World’s Best Chicken, Brown Rice & Broccoli Meal Prep / Pollo, Arroz Integral y Brócoli

World’s Best Chicken, Brown Rice & Broccoli Meal Prep / Pollo, Arroz Integral y Brócoli

here’s my secret way of making body buildings most bland meal of chicken brown rice and broccoli truly epic check it out first chopped chicken breasts into small pieces and set it aside set a nonstick skillet on low medium heat and add some olive oil and garlic be very careful not to let the garlic burn let it cook for about one minute then add in chopped green onions stir it up for another minute then add cooked brown rice and then some Chinese five-spice powder let’s stir and sear the rice for about 45 seconds and let the aroma fill your kitchen then add 1 tablespoon of low-sodium tamari or soy sauce after about 1 minute of searing the rice increase the heat to medium-high heat and toss in the chicken breasts we’re going to chop it up and stir now if you find the mixture is getting too dry then decrease the heat and/or spray the skillet with a little olive oil cook for about 5 minutes into the outside of the chicken turns brown or has a light sear finally add frozen or fresh broccoli florets to the skillet and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes add it to a bowl on meal prep container and you’re done and get ready for the tastiest chicken broccoli and brown rice your body has been missing boom


  1. Yo I LOVE your content and have watched every one of your videos. But man those floating white specks are distracting while you're talking!

  2. In my opinion, i would stir- fry the chicken with oil and garlic first instead of brown rice. And then toss the frozen broccoli (the frozen veggies need time to be cooked) in and the rice will be the last with the green onion. Oh, and always seasoning at the beginning.
    What do you guys think?

  3. Can you look into recipes for crohns disease and thyroid? I was diagnosed in February with crohns and my diet these days is very lacking due to being scared to flare ups =/ I searched the net but everyone says there isn't a "diet for crohns" but we still can't eat foods that are hard to digest 🙁
    Thanks Fit Men 🙂

  4. a a fit man cook I'm continuing on a healthier lifestyle and I enjoy watching your programs I was wondering is your videos more targeted towards men if so can you recommend a good one for females to lose weight

  5. Could you make a video on how to make tasty healthy sodas?
    I peronaly love soda and is one of my weak points. However i came up with a good idea for a "healthy" soda.
    I mix sparkling water (with citrus) with some organic apple juice so it's full of taste. Together this tastes amazing and has almost nothing bad in it. Could you make some alternative ideas? 😀

  6. I have to disagree with this title, as it's not the tastiest chicken, rice, and broccoli recipe.

    That title belongs to your chicken and rice recipe from the Epic $75 Meal Prep video. Just add broccoli!

    That recipe is addictive. I make it every other week for my meal prep because it's delicious!

    Still looking forward to trying this, though!

  7. Hey! I don't know if you will see this i wanted to email you but idk it. but I was wondering if you have any post workout suggestings? I was watching your protein powder recipes and some of your healthy snacks and your munchies snacks. but can u make a video of some post workout snacks or meals please some time in the future idk lol I just think it's so important because we're always hungry after a workout and I know it's important for muscle building. thankkss (: love your channel

  8. Kev! Halp!

    Can you make some spaghetti pasta recipes? I'm trying to find some easy ones so I can get rid of the 10 boxes of angel hair I have in my pantry! But I can't find any that are good for meal prepping D:

  9. Seems like Chinese style fried rice. Maybe next time you can try this with chicken mince, and cut the broccoli into really small pieces (just like mince).

  10. Just made this, absolutely delicious! I did not have the Chinese 5-spice so I used cumin, curry powder, ground ginger, and smoked paprika and it was delicious (easy on the ginger though, it's powerful). I also added some fresh cilantro at the end as it really brings out the other flavors. Thanks for sharing your secrets, Kevin! Love your recipes!

  11. damn boy! you did it again!!! started eating healthier and your recipes helps SO much! No crazy ingredients, don't take forever to cook and prep. love

  12. Hey Kevin, I am interested in healthy lifestyle and cooking and wanted to ask is where do you find inspirations for your recipes? Do you entirely create them on your own, or do you read, consult etc.? Thanks!! Love your recipes, great job.

  13. Kevin is a bad person. I took exception to the fact that he created an application for Apple machines but didn't bother to create one for Android machines. He insulted me by telling me that I have no idea of what it takes to create an application. He told me that I should be grateful that one will be coming along in a few months. Kevin has shown a preference for his clients who use Apple machines while insulting his clients who use Android machines. He treats Android-Users as an afterthought. You are an insulting person, Kevin.

  14. Hokay, I made this for a weeks worth of food just now. And it's perfect! I did modify it a bit, used my own spices cause I couldn't find the one you mentioned, and I threw in some Jalapeños in the mix too (I like me some spice).

    Hell yeah, thanks!

  15. When i think of the staple healthy meal chicken, broccoli, and brown rice is the first thing that come to my bland little mind, but this is taking it up a whole other level. I think you are now my new favorite channel lol

  16. You've got to cook the chicken breasts a little longer than this, to avoid risk of Salmonella poisoning. I'm telling from my own experience. Good recipe.

  17. I just found your channel recently on you tube and needed a quick fix for food tonight. I was so close to buying take aways then I remembered this recipe!! so good keep it up

  18. This is the first time ever in my entire life that I've seen a black guy prepare chicken without seasoning. It pains my heart

  19. You’re so positive and awesome. I use to eat healthy until I started having surgeries. I’m trying to get back but it’s hard sometimes cause I crave chocolate. Help😩😩😩

  20. Just made this, he forgets to mention that you shouldn't make more than one serving at a time, or the chicken won't cook at all. So if you plan on making it in bulk, cook the chicken before. Will spare you from wasting an hour or so

  21. Love this channel. Never been a healthy eater, but these recipes make it easy, fun and affordable. Thanks so much and keep it coming!

  22. Really good. Lol I left to watch the video, he said dont let the garlic burn, went back and all the garlic was burnt😅

  23. Your recipes are very healthy and I have been doing a couple of them during the past few weeks since I am single and I am in the office most of the time I needed something like this, tasty and practical, thanks a lot

  24. I got your app two weeks ago. So far, I have made 5 recipes from your app and they have all blown me away. You know how to mix the simplest Ingredients to make delicious flavors. You’re a healthy cooking genius.

  25. Can you please do more microwave recipes my work makes me travel for about 10 months of the year and I really try to avoid eating out with your microwave recipes you did already

  26. This recipe was actually nasty, especially the Rice when reheated. Yes i followed the recipe. The chinese 5 spice ruins it and does not complement the flavor at all.

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