don’t get much of a chance
when he goes on Fox News Channel because they’re not asking what’s in the
book there and ask him how dare you well I mean watch red outline
was a question but converted back to the faith of his forefathers Islam he has not written a book about
Jesus the book has become controversial as it calls into question some of the
core tenets up Christianity idk where you’re a muslim also why did
you write a book about the founder of Christianity well to be clear I am a scholar religions with four degrees including
one in the New Testament and fluency in biblical Greek who has
been studying the origins of Christianity for two decades who also just happens to
be a Muslim that was a great Pune okay euro Muslim writing about our profit what do you do doing what are you
thinking you’re but where it that’s not how academics
works is the like these are Christians you over there you write about Jesus
wasn’t go ahead my about mohammed I jus manual ever Moses good luck ok I 0 ofcourse a game yours of us is a know or care to know how that
works then interested in facts all they do is look at it from their
perspective their perspective is we bring in people who have a certain
bias and then we put that bias on air so I assume Rosol sluggers is a big he’s
a Muslim must be bison favor miss llame so probably write a book from my
perspective I got news for you he’s not Fox News Channel he actually cares about
the facts now you think well as pretty bad right
that went on for nine minutes we’re gonna give you short snippets ovett but it was
unbelievable the house she kept going back to him
back to tears as I can so it’s not that I’m just some Muslim
writing about Jesus I am in expert with a PhD in the history of religions a but I’ve been obsessed with Jesus it
still begs the question why would you be interested in the founder of
Christianity because it’s my job as an academic I am a professor all religion including
the New Testament that’s what I do for a living actually I find the question its awesomely
stunning I’m agnostic I’m interested in Jesus I like tacos I put back together has questions about cheeses why can’t I
be fascinated by that but in there were like okay you’re
either belabor that said yeah unknown you take whatever the local
pastor wanna borrow stowed US crude get any you shut down people’s throats why would
you be interested in is the intellectual exercise less you wanna know the facts fox’s flow
mixed play curiosity over history and facts it continues just to be clear this is
not some attack on Christianity my mother is a Christian my wife is a Christian my brother-in-law is an
evangelical pastor her anyone who thinks that this book is
an attack on Christianity has not read it yet I won’t but i wanna
Murray to some quotes from from love the people who are criticizing
you II love WT so now I’m done criticize you which by
the way is not routine come back to it at the end again so I move on to people I love years ago
I am from your newspaper and then there’s a
guy of a Twitter who can keep reading criticism why yes
what’s in the book and is it true that you’re going to do
propaganda for Muslims with well that’s where we’re headed let’s watch one from John Dickerson who has written
a op-ed piece on boxes not common he says
I am it’s not a historian’s report on Jesus
is that an educated Muslims opinion about Jesus he says its conclusions our
long-held islamic claims namely that Jesus was a sales profit type who did it didn’t claim to be God I’m bet well that’s actually not what Islam claims about gee this might
might a book about ag’s is overturned out pretty much
everything that this long also thinks about Jesus as well and to be clear I just
want to emphasize is one more time I am a historian I am a PhD in the history of religion her this
isn’t a Muslim opinion this is an academic work I love history not about the Christ or about Christianity for that matter
it’s about a historical man who walked the earth two thousand years ago in a land that
the Romans called palestine how how it are your findings different
from what islam actually believes about Jesus budget Islam doesn’t believe that Jesus
was crucified first evolved long believed in the virgin birth a I
mean Jesus was most definitely crucified and
my book does question the history City out the virgin birth so again I mean I know that we’ve
mention this three times now I’m not sure what my faith happens to do
with my 20 years have academic study in the New Testament a great god I love the city you so much
equities like to be clear I am our his story had questions like What what name so what
does that mean we know that meets I Niksic this is not just a random Muslim opinion I could be suckered Smith Ian Foster’s like Research Unit a me
know what research means K plan so I don’t know what that means I
don’t know what every in there baby feel like I do all you
have is opinion on by a thread that’s what we do here and I have to confess you it’s only upon
the third viewing ever did I just noticed that are so-called expert issues remain
