Which Celebrity Has The Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese Recipe?

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, my name is Jesse. And today I’m gonna be testing four famous celebrity mac and cheese recipes to see which one is actually the best. I’ll be testing recipes
from Patti LaBelle, Gordon Ramsay, Khloe Kardashian and I even have one from Rihanna. I measure everything up,
how the recipe stated and I got three of my friends to taste it in a blind taste test. So which one’s gon’ be best? It’s about to get cheesy. First up, is Patti LaBelle. She cooks her pasta in salted water with a bit of oil, drains it,
then returns it to the pot. In a large bowl, combine
shredded muenster, both mild and sharp cheddars,
and monterey jack cheese. Add some half-and-half to the pasta, along with a cube Velveeta cheese, melted butter and mix it in. Add even more cheese, keep stirring it and season it with seasoned
salt, pepper and kosher salt. Transfer into a prepared
baking casserole dish and top with more cheese
and a few dots of butter. Bake until nice and bubbly. And serve. – We have some browning
over here which is exciting. – We got a nice texture. – Hmm. – There’s some beautiful
pockets of cheese, like, just creamy, it’s
actually delicious. – Very cheesy. Reminds me of craft mac and cheese. But I do enjoy it. It has nothing on top,
don’t have no pepper flakes, like nothing is going on to make me say, this is some real sexy mac and cheese. This is boring. – Up next is Khloe Kardashian. She starts by cooking
macaroni in salted water until al dente and drains it. Heat some butter until melted, then whisk in some flour and
cook for about two minutes. Add some milk and whisk until thickened. And this is where it gets kinda weird. You’re gonna chop up some american cheese. Add it straight to the sauce. Then add some shredded cheddar. Stir until melted. Add paprika and egg yolk
and whisk even more. Add the pasta back in
and stir so it coats. Grab a mini muffin pan, brush with butter, and sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese. Spoon the prepared mac and cheese into it. Top with even more Parmesan and you’re gonna bake
these until sizzling. Pop ’em out and these
little guys are done. – It looks like I can take
this down in one bite. – Mad and cupcake. I like this one. – Presentation-wise, okay, yeah it’s cute. But I feel bamboozled with
the amount I’m getting. This one’s alright. – You got a good macaroni to cheese ratio. – If I went to the grocery store, and I walk by one of the little machines with the toys in it. And one of the toys was the
plastic mac and cheese toy that I could get for 25 cents. That’s what I’m chewing up right now. – Next up, is Gordon Ramsay. He cooks cauliflower in
salted water until tender. He fishes it out, drops
them in a bowl of ice water to prevent it from cooking any further. Then he adds macaroni straight to that pot of cauliflower water and
cooks it until tender. He drains and he mixes it
with the cooked cauliflower and a few knobs of butter
and lets that melt in. Put that aside, heat some butter in a pan and add flour and mustard
powder to make a roux. Gradually add some milk so it thickens up and keep whisking until
it gets nice and thick. Season with cayenne pepper and salt. In a bowl, mix three cheeses together, cheddar, Lincolnshire and Cheshire. Add those back into the
sauce and stir until melted. Add the cooked macaroni and cauliflower. Mix it up to coat and spread
that into a large baking dish. And smooth it out on top. Combine the extra cheese with some fresh breadcrumbs and thyme and sprinkle that right on top. Bake until nice and golden. And that’s about it. – We got some like,
little crusties on here. – This got a little crunch to it. – The crunchy stuff is delicious. I think it could be cheesier. – Alright, that’s good. It tastes like a fluffy cloud, and then we get the
little slice of heaven. – I do like the way that this tastes. I don’t know what’s on it. It’s got that mac and cheese with a twist. – It might be cauliflower. Someone important made
this mac and cheese. – Eating this mac and cheese
is like eating a great steak. – This is like Miss
Congeniality mac and cheese. It help people out but
it did not necessarily give enough to win the crown
of the best mac and cheese. Up next is Rihanna. She cooks macaroni in boiling
water, then drains it. Place it back on the stove
and add grated white onion, julienne bell pepper and
some sliced spring onions. And mix that all in. Next, add a quarter cup of
both ketchup and mustard as well as some spicy
scotch bonnet pepper sauce. Then mix that all in. Add a handful of shredded
colby-jack cheese at a time. Stirring until melted. And add some water if it gets too thick. Once it’s the right consistency, garnish with some more
spring onions and that’s it. – It looks cheesy as hell. – This is real festive. – Some real strong in here. – The whole pepper, the
action that’s happening, they are making it an exciting experience. – I taste the peppers. It’s actually pretty hot. – Closing my throat up a little bit. – There was some love put into
making this mac and cheese stand out from the rest. – I definitely pass on this one. – Which celebrity has the
best mac and cheese recipe? Let’s find out. – Out of all the celebrity mac and cheese, I think my favorite would
have to be number three. Mainly because the addition
with the cauliflower made it just stand out from all the rest. Wasn’t a really cheesy and I’m not kidding when I say, I can compare
it to a great steak. Gordon Ramsay, always coming in. Right at the last minute. – I like number one the best. It was like the right types of cheese. It was like, pockets
of like, gooey cheese. Perfect comforting mac and cheese. Patti LaBelle? Hell yeah. – The one that I can say
stood out the most to me, number four, it had some color in there, a little spicy into it. It was a different take on it. That’s Rihanna? Makes sense. – So I heard I’m the tie breaker for the celebrity mac and cheese. Let’s go. This one’s colorful. I don’t like this one. I don’t really like peppers, I guess, so. I feel like you shouldn’t put too much extra shit in mac and cheese. This one’s good, there’s different types of cheeses on this one. I don’t like this one either. This one is my favorite one. – There you have it, Gordon Ramsay has the best mac and cheese. (triumphant music)


  1. I'm sorry I am not trying to attack anyone personally but why was mister mustache invited if he does not like cheese? Like Mac and cheese is in my opinion, experience and taste the reincarnation the deity the whatever of cheese itself. If it ain't cheesy it ain't no good Mac and cheese. Yes there isn't one way to make it and I don't mind the different versions of it but man let's be real you can't criticise Mac and cheese for having too much cheese if we still can even SEE the macaroni.

  2. I agree, there should not be too many weird ingrediants to mac and cheese. I think I would do Gordans, but add my secret that I put in all my southern dishes, *wink, wink, you older folks probably know what this taboo ingrediant is.

  3. I am really picky about Mac and cheese and I'm my opinion I don't like mushrooms or pepper flakes like the guy on the end, u don't need anything special in Mac and cheese it's already amazing on its own.

  4. Bruh here’s how I make my mac and cheese:
    1. Boil water
    2. Put Annie’s macaroni in
    3. Boil until soft
    4. Strain it duh
    5. Get a different bowl, put in the Annie’s cheese powder and some milk
    6. Whisk that sh*t
    7. Mix it into the macaroni
    8. Eat it out of the pot
    I make it all the time for my brothers so I’m a master at making pre-prepared foods lmaoooo

  5. They made the annoying Asian girl from the “chicken wing” video… THE TIEBREAKER. Wowwwwww. She legit says she like Pizza Hut wings!!!! 😑🙄

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this is unfair because the chef themselves aren’t actually there to cook their recipe? If that makes sense.

  7. Well unlike @No Profile Pic I mean Rihanna's isn't "weird" she just added what she likes in it and he likes and that is that he can like a food with a twist in it and he can criticize the other cooks if he doesn't like them. Your not the boss of his tastebuds so please stop trying to find some way to get likes by just saying something extremely Rude.

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