Will A Parent Throw Cheese At Their Baby? (React)

Will A Parent Throw Cheese At Their Baby? (React)

– Oh, what’s that?
– Yoo-eez. – What is that?
– Chez. – Cheese?
– Yeah. – Do you like cheese?
– Yeah. – Yeah? Do you like
to eat cheese? – Yeah.
– Do you like cheese more than lollipops?
– Yeah. – Yeah? But you’re eating it
with the plastic on. – Oh, is it the throw the cheese
at your baby thing? – I saw a headline,
something about there’s some guy who threw cheese on babies’ faces
or something and then he apologized that it’s a thing now.
– I have seen sort of the internet sensation
that’s taking place right now where people are throwing cheese
at their children. Mixed feelings about
the whole situation. Think it’s pretty funny.
Probably doesn’t harm them. – (FBE) There has been a viral trend
called the Cheese Challenge, where parents prank their babies
by throwing cheese at their faces. – (laughs) What? Oh, lord.
– Awww. We’ve played catch with stuff,
but to purposefully throw at the face seems a bit harsh.
– Throwing a piece of cheese on her face doesn’t really seem
that exciting or fun. It feels a little mean
just because, I don’t know, would you want cheese
thrown on your face? – I would probably laugh
if I saw it, but if somebody was like,
“Hey. Here, throw this cheese at your baby,”
I would be like, “No.” I think if I did that to her,
she would probably look stunned and then begin to cry.
And then I would feel really bad. – Before I was a dad,
I would’ve thought it was hilarious. Now that I have my own child,
I don’t think it’s as funny. I wouldn’t want to throw
cheese at his face, because he trusts me
so much right now. He’s the only person in the world
who actually trusts me. So, the last thing I wanna do
is prank my own child. Eventually, though…
– Yeah. – Yeah, you’ll get pranked heavily
by daddy soon, right? – (FBE) Let’s just show you
a couple and see what you think. – Okay.
– (man) Griff. – (laughs)
– (Griff laughs) – (laughs)
– (Griff laughs) – I mean, it’s cute
when he giggles at the end. – He found it funny,
so it’s a little less– you know, if it’s a playful thing,
I can see that. It didn’t hurt, obviously.
(chuckles) All right, boy-o. You’re gonna mutilate
that cheese. – He’s not impressed.
– (snickers) – (laughs)
– (chuckles) You liked that one? – Aww. (laughs) No.
This is not okay. That little baby was
looking so confused, like, “Are you gonna
feed me the cheese or are you just gonna
throw it on my face?” Then it’s like, “Dad,
why did you do that?” It’s not even good cheese.
– I could definitely see that being her reaction,
just kind of like… “Why, Dad?
What was that for?” – The babies seem to be taking it
in pretty good stride. They seem to be enjoying it.
– Ma! Ma! – Liam seems to love this stuff,
so he’s become a big fan of cheesing babies in the face.
Would you want Dada to put cheese on your face.
– Yeah. – Yeah? But you’ve ate
all the cheese. – Look, baby.
– Ah! – Okay. – (man chuckles)
– Again, not really thrilled with it. – (snickers) No!
No, no, no, no, no! I don’t know why people
are doing this. – I wonder why we didn’t
get to see the reaction. It feels like there was something,
maybe even a meltdown that happened right after
that one. – I think the first one
was kind of heartwarming. The second one was funny,
’cause he just really didn’t get it. I feel like the third one
was almost tragic. He was just kind of like,
“Why would you do this to me?” – If your baby has
the proper temperament for this, then it’s fine.
I do think, though, that as a parent, though,
you shouldn’t be doing jokes at your kid’s expense,
I think, until they’re able to participate in the joke,
’cause right now he would have no idea.
If I threw cheese at his face, it would be at his own expense,
and I’m not a fan of that, even though I am a big prankster.
– Ma! Ma! – (FBE) And now, we have to ask,
would you ever do this to your baby? – No. I don’t think the reactions
are funny enough. – Probably not.
Unless he asked me to. (laughs) As soon as he says,
“Hey, Dad, will throw you cheese on my head?”
I’d think about it. But until then, it just seems
not my kind of thing. – I do not see myself
throwing cheese on my daughter. I don’t think it is
the kindest thing to do. I think there’s a lot better ways
to get a laugh out of your child and for yourself.
Part of me, deep down inside, would– kind of wants to.
But I couldn’t do it. I don’t think I could do it.
(wheezing laugh) – Take two.
You can see how much my child likes to eat.
– Yeah! (laughs) – (laughs) Cheese!
– Cheese. – Liam, would you want me
to put cheese in your face? – Yeah.
– Yeah? Would Mama want me to put cheese in your face?
– Yeah. – I don’t think so.
I think this guy’s got too much respect
for himself clearly. After eating lollipops off the floor
and multiple things of Kraft American Singles,
he and I would like to pass on cheesing.
– Xoa, can I throw this cheese in your face?
Why don’t we sit down right here? Why don’t we sit down right here?
Don’t throw yourself back. Sometimes, she likes to–
– (baby fussing) – No? You don’t want me
to throw cheese in your face? I don’t think she
wants me to do it. I’m not gonna do it.
I think that if there wasn’t, you know, so many lights
and pressure and she didn’t just watch videos of it happening,
and I kind of just caught her unaware in the kitchen, you know,
then it probably could work and be funny.
But I think she started getting distressed,
and I think that’s mean to throw cheese
in a crying baby’s face. – I wanna see his reaction.
Let’s see. – (baby fussing) – Look, Kota. (laughs) Let’s see.
(laughs) You can’t look down. Ah!
– (baby fussing) – (giggles)
Okay, okay. Here, here. You can have it now.
