World Famous Hyderabadi CHICKEN BIRYANI | Biryani MAKING & Tasting

World Famous Hyderabadi CHICKEN BIRYANI | Biryani MAKING & Tasting

The reputation of Hyderabadi food is spread far and wide. Among the famous dishes here one eminent dish that has become the identity of the city is the Biryani. This delicacy made with fragrant, long grained Basmati rice and best quality meat has patrons from across the country and beyond world over. The Kachi Gosht ki Biryani is Hyderabad’s traditional Biryani. which is prepared in Dum (a style of cooking ) At Hyderabad, in search of this dish we reached the Lucky restaurant where at first we witnessed the process of making Kache Gost Ki Biryani and then enjoyed its taste. Hyderabad’s famous Kachi Gosht ki Biryani To prepare this they took properly cleaned chicken and to it they added salt ginger garlic paste
fresh coriander garam masala red chili turmeric powder ghee and mix them all. The mixture is left aside for 4-5 hrs for marination. How long will it rest here? -Four to five hours
-Four to five hours of marination. So the chicken is finally out after marination approximately it was marinated for five hours.
-Yes. Now curd will be added to it. -Yes will add curd. -One and a half kg curd goes in Thick curd -For six parts one and a half kg -There is a standard ratio for everything. -In case of the Biryani right from the starting till the end how much time does it takes? For making one cauldron? Once things are ready, like the masala and marination within twenty five mins the rice is added and the whole thing gets ready. -In 45 mins
-In 25 mins -25 mins (surprised) -So the major time is required for the marination. -In order to make a liquid paste of the raw masala water is added in a way that the masala gets covered it covers the lower layer of the masala -This is called Hyderabadi Kachi biryani -Kachi Gosht ki Biryani -Its now ready and it resembles a chicken gravy -Its saffron
-Yes -We are adding the saffron -The rice is brought to boil and its three layers are arranged one over the other at brief and calculated intervals over the marinated chicken mixture -Here goes the first round of rice -Yes -Second round goes after 3 to 2 mins -After that come one more layer -Yes
Total three layers are added -After every five mins
-Three to four mins -This is the second layer -Here goes the second layer of rice -Now we are adding the masala over it -Yes, Garam masala. -Once we add the garam masala in the handi (marinade), then into the rice (while boiling) and finally between the second and third layer of rice. -For six kg of chicken seven kg of rice goes into it. -Right Like almost equal proportions -Usually Hyderabad style is 1:1 ratio at other places it is 1:2. mutton is one rice is two. -Why is it layered three times? -After every five mins there is a layer.
After the first five mins of boiling comes one layer. at different temperatures, like after five mins
the rice is semi cooked so in second time its half done In the third layer we have full done rice – So now we will leave it on dum. -It will be completely sealed and put in Dum for 20 mins. The top layers of rice in the finished Biryani is somewhat bland and less fragrant. But as you go down into the subsequent layers, the flavours gets intensified -Here comes the Biryani. -These are called the cut masters they portion as per per person and they serve it outside. -These are the most crucial person to give the three layers of flavours to the rice.
-They pack all the three layers -To serve equal proportions of the three different layers of the rice -Every layer has the flavours but the lower you go the masala is there -The garam masala is there in the rice
-Ya it makes it fragrant and flavourful -At Lucky restaurant we also tried the Nalli Biryani which was very delicious. We ended the feast with the Hyderabad famous Khubani ka Meetha. -This is called the Nalli Gosht Biryani. Is its making procedure same as what we saw -Almost same. Nalli is boiled separately the keema is prepared separately -So the keema is made separately and the Gosht is cooked separately. -Its just falling off the bone the meat is so soft its perfectly cooked -You can see when I am shaking, the meat is coming off the bone. and that’s the keema.
-Yes. -a classic combination -The rice grains are perfectly fluffy and well cooked. The rice should itself be so flavourful that you don’t need meat. Very nice In this meat preparation of yours the goat’s meat that is used its called the potla.
-Yes -Its the potla meat
light pinkish in colour. -That’s a good learning for me like in Hyderabad the meat that’s consumed here is the potla meat it has a pinkish colour. -This is Chicken Biryani -You saw the preparation Yes indeed we saw the preparation. How it was made in layers. -Now you understood. -Like its a unique thing that in twenty minutes the chicken got ready and as Sankalp bhai was telling that the rice itself is so flavourful that you don’t need the Salan and each of the rice grains have a different intensity of flavours because you have layered it one after other after an interval of every five mins and the masala that you have added in between its flavours are also coming through. -In Hyderabadi Biryani a lot of spices are used. -The aroma that is the beauty of the
