what’s up guys it’s Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp let’s go on a grocery-store trip today here at Whole
Foods Market talking about the best dairy and dairy-free choices that you can make for weight
loss and optimum health all right
first thing let’s come over here get uh squeeze it up if anyone is lactose
sensitive or staying away from very dairy raise your hand I mean I have yogurt but
I cut that I do have your yogurt yeah I cuz that is it this is a perfect example
you never want to get this okay so light and fit so we always recommend full fat
oops well we take the fat out guys we’re changing the foods composition enjoy the
full fat naturally referring to that product so that’s nothing so this is
low-calorie which could be good for weight loss but it’s not satisfying okay
so you’re ultimately going to get hungry again really soon it’s not going to tide
you over as much and this is no fast but they pump the sugar or artificial sugar
in it so what’s the time we’re going to go night three we’re going to go right
over that a second well we get to that section remind me we don’t we’re right
here at the milk there’s never been a better time since if you’re very
sensitive like I’m actually very intolerant that’s obsessed me up don’t
feel good so hope this does a great job of having a lot of different options
for alternative dairy products we can do the whole tour on this but let’s just
spend a minute on some good options is anybody a coffee person right so you can
load up the coffee in the morning buy it with a full fat very more
alternative dairy but get the full fat unsweetened and just put a couple of
tablespoons it’s delicious instead of doing some weird skin flavor saying
anybody guilty everybody’s totally perfect I know but
yes what do you put in there Jax the ingredient label guarantee there’s
artificial sweeteners in there and it’s probably low-fat and then they get the
sugar in these weird flavors again so look at the label guys look at the label
I’m going to pull out the 365 rate design on this one it’s a odd swing I’m
just using this one as an example Whole Foods 365 and they actually do a
pretty good job most of the time with the label you want to look out for
carotene it there’s a buzzword right now going on a lot of them use it not
necessary but it’s like a thickener there’s no carrageenan in this so that’s
good a lot of the brands have it and it’s not good for your gut health so
carrageenan yeah so look out for that also it should
say on sweeten it because if they unsweetened it’s definitely sweet and it
tastes really good but you don’t need those calories the sugar calories or
artificial sweetener I like this one too
cailli pia very tasty honestly in good eggs anybody have eggs for breakfast
great choice keep it up we thought yeah eat salsa cool egg yolk delicious
nourishing so if you don’t like the yolk then that’s one thing but otherwise
that’s a whole that’s nature’s that’s a whole food right there so use the whole
thing two eggs three eggs stood up a lot of
egg what’s the best time your pork in is that true the organic
omega-3s probably going to be your best bet sometimes so but you want to look
for like locals even great this can be a fresher egg Organic passed your rate
that’s you want to make sure so this brand made sure you knew that pasture
raised grows on the grass free to forage great so as long as it says as great
organic is going to be good welcomes them find the local farmer named Terry
has a bunch of local options here good alright yogurt you’ve been waiting so
patiently right now so here’s a couple of great options and this is I just
found it this is really interesting to me because like five years ago there was
like no other options like you either eat yogurt or not because it was just
like straight dairy this is a coconut milk yogurt alternative there’s no dairy
really interesting I have not tried it but we are going to be doing another
video nut tour but hopefully tonight Connie yes one of our videos is going to
be right now so this is an exciting product I haven’t tasted so I can’t
doubt for it but it’s cool here’s another
on coconut milk says vanilla but doesn’t say on Sweden so just because it’s
coconut milk doesn’t mean it’s good you want to look for the untreated how do we
recommend another one new to the market where is it all of a sudden I can’t find
it grief if you do well with Erik Greeks of great options anybody
Sean you throwing stuff no Phi gay that’s a pronounces right yeah ok good
brand hey but you don’t have to give us the most well-known right there’s like
10 different options here for free filter I’m seeing a grass bed is that
good or bad that’s going to be a better choice healthy cow bedrock no no cows
were harmed to make that so that’s good now Trisha I know in your
vegan-vegetarian so usually yogurt you do yes it does and I want demons ok how
long so it’s double yourself yet the product
is comfrey fuck I would say so oh here it is this is a cool brand I
feel on shark tank hi Jill everybody see that I think they
were on Shark Tank a couple years ago and the Sharks bit on this because it is
a needed market so they actually do all of their dairy made from common so
totally dairy-free lot of cool things so the yogurt this is vanilla doesn’t
seance we in now doesn’t fans we in so sweet so you got to find the one thing
you have which is actually sold out right next to it so good job thank you
choppers they just they thought I didn’t buy it I guess I want to treat it
so that’s other options if you are going to go with the Greek yogurt great
options look for the glass medic skin here are zero verse two percent which is better
raise your hand if zero is better for you guys thank you guys up for that one
yeah is it going to be more calories yeah a little bit
not much because tastes better and it’s not they’re not going to pump take out
the fat and so you’re going to be more satisfied hopefully going to like what
you’re eating instead of like bland totally unfair II whose which that
didn’t work as we tried that for a long time it didn’t work go with it least do
percent or full fat pop quiz anybody know what full fat percentage would be
of two percent next step up what would like full fat be 100 percent faretta
yeah but what would be the percentage okay now it’s only like four percent
they make it seem like it goes from like to to like a hundred but it’s only like
four percent so no big deal it’s like that all right we’re moving on I just want to
say there are some alternatives here’s a dairy free cream cheese kind of
cool and other cheeses there’s a lot of the market for the dairy free there’s
nothing wrong with dairy if you–if you digest it well keep it up fine food
nothing wrong with it now I’m seeing everybody’s getting a little cold so
we’ll keep moving but a lot of other cheese options hi we’re doing a tour just make sure the cheese is real cheese
like full fat cheese which the culpers does a lot of great option we have over
here tofu anybody like tofu god bless you guys I don’t know I just don’t feel
like it’s great option unless you’re really struggling here you’re posting up
don’t eat meat chicken or fish possibly but to get it into that form how do they
do that right but it starts as a psycho soybean
so in green that’s weird how they get it to that white square you know so like
tempeh is a fermented tofu so that could be a good option but with the tofu I
would also encourage you if you’re going to do that look for the full fat version
not like the no fat that’s going to be more satisfying and then some seeds
they’re just that’s a good question it’s very
challenging very very challenging alternative vegetarian alternatives the
protein is very challenging good news is there is more coming to market like the
alternative dairy there’s some like burgers and things but you can make them
yourself very easily or but so really nuts
cheese’s some legumes those are going to be some higher protein sources
relatively speaking so that could be good awesome yeah but it is a challenge
to get protein on especially if you’re more active so many great choices here
at Whole Foods Market for weight loss and optimum health
I want a thank whole foods market for having us here today also want to thank
you guys for watching this video about dairy-free alternatives and products, if you liked it definitely give it a thumbs up
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awesome day


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