Winter week end getaway ideas (Sub FR)

Winter week end getaway ideas (Sub FR)

This is not possible, I can not STAND it anymore… I need some SUNSHINE ! If you live in the northern hemisphere, the ever
darker days may be getting you down. Here in Belgium we are experiencing a dull
december. A dull and wet december Today for example we had zero…. ZERO minute of sunshine. The good news is that there are several remedies for winter depression But the one I’d like to talk about here
is getting more light. The best solution is to get as much sunlight
as possible. You can invest in a light box , you know those
lights medically certified ? it’s a morning treatment.And you get to use it everyday Or for the same price (or even less) you find
a cheap ticket to let’s say, Portugal or Spain And if you can’t leave for any reason, here
is a little bit of sunshine for you. Merry Xmas I wish you a wonderful Christmas May you be wrapped with love and warmth and be blessed with a long and healthy life Merry Christmas ! Amazing ! I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, please click on the thumbs up Botton just down below and subscribe to my channel And if you did already subscribed I have two words for you : THANK YOU Leave a comment, I really enjoy reading it See you next monday !


  1. I can’t understand why you have not got over 1 million subscribers. I think this channel comes from the heart. I like the way you put things over. Wish you a Merry Christmas in the sun

  2. Ah mais ça en effet c'est un excellent remède! Du coup à l'image c'est le Portugal ou l'Espagne qu'on voit? Si tu veux un peu de soleil supplémentaire (à travers l'écran) n'hésite pas à regarder la vidéo sur le Portugal justement 😉
    Nous de notre côté, depuis que notre fille a ses allergies, nous n'avons jamais autant aimé la pluie et l'automne et l'hiver. C'est un de nos moyens pour bien le vivre :-p

  3. thanks for the uplifting video …made my sad holidays better with your sunshine ….merry christmas to you and yours….j and (Nokie) woof

  4. What a lovely uplifting video! Thank you for sharing the sunlight with us! Was it Portugal you went to? the beach looked lovely and it was nice to see some sunlight!

    I liked the way how you interspersed from scenes of cold wintry weather in Belgium to the scenes in Portugal.

    I knew someone who had one of those light machines and she told me it really helped her, but I asked if i could try it and I found it so bright, I didn't like it. I would rather be in the sunshine, though of course living in the UK that is very hard, we have so little sun! I checked our annual sunshine hours 1493 a year. Compare that to Spain which is 2524 hours or Los Angeles, California which has 3546, well the UK is a pretty miserable dark place to live. No wonder we are such a grumpy nation, LOL!

    I hope you enjoyed your sunny break. I am sure it was hard to come home. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel Celine!

    Looking forward to your next video — will it be on New Year's Day or New Year's Eve?

  5. Coucou Céline , effectivement le soleil nous manque aussi , la grisaille devient pénible , la lumière est très importante pour le moral et la santé , super un week end au soleil, bonne journée , gros bisous

  6. I understand about SAD (winter depression) as I have it too. It looks like you’re in Portugal, Celine. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. X

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