HyderabaK ka Dum Biryani. -The rice
is so fragrant very nice. -This is the Khubani ka Meetha
-Its the dry apricots soaked in water overnight and next day they boil it and they cook in sugar syrup. Hyderabad’s most famous and in your language ‘mashoor’. -Wow this malai is amazing. this is Hyderabad’s specialty and as Sankalp bhai was telling in my language it is ‘mashoor’. -Wow Its really nice. So good. But surprisingly its not that over sweet. I was expecting it to be very sweet when you said its boiled in sugar syrup. -And in many places they even use little bit of saffron in it. Some places they use little bit of food colour,
but here they haven’t used any of them
they kept it very simple and through the taste of the apricot only. -I think the malai also cuts the sweetness. -Yes. -Can i get some more malai. Delicious Yummylicious and highly loaded with calories. One single.. -I don’t care about the calories if the food is good.
-Yes so delicious
and we are waiting for some more cream, the malai. I think that cuts the sweetness and this is like authentic sweet,
authentic sweet dish of Hyderabad Khubani ka Meetha and Khubani is like apricot. Here comes more malai. -You cant be ever done with just one. -Very nice. -The next day again in search of a new place to try the Biryani we arrived at the Bawarchi restaurant. Here too the chicken Biryani was very delicious. One significant thing about this Biryani was that the flavour of the shah Jeera(cumin) was quite notable. -Wow. Chicken pieces are cooked very well. The masala is all over it. You can see the spices on this piece of chicken. -Sticking on it. -It’s just falling off the bones
so soft chicken. -Wow -Hmm. -I think the use of jeera the flavour of jeera is quite prominent in this Biryani. The flavour of jeera. -And also if you notice the curd, the sourness from the curd is also giving you
more of it. Let me give you a little bit of masala but here I think they have also added saffron
You can see some yellow colour -Yes.
-This one saffron is added before closing it for dum. They add saffron strands to the milk, mix it thoroughly and drizzle it on top of it. That is how you get this yellow colour in the rice. -And the quality of rice used in all the shops are the same?
-Yes . Its a different brand but everybody use the same
Basmati or what we call long grain rice. -Loved the chicken. Its perfectly marinated and cooked. Its so soft and totally smeared with masala its that and the rice is so flavourful in itself and you get a very nice flavour of saffron also in it. I think the first thing which you taste
is the Shah jeera flavour then you have the flavour of the curd and then at the last you have the saffron flavour. And not to forget these people add these fried onions during mixing. The sweetness in the gravy along with the sourness of the curd is the sweetness which is coming from the onion unlike other places where they drop the onions inside here they use spare onions that they have fried before and have kept aside and then add that to it.
Crispy fried onions. -Along with the Biryani we also tasted the Double ka Meetha and Kadu ki Kheer. -So let’s have the Kaddu ka Kheer and this is Double ka Meetha another popular dessert after Kaddu ka Kheer and the one which we had yesterday Khubani ka Meetha. -They have added like it seems sooji or what is this
-Little bit of sooji milk -Wow its very thick very creamy -This is sweet. This is like the bread has completely absorbed the sugar syrup. Double ka Meetha, the main reason why its called the Double ka Meetha.. Its not the conventional regular sandwich bread which is used. It is double the size of the sandwich bread. It’s the size of this Its almost like a pav but one inch thick. So this they roast it in ghee properly roast it in ghee. Then they dip it into the sugar syrup. -Oh this absorbs the sugar syrup. Its super sweet and I can see they have added some khoya or.. -No after they have dipped it in sugar syrup they take that out and they put it in the condensed milk in which there is little bit of saffron and a bit of.. some people add some nut also to it and khoya in it.. So that is the reason you see it. -Ya the white one,
this is the milk solids.
-Yes and they serve cold so we have tried all the three sweets we have tried the Khubani ka Meetha then Kaddu ka Kheer and Double ka Meetha. Out of all three of them this one is super sweet. Again thank you Sankalp bhai. -Thank you. -Thank you for introducing us to the Hyderabadi cuisine. We had a great time exploring all different foods in Hyderabad, starting from the making of Haleem the making of Biryani and trying Biryani at couple of places, the haleem at three places. All was great experience -Thank you so much and its my pleasure to introduce my food to the other world where they know very little about it. It gives me immense pleasure to put through the intricate process a Haleem and Biryani goes through. -Thank you so much Once again thank you. After coming to Hyderabad and tasting the Biryani here we realised that its making process is no less than any craftsmanship graced the kitchens of the Nawabs.


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