op-ed from was from talks to them go up spoke somebody else and partners
also hated your book because then I’d so why don’t you couldn’t yes they
didn’t think you are a Muslim we’re gonna get to that that’s awesome
this keep growing of course in any scholarly discussion
ag’s is out with any scholarly discussion at any ATM figure there are going to be widespread
differences but mike got my 100 pages %uh endnotes sites every scholar who
disagrees with me and every scholar who agrees with me a
we’re not talking about those people who disagree with you scholars many scholars
disagree a few as well you like the scholars pit bikes news dot
com they also and I got a guy on Twitter &
here I like your work either okay you think two-way academics works is we don’t know
exactly what happened two thousand years ago we try to piece it together and intact
ice is okay look I’m gonna miss research and I have research and then
sometimes we agree sometimes we disagree she’s like yeah alright but let’s get
back to the fact that you’re a muslim wide pure cane I’m just says that so
your book is written with clear by us and you’re trying to say it
academic that’s like having a democrat write a book about why reagan wasn’t a
good republican is a it just doesn’t work well he later than
I would be like it would be like a democrat with a PHD
in reagan who has been studying his life in history for two decades writing a book about what then why would
you how to get rid of my area promote democracy by writing about a republican I i feel you’re a sweetie is is that I
am may I just magic II sentence for a moment please I think that the fundamental problem
here is that you’re assuming that I have some sort of faith-based bias in this work that i
right I write about Judaism I write about Hinduism I write about
Christianity I write about Islam my job as a scholar a religions with a
PhD in the subject is to write about religions a he’s trying to be his clear I think can
possibly be that would be like a democrat with a PhD
in region I K and he’s right she he can she can get back pace pass
the bank that he might have a faith-based bias
wife because she has a faith-based buyers the entire network has a faith-based
bias name is Lauren green by the way and I
have never seen an interview that bad even on Fox did you notice what
she said in the middle there i’d like a democrat writing a book about
reagan and how they understand you how to promote democracy what where did you find them about your body
is school even through the screen that was amazing Paul Martin the pub
done yet I think it’s unfair to just simply
assume because up my particular state
background that there is some agenda on this book
that would be like saying that a Christian who writes about Muhammad is by definition you know not able to do
so because he has so we can do so I is again said
and you currently have me and if you look at what I said wait it out but I’m
surviving I’m never disclosed that you are a must when I think that’s an innocent man well the second page of
my book the second page in my book says I’m a Muslim who every single interview I have ever
done that on TV or on print says I’m a Muslim you
may not be familiar with me but I’m actually quite a prominent
Muslim thinker and the United States have written a number of books about Islam it’s just simply incorrect
to say that media isn’t saying that I’m a Muslim I
would actually encourage you to actually try to find media that doesn’t mention my biography
which by the way again is on the second page up the book
kayak she’s got ur talking point and she can
get off a bit and it’s a clear fifes is more like are
by the muslims they never did I was the bombings except for the fact that they
denounce every single bombing and I can show you
statement after every bombing illegal but they never do that and but you never really your mother did
you is on the second page over my book okay shit nonetheless nonetheless wow that was awesome
according to Fox News if you’re not that specific category of
human being you’re not allowed to write about
anything cuz you don’t have the appropriate bias now does that mean that men cannot write
books about women interesting does that mean
that men cannot write legislation about women would Fox News
can’t agree with that interesting okay I like how we have
disqualified everybody about writing my christianity
unless they’re deep believer in Christianity and whatever
that means the Fox News whichever strain of Christianity that
you have to believe in but we’re also meant that no Christian
can ever write about Islam some I wonder if
any other Fox News host or any of that experts at fox news dot com have written
about Islam at all I’ll probably not or if they have we
should immediately discount anything in a Fox News host has ever
said about Islam fair enough that we probably should do
that was and absolute at big beat down that reso
us line gave Fox News it was also clinic in bias and buffoonery by Fox News well played well played


