Will It Pasta? Taste Test

Will It Pasta? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question. – Will it pasta? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat funky music) (roar) – Good mythical morning. – We have this show. This show.
– This. – And sometimes on this show we like to find out if things will. – And today we are
aiming our will it sights directly at the wonderful world of pasta. It’s time for – [Both] Will It Pasta? – Okay, first up we have popardelle. This is pappardelle pasta
made from Pop Tarts. Now what we have done, and we’ve
done this on most of these, is we have infused
whatever the ingredient is, into pasta, so we really are finding out if something will pasta. – [Link] This is a legitimate noodle, man. – It is a legitimate
noodle with eggs and flour. – Right. – And then you have cinnamon
Pop Tarts infused into yours, and I have strawberry Pop
Tarts infused into mine, and there’s a little bit
of white frosting and some sprinkles like you’d have on
a strawberry Pop Tart on mine, and you have some cinnamon butter. – Cinnamon butter sauce. (Rhett laughs) So we know that Pop Tarts will noodle, but Will It Pasta is really, is it a dish worthy of us eating? – Oh, I got a big honkin’ noodle here. – This looks like an
unrolled cinnamon roll, which is delightful. Dink it. – Oh, I just got contaminated
with your cinnamon. – It’s okay. You dropped a little. – That’s real nice. – That’s real nice. – It is really nice. – That’s the realest and nicest. – I never thought that I
would want my Pop Tart taste to be so not crispy. – But floppy’s good for Pop Tarts. – It’s kinda like a– – Floppy Tart. – It’s like a Pop Tart that
you put in the microwave and forgot about, and then dipped into some water. But in a good way. That’s really good, I think
you could get your kids to eat pasta, of course,
that’s not a problem. (laughs) But if you have a problem
with your kids eating pasta. – Not anymore. – Now there’s a solution. Will it Pasta? – [Both] Yes! – Great work noodlizing that. Next up we have Doritoccine. That’s right, it’s nacho cheese Doritos, made into noodles and
then spicy verde Doritos. – Verde? – Verde, with a green
sauce in order to make, well, the green sauce on
top of the orange noodles, and then we’re going to
crumble some Cool Ranch. – Did you wash?
– Boil for safety? – Uh, yeah, obviously. – You boiled your hand? – (laughs) No. – I asked him if he washed his hands. – I asked him if he boiled it for safety. – Sorry, yes, no. – So that’s some nice Cool Ranch on top, that’s my favorite flavor. – It looks like a pile of cat vomit on top of a Dorito noodle. But I’m still hopeful. – The Dorito noodles really turned out. – They turned out, this is
like the one that’s been oh, you gonna dink it first? – It smells so much like Doritos. – It’s very tortillay smelling. – Yeah, it’s got the corn, the corn smell that I have grown to love. (crew laughs) Oh man. – Oh? – What kind of look is that, man? This is like an improvement on pasta. This is not just Does It Pasta, it makes pasta better! We’re gonna have to change
the name of this whole series. Does it make it better? – The verde is actually very good. – The noodles are great. – I mean, I had high hopes for the noodles being very nacho cheesy, and
I think it’s a bit diluted. – But the sauce is so good. And the crunch of the Cool Ranch, the Cool Ranch crunch, I live for that. – He lives for the crunch of Cool Ranch. Not a sponsor. That’s our loss. (crew laughs) – Hold on, so you’re
not convinced by this? – No, it is very good. Without the verde sauce, I’d
say it would be mediocre, but that really puts it over the top. Then you shave it with the ranch, and um. – Shave it? – You know, you crunch it. – Yeah, crunch it. – I’m not as enthusiastic as
you are, that’s pretty obvious. – I can tell. – But at the same, and he’s
personally offended by that. Um, as well as the Doritos executives that we have no relationship with. – [Rhett] But does it make it better? – [Both] Yes! – I just dropped some in my mug, but I like it so I don’t care. Okay, all right, this is Printioli. This is Ravioli made out of