You can have it. You’re gonna put it
on your head? On your head? Thank you.
– Here, you can’t eat that. I mean, you gotta let go.
I’m gonna throw it in your face. All right-y.
Are you ready? Are you ready? (whispers) You’re not
supposed to be ready. Oh. (laughs) Here. (laughs) ♪ (somber music) ♪ What’s on your face?
What’s on your face? (laughs) Nothing?
Now you’re just gonna eat it? – (FBE) What do you think
about babies being part of a viral trend?
– I don’t know. I think there’s a lot
to kind of unpack there, because I think as children get older
and they’re kind of thrusted into the spotlight,
I think that can be sort of detrimental to their
psyche sometimes, unfortunately. And Xoa thinks so, too.
– (laughs) – I could see some people
being like, “Well, I don’t really want my baby to be–
you know, a lot of people seeing the baby,”
but at the same time then you’re posting the video,
so I figure it’s fine probably. I think it’s totally fine. At least,
that particular trend. (laughs) – I guess it depends on what it is.
I’m all about respect and dignity for her.
Even though she’s small, she deserves that.
So, I just try to think about that before I try to get a laugh
off of her. – Keeping good spirits with the baby.
Remember, the baby isn’t a reason to get a likes.
If he is behind it, then fantastic. If he does something
that he’s really happy with, or she, or they,
then wonderful. But, you know, if you’re
doing something at the expense of your kid, that just
seems kinda mean. – If the trend is not
at the baby’s– Liam!
– (squeals with laughter) – If the trend is not
at the baby’s expense, then it’s okay!
– (giggles) – Right?
– (muffled) Yeah. – Yeah?
– (FBE) And then what are some fun pranks or silly things
you have with your baby? – I mean… really just peek-a-boo
at this point. She’s a pretty tough nut to crack.
She is deadpan. Where’s daddy?
Ah-bee! Nope. She is into
everything else. (chuckles) – She’s just so happy
all the time. There’s not a lot
that we’ve done to her. (laughs) You like singing, right?
Sing ♪ The itsy bitsy spider ♪ ♪ Went up the water spout ♪
Oh, you’re just obsessed with cheese. Never mind. (laughs) – (claps)
– Good clapping. Sometimes, she’ll lay on her back,
and she’ll let me mess with her. And she just thinks it’s hilarious.
Yes. Right. She’s corroborating my story. Ahh!
(blows raspberries) (laughs)
(blows raspberries) – Liam, what is your
favorite thing the world? – Bwoom.
– Brooms. So, he loves brooms.
He makes us film him performing things with his broom.
And then his favorite thing to do is then watch his performances
with the brooms. Who’s this?
– Bwoom. – Broom. – (Kyle) What are you holding?
– (Liam) Bwoom. – (Kyle) A broom
and what else? – (Liam) Mop.
– (Kyle) A mop? – Broom and a mop.
– (Kyle) And are we gonna watch this later?
– (Liam) Ehhh! – (Kyle) Bye!
– What’d you think? Great movie. 10/10?
– We do animals together. You want me to do a horse?
(neighs) You just gonna smile?
What about a duck? Quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack. – (giggles)
– (chuckles) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.
– (laughs) – Quack, quack?
– (muffled) Woof, woof, woof. – Ooh. Okay.
You wanna do a dog? Woof, woof, woof.
Woof, woof. – (giggles)
– (laughs) Woof, woof.
– (giggles) – (FBE) So, what do these moments of
laughter with your baby mean to you? – It means a lot,
because they grow so fast. It’s very special.
They’re special moments that, of course, you won’t get again
with the same baby. – Oh, they’re just adorable.
And I love when she does it, ’cause she’s happy,
and I like my baby to be happy. – It makes the bond
feel, you know, a little closer between us that I can get her
to laugh in certain ways compared to anybody else.
She’s understanding more and more who I am to her.
– They’re lifeblood. They’re why I did it.
They’re entirely something that I’ve– I even tried to catch
a couple of ’em on video, because I wanna remember ’em.
– (baby cooing) – Yeah, you got a lot
to say, boy-o? – They’re priceless.
You know, there’s nothing else that I think any parent has
that’s like the joy that you feel when you’re bonding
and just sharing those intimate, you know, moments with your child.
It’s incredible. – These fun moments with Liam
really mean everything. I can’t believe how quickly
he’s growing up. So, any moment that I get to spend
with him is really special for me. – Cheese!
– (laughs) Cheese. – Thanks for watching us
react with our babies on the React Channel.
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– Can you say bye? – Eeh-bah!
– (chuckles) – Thank you so much
for watching this episode. We really appreciate it.
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  2. I am watching this at work and it made me miss my baby!!! Btw, my husband did it to our baby girl (6 m/o) when I was laying next to her and he got cheesed back, also, as vengeance I threw cheese at my step son's face (11 y/o) and no harm was done to neither of their feelings. The baby won't remember it and our pre-teen knows that his parents are not just some stuck up grown ups and that we have a sense of humor lol

  3. some people in the comments are so dramatic lol “what has the world come to?” honestly if you think this is the dumbest or cruelest thing to come out of this world then you clearly haven’t watched the news lately lol.

  4. So it’s okay to scare cats who will never ever understand things like we do but a piece of cheese on a baby’s face is not okay? Kinda hypocritical if you ask me 😂 although I enjoy funny videos of cats jumping 100 miles up in the air because of a cucumber and this cheese challenge 😂

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