  1. Rupert murdoch shouldve been locked up a long time ago. Fox is questionably the queens claws in the back of the U.s.!! Fck the gueen of england and all her lackey families.

  2. We should have not stopped at OUR independence. We shouldve sailed to england and set them free from their queen too. Give that monarch an inch and it will betray you. Buy you. And toy with you. We should of toppled their crap for government to prevent their owning us through commerce later. I still think we should follow through now. Burn buckingham palace to the ground

  3. Aslan contradicted himself by saying: "Islam doesn't believe that Jesus was crucified first of all, Islam believes in the virgin, I mean Jesus was most definitely crucified and my book does question the historicity of the virgin birth"
    See what he did here?

  4. When you people you will understand what Islam is Islam they now about Kristen more from Kristen people them self so cutt the crabs

  5. TYT, you keep saying in "their" world; who are "they"?… All Christians? I don't see millions of Christians here; I only see ONE person interviewing that guy. Spin it whichever way you want, by generalising you reveal your own prejudice against the faith in Christ.

  6. I think that this incredible lack of knowledge and understanding on fox shows how bad our education system is. My own granddaughter skipped most of high school but they still gave her a diploma. Something is very wrong when a supposedly educated host is this dense. I think islamaphobia is a part but mostly I think America has become stupid

  7. So much wrong with this idiotic Fox News interview. First off, Lauren Green has an obvious prejudice against Muslims. Second, Jesus is a prophet in Islam. Green seems to think Muslims hate Jesus. Third, Green clearly hasn't read the book in question, nor is she familiar with Reza Aslan generally. This interview was so bad Fox News should've issued an apology.

  8. I would have liked for him to answer her question on what Islam thinks about Jesus but as he was explaining he immediately turn to let me emphasize that I'm a historian with a PhD.

  9. -Why did you write a book about Jesus.
    -because Its my job and because we Muslims also believe in him
    -but why did you write a book about him
    -I just told you
    -but why did you write a book about Christianity

  10. He should have just said, "I'm not dumb enough to be on this network, sorry, gotta go!" LOL This interviewer is so stupid!!!!!

  11. So Christian artists can draw comics of Muhammad, n Christian scholars can write about Islam but a Muslim whose job is to write about religion can't write a book about Jesus. Jeeeesus!!!

  12. The anchor is seriously unbelievable… The guy keeps saying he earns a living by writing books about different religions and she still keeps asking why did you write a book on Christ when you are not a Christian… HELLO HE EARNS HIS LIVING RESEARCHING AND WRITING ABOUT WORLD RELIGIONS!!!!!

  13. A lier would keep on asking the same question over even when the answer was given twice come on fox jumps over and sniff your behind.

  14. He has a Ph D and says he study about the historical personage named JESUS that there is not historical evidence of his existence🤔

  15. Young Turks I am a big fan of you. I used to watch you greatly. You disapeared and just discovered you on YouTube Channals .

  16. 3 PHD's and a scholar and this dumb 3 year old child reporter has a community college diploma. No match at all hands down he is the man!!

  17. I love cenk, but I'm not … gay, okay! cenk is the best. great analysis of these people's deep biases and lack ok logic. give them an iq test.

  18. FOX news staff can't and don't read or for that matter think! This woman is so full of sh&it. Her bias does not become her. Low IQ! Bias bias bias!!! To be clear!

  19. Lauren Green, who has the same IQ as the size of her shoes, did not get that job for what she has got between her ears. How did Reza Aslan manage to keep a straight face?

  20. Aslan is the dumbest arrogant motherfucker on tv, that’s why brainless cenk defends him they’re all the same

  21. Fox News Lauren Green: But you are a Muslim why would you write a book about the founder of Christianity?

    Reza Aslan: I m a Historian with PHD my wife and mom are Christians.

    Final conclusion: The more a fool speaks the more she is exposed. Lauren Green wins the World Class Dumbass number 1 contest.

  22. Americans are stupid as shit, and they are getting stupider, besides that's all propaganda FOX NEWS is a Propaganda TV !!

    Fox News: This interview is very easy to pass Lauren Green fry your brain in the microwave and your hired.
    Lauren Green: Deal !!!
    Reza Aslan: Hi Lauren! Me Reza Aslan! You interview muslim with degree in religions. Do you know what religion is?
    Lauren Green: Me brain so hot Fox news channel say me smart.
    Reza Aslan: Excuse me Fox News how much do I get paid to educate this zombie?
    If its 40k I rather teach kindergarten.

  24. Finally Fox news is exppsed to all viewers. This is 100% evidence Fox news promotes Islamaphobia and has been pushing false news against Islam and Muslims for the last few decades……

  25. That woman is stupid! That's like saying only black professors should write about black history racist garbage!!

  26. Not surprising it's fox news this so called news channel is nothing more than zoinist paid propaganda channel against Muslims and Islam

  27. You Reza Aslan, are vile for commenting that a child (one of the Covington kids) should be punched in the face.
    I would formally invite you to do the sophisticated thing and own this hateful comment in proper adult fashion. These are minors, and have been totally exonerated of any and all wrongdoing in association with the incident for which you seemed to be inciting violence against them.

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