I don’t look like I’m overpowering her, right? Nope, I’m just getting it evened out. I’ll just [flexing] Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Foodchallenges.com Very very excited today! Not because it’s
going to be my first win in Nashville, Tennessee, but because I’m here with Olivia and Blake! They are here all the way from Little Rock,
Arkansas! Blake is going for his 2nd food challenge
win and Olivia, who’s wearing an awesome “I Lift
To Eat” shirt is going for win #5! and I’ll be going for win #308! We are at the Pied Piper Eatery in Nashville,
Tennessee, taking on their Boss Breakfast Challenge! Now we’ve got two full hours to finish this
whole thing! It looks awesome! It has a bunch of biscuits
& gravy on the side, some sausages, bacon, some ham, we’ve got some pancakes for some carbs, along
with hash browns six scrambled eggs and then more fried eggs. Like I said we’ve got two hours to finish. If we do win we will get the $40 meal for
free and be one of the few people on their Wall of Fame! You guys ready? Lets get this challenge started! Olivia and Blake are ready. We’ve got two
hours. The record is just over 24 minutes and about 7 people have won. One, two, three! Under four minutes – the biscuits and gravy
is gone as well as the meats. Lets get on to the scrambled eggs along with jalapenos
and hash browns. 8:40 – everything is gone other than the pancakes.
Going to use the pancakes to clean up the gravy and cheese on the plate. Lets get this challenge finished. 12:25 – the official new record, almost cut
the old record in half. I’m going to get the meal free for now. Lets
watch Olivia who right behind me and Blake’s doing good as well. They still have almost 1 hour, 50 minutes
to finish! Just over 27:00 – she’s getting down her last
bite! Once she swallows we’ll have a winner! 27:41 – Olivia just smashed the challenge,
now we have two winners. Lets see how Blake does. Still has over 1
hour, 30 minutes to finish. Lets go Blake! So we’re 44:30 in – Blake here decided to
take some home so he can have 2nd’s later. We’ve got Olivia who finished in just over
27 minutes! She is not only the first woman to beat the
challenge, but also the first woman to ever attempt the challenge! Thank you to Olivia for dominating the challenge! We both got our meals free, these t-shirts,
and we’ll be the 6th and 7th people up on their Wall of Fame! Thanks to Blake and Olivia for coming to take
the challenge with me, thank you to the Pied Piper Eater in Nashville,
Tennessee for the delicious breakfast! I never had one like that, everything on it
was great! Thank you guys for watching!


  1. please throw Blake out of any future videos………first he looked like a chipmunk in fast speed, then a mewling puking baby towards the end………pathetic.

  2. Blames jaw movement on the fast forwards looks so funny as compared to Randy. You clearly see how much more chewing he is doing and how important quickly swelling vs chewing the food is essential to speed eating. Those two also look like they could be brother and sister.

  3. Olivia is gorgeous and she could have beaten the old record if she wanted to, she took longer out of sympathy for Blake I think.
    Randy is always a gracious winner.

  4. oh come on blake… you eat slower than me and a meal that size i'd have to freeze portions of it before it rotted. 😛 JK!
    no, i'd really have to freeze portions of it before it ROTTED!

  5. Good job Randy of course and wow amazing Olivia ur a true beauty and beast u ate so neatly just like a lady u r. Maybe next time Blake still good job

  6. Boy Blake really showed who wears the tampons in that relationship, looks like he'll be the one swallowing tonight. 😉

  7. So bottom line.. I adore red heads.. Olivia is beautiful 😊… I'm just saying… GO RANDY!!!💪💪👍

  8. Great job Randy and Olivia! And Blake shouldnt have taken everything so seriously, its just a food challenge, its ok if you dont win, you should have fun with it. Be a good sport and smile, congratulate your friends, clap… something… Dont just sit there with your arms crossed at the end, with a scowl on your face… its just food bro! 😂 Still enjoyed the video, and the pretty girl who can eat!! Hell, i would be thrilled just to be sitting at the same table with my boy Randy and also the beautiful Olivia!!

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