Wise Food Chili Mac Review

Wise Food Chili Mac Review

Wise Food Cheesy Lasagna how to make Wise Foods cheap prepping long term emergency survival food Walmart 25 year food Dehydrated Meals Prepping Cooking hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m out at my
Granny Camp which is my Alaska off-grid cabin the weather’s gotten a little cold
so it’s a great day to prepare a hot meal some of the meals that I found
recently when I went to walmart were the Wise company survival food packet these are designed for
long-term food storage and you just add water you add hot water and these
make a complete meal this pouch is the Wise Company emergency food chili mac I found it for three dollars
and forty eight cents you add four cups of water and it makes four full filling servings so
I’m going to cook the Wise Company emergency food today and see what it tastes like if
it’s any good I’ve never seen the Wise Company emergency foods in the market before I’ve read
about them online and I know that they usually come in a bucket with many days
worth of food but those are they’re quite expensive to buy an entire bucket
if you don’t know that it’s something you’re going to enjoy so I was glad to
find a few varieties of the wise company emergeny food pouches with a full entree in it so that
I could try it and see what the food is like this one is called Wise Company emergency food chili Mac if you
look on the back of the Wise Company emergency food chili mac it tells you the nutritional facts and the ingredients it
gives you a manufacture date which tells you when the pouch was manufactured the
wise company emergency foods have a shelf life of 25 years so you need to pay attention to the
manufacture date so that you know the time line is counting down as with all
food you want to store it in a cool dry place for it to last the longest if
you’re storing it something like I do at my off-grid cabin you want to protect
these pouches also store them in something like a five gallon bucket with
a sturdy lid you don’t want any little critters gnawing their way into the
pouch each pouch of Wise Company Emergency Food has four servings at 240 calories each and this happens to be
a 100% vegetarian meal option the Wise Company emergency foods are advertised as simple
affordable long lasting and lightweight this pouch weighs nine point seven
ounces the directions say to bring four cups of water to a boil you want to open
your pouch you can see it’s a mylar bag so it’s
lined with silver you can see there are lots of noodles
lots of dried looking cheese powder and you need to look for the oxygen absorber
make sure you remove the oxygen absorber when the water comes to a boil add the
contents of your pouch stir it put the lid back on remove it from the heat and
allow it to stand for 12 to 15 minutes the Wise company emergency food chili mac it’s much soup soupier looking than I
thought it says allow it to stand two to three minutes to cool you can see that
it’s still hot there’s a nice big pot of food I’m going to serve my wise food chili mac with
some Mexican blend shredded cheese it was certainly simple enough but it’s
way runnier than I thought it would be but the wise company emergency food chili mac is a nice full pot of food I’ve
added the cheese let’s have a taste and see how it is it’s not spicy
the noodles are completely cooked it’s got just a very mild tomato sauce it’s a little bit bland it’s not the
most flavorful but it’s filling and it’s simple I’m not sure this is the flavor
that I would choose to stockpile but it certainly is simple and in a real
emergency I would be more than happy to eat this there are other flavors though
to try so maybe I’ll find something I’d really enjoy eating try looking for the
Wise company survival storage foods and the meal pouches for three dollars and forty eight cents you
can try the Wise Company emergency survival food and see if it’s something that you would want for your
off-grid living camping backpacking stockpiling your prepper pantry or even
adding to your long-term food storage it’s good to have a variety of things so
that you have something to eat in all kinds of circumstances learn more at
alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  1. If it tastes bland with cheese, it must be really tasteless without. Maybe you can blend it with other things. Cheese does not have long shelf life, so you can't stockpile it with other food. Unless it's cheese powder from one of those Mac n Cheese boxes, but I can't find a source for it.

  2. Have to look at my Walmart for Wise Foods…..we actually give our kids Mountain House #10 cans for presents at Christmas ( usually 6 cans ) that forces them to prep….our "kids " are from 30—–40 years old with families of there own……lol

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