actual printer paper pulp, filled with edible printer ink. – But all printer ink is not edible, only the edible printer ink is edible. – And as you can see, it looks
like you’ve got the magenta cartridge, and I’ve
got the cyan cartridge, and both of these are put over a bed of compromising documents
that we had to shred. Some of my released tax returns. – This is real paper,
we’re not eating that. Well, there’s just some on
there so I guess I will eat it. (crew laughs) Oh man, I can’t even get my
fork into the ravioli noodle. – You don’t really need a fork for it. – It’s like a dried cadaver skin. – I’m just gonna put
a little paper on top. – I got some on the edge there. And gotta dink it. (grunts) Papery. – Hold on. – Chewy. Blue. – What you got? (groans) – Ugh, it looks like guts. (roars) – There’s not anything good about this. – Well. – I’m really searching too. – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, fiber. – Hold on. – Fiber, man. – We just had one of the most
beautiful pasta creations we’ve ever had and you crapped
all over the Doritos pasta. – No I didn’t. – It’s not as strong as
I thought it would be. (laughs) And now we’re eating something that shouldn’t be fed to someone
that you’re trying to punish. You’re trying to find the good side? – I’m trying to find the good side. It’s got fiber. This is gonna go, this is gonna push everything through like a bulldozer. – Mine’s not getting in the system, man. – You’re not swallowing that? – I got a pretty good idea I’m just gonna cheek it for a while and
then I’m gonna spit it. – Really? I mean, I like bland tasting things. (laughs) So I’m all in with
this, I like the colors. – I can’t get it down, man. (groans) Oh, gosh, look what it did to my teeth. Hold on, you got it down? – I got half of it down. – Okay, I don’t know how long
that’s gonna stick around. I should wash out. – [Link] But will it pasta? – [Both] No. – Now this is pretty. – That’s still in my teeth. – Oh gosh. – What about some vermicelli? – What about it? – Well, no, what about some vermincelli? We’ve taken muskrat stewed meat, and we have made noodles
out of muskrat stewed meat. It looks like an earthworm. – Now we got this meat from our meat man. (crew laughs) – Our shady meat man. – Our shady, unnameable
meat man, but I’ll tell ya, brother can come up with some meat. You can just point at somewhere
on the evolutionary tree and he’s like “I got you.” (laughs) I got you. It doesn’t even have
to be a current animal, it could be an extinct
one and he would get it. – And then we created a pesto, pest, that muskrats are, with
the food that muskrats eat, some rodent food crushed
up with sunflower seeds and olive oil to make the pest-o, and then they also eat
snails as it turns out. – I was trying to figure
out what that was, it looks like a mushroom but it’s not. – And so do we, that is not
a mushroom, that is a snail. – Okay. (clears throat) – It’s not appetizing, can
I go back to the Doritos? – Okay, so I’ve got a
nice, heaping helping of muskrat pasta and a snail. – Muskrat pasta. We muskrat ourselves a question right now, why are we doing this? – Dink it. (Link whines) A little gamey. (dry heaves) It’s a greasy animal. (crew laughs) Just eating a bottom-feeder, you know. – Bottom of a what, hole? Oh, and you just gagged, huh? It still has a pastaness to it, which is a bit of a rescue for me. – What is a muskrat? – I don’t love it. – And what is the musk part? – I think the musk, it’s like
a rat that’s covered in musk, which is like a secretion
that comes from a gland near the penis of a deer. – It goes up to deer
penises and asks permission? What, I don’t, how does it work? Or does it make its own musk? – It makes its own musk, I think, it’s like a gland that
makes it smell like cologne. – How do you know about deers? – That’s where most musk comes from. (crew laughs) – Oh, I thought musk was like a cologne. – Exactly. – My dad had some musk, and he’s like “Boy, don’t touch it.” It was from deer? – Yeah, it’s from that part of the deer. – That’s why my mom didn’t like it. – Are you gonna be able to get this down? – Yeah.
