Why is tea the best cleanser for your body ?

Why is tea the best cleanser for your body ?

Why is tea the best cleanser for your body? Try to imagine – you have a car You sometimes fuel it with unleaded gasoline and sometimes put diesel fuel into its oil tank disregarding the type and grade of the fuel If you don’t clean the oil tank regularly it will make the car’s cylinders become clogged up with residue and dust You can expect it to cause damage not only to the engine but to other parts of the car Actually, our body is like a car If a car’s tank and cylinders are clogged up how far do you think it will go? Similarly, if we don’t take good care of our body and let toxins accumulate how can we count on our body? Of course, it is impossible to spray disinfectant into your mouth You would end up in hospital before your body is cleaned up As a tea master I often share knowledge about different kinds of tea and their tastes with you but today I want to share with you why tea is the best cleanser for us From the moment you drink a cup of tea the tea will work like an inspector leading a “team” of probiotic “enzymes” going to different parts of your body to start performing an examination Now I will introduce four superheroes to you They have their own skills and strengths They are: 1. “Tea polyphenol” (TP) the natural body preservative 2. “Caffeine” the natural mild stimulant 3. “Theanine” the natural tranquillizer 4. “Aromatic substance” that makes you happy when you smell it Let’s start with TP One minute after drinking tea tea polyphenols begin to enter your mouth eliminating the viruses and bacteria there preventing oral ulcers and halitosis Ten minutes later they will go to the gut to start working enhancing peristalsis, promoting digestion, and reducing that greasy feeling Thirty minutes later they will reach our blood Using their own “bodies” to block the attack of “free radicals” for our blood vessels, cells, skin, brain…. they can prevent many cardiovascular diseases have anti-cancer and anti-aging function aid the prevention of stroke and so on Now, it’s caffeine’s turn Forty-five minutes after drinking tea it will wake you up especially the dozing brain If the brain is active it can enhance heart strength and promote blood circulation More importantly because of the increase in blood flow renal function is enhanced which is conducive to a healthy urinary system So after drinking tea it becomes easier to urinate and one does so more frequently The third one is theanine Five hours after drinking tea theanine will enter the brain tissue It will produce “dopamine” and other metabolites there which can calm the nerves and prevent brain injury… It turns out that drinking tea is healthy and can prevent diseases And in the end it’s the turn of “aromatics.” They will go through the nasal passage and reach the olfactory mucosa When the olfactory mucosa meets the special guests of “aromatic substance” they will immediately inform the brain, their master It’s so excited to hear the arrival of these special guests and becomes happy again. These are the four superheroes Six to twenty-four hours after tea drinking they gradually disintegrate and disappear or are excreted through the urine completing the great task of body cleaning for us So a good cup of tea, drunk properly is the body’s best detergent It is also recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that “tea is the best Traditional Chinese medicine given by nature to human beings.” The above information is provided by TeaMaster May, who shares the pleasure of tea tasting with you

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