– Oh really? – Ever since we started
talking about deer, it’s actually not that bad, I mean. – It came back up, man. – Link is now comforting
himself by hugging himself. – It hit right there. – Okay, that wasn’t very pleasant. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless you were in a real bad way. – Vermincelli, will it pasta? – [Both] No. (Link groans) – Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
we’ve got some ballghetti. Yes, when I say “ball,”
what I mean is testicles. And specifically from the duck. We’ve got some ballognese sauce, which is sauce made from duck balls. We’ve got the pasta made from duck balls, and just in case it wasn’t clear enough, on top, we’ve got duck balls. Duck balls three ways is what I call this. – Oh my goodness. Duck balls all day, man. – Let me just say, ducks have bigger balls
than I would have thought. – Look how big. – [Rhett] Why’d you pick the biggest one? – Look how big that one is! That one’s the size of an eyeball, like a giant’s eyeball. – I thought you were gonna say that one’s the size of a human. – Yeah, it is the size
of a human testicle. – Speak for yourself. (crew laughs) Uh, okay, so. – What are we gonna do? – I’m just thinking of
it like a kidney bean, and I like beans.
– Yeah you do. – Yeah, I love beans. – I sadly don’t, okay, so, we’re gonna get a representation
of all three forms. – Oh gosh, this is so difficult. Oh, it’s so tough. – Oh, you got a big one, bro. – Hold on, you picked the little ball? – I wouldn’t get the biggest one. – That’s the one I got. – That’s the one he got. This is the one I got. – You have more. – Two for one special on Rhett’s fork. – Oh gosh. – Okay, we dunk it. And now let’s sunk it. (dry heaves) Did you bite the ball? – Oh yeah. I felt like I felt it
personally when I bit it. (crew laughs) I personally offended myself. – It’s a bit mushy. – A man should not eat testicles. – But women? No, no one should. – It just feels like an attack on myself. – (groans) Just the taste
of it is rather horrible. – Why do ducks need such big balls? (gags)
(crew laughs) They do have a corkscrew.
(gags) (crew laughs) I saw that on Discovery
Channel, they got a corkscrew. You seen that? – (groans) The (groans) the
taste of the inside of it– – You gotta have something
to power that corkscrew. You know what I’m saying? – That’s the motor? – You gotta have two big
motors for that corkscrew. (gagging) This is not going down, man. (gags)
– No no no no no! Don’t! – Man, I went too big,
the ball was too big. I went too big. My eyes were bigger than my balls. – Oh man, come on, why you
gotta lead me like that? – I’m sorry man, hey, listen, only one of us has to make it. (crew laughs) It’s like we’re on a journey and I died, but if you go on, it’s
like we both got there. I’m sorry, I just, it just hit me. I was really going for it, I
really went for a good chew and a move to get some down. And I was just filled with
the taste of duck balls. – All right, I’m gonna try
to get it down right now. – You can do it, Link. – It’s now or never.
– I believe in you. – (groans) Balls to the wall. – I believe in you, man. (vomits)
(laughs) I saw it all come out, man. But hey, at least it–
(vomits) – There’s more. – Wait, there’s more. (laughs) – Half of it did go down. – Oh all right, good. You win an award. – I didn’t make it either. I’m sorry. – It’s okay, man. – I failed us. – What are we trying to prove anyway, man? – Well we’re not trying to prove anything. We’re just trying to ask
a very important question. Duck testicles. – [Both] Will they pasta? No! – They will not. All right, we’ve answered those questions so you don’t have to, thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Jacob. – Hi, I’m Miss Newman. – [Class] And we are Holy Roman College. – And it’s time to spin
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  1. Bacon may cause trichinellosis when it contains parasites.
    The International Commission on trichinellosis was in Mexico in 1996.
    Mexico contains the State of Mexico.
    Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico.
    Toluca is where PT Cruisers are assembled.

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