What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Dairy Queen

What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Dairy Queen

Should you find yourself headed to a Dairy
Queen for a quick meal … or even a seemingly innocent ice cream cone … watch out for
the following menu items, sure to displease even the least picky palate. You’d think a basic burger would be pretty
hard to screw up, right? Ground beef, grill, bun, and done. Usually a safe bet off any fast food menu…
but not so at DQ, at least some of the time. Restaurant reviewers have remarked on their
burgers’ peculiar texture, charred taste, and soggy buns, while former employees speak
of burgers spending too long in the warming pan. What’s really upsetting, however, is complaints
from customers claiming that their DQ burgers caused them to experience serious food poisoning
symptoms. “I’m fine, I’m good.” “If you start to feel sick, then I’ll
start to… AHHHHH!” One man even sued a Fort Worth Dairy Queen
over a moldy burger that sent him to the ER and cost him over $20,000 in medical bills. According to Ralph Bryan’s attorney, the barber
was busy at work when his wife brought him a double patty burger. He took several bites of the burger while
it was still partly covered in its wrapper, but declined to finish the rest … it wasn’t
until later that he saw the bun was covered in mold. When Bryan later complained to the restaurant
where the burger had been ordered, the manager offered him a coupon in compensation. Instead, he chose to file a lawsuit seeking
$200,000 to $1 million in damages for his pain and suffering, and perhaps to cover the
likely cost of his choosing pricier restaurants for his future dining needs. Raw or undercooked chicken is one of the leading
causes of foodborne illness, according to the Center for Disease Control. But for years, unhappy customers have been
taking to social media to report raw or undercooked chicken strips from Dairy Queen, some of them
even posting photos to prove they’re not exaggerating. One Indianapolis man took his complaints further
than posting an online rant, however. “I got a couple bites and I was like, this
does not taste right, looked at it, ripped it out and realized it was completely raw.” Zach Cruse decided to report the incident
to DQ corporate, and the company didn’t waste any time springing into action. “An employee is now fired after serving
THIS raw chicken to a customer.” The local health department also launched
an investigation of the restaurant’s food preparation procedures. If there’s one thing DQ is justly famed for,
it’s the soft-serve ice cream they’ve been dishing up since 1940. The thing about soft-serve ice cream, however,
is that what makes it so soft is the extra air that’s added into it. This is done with the aid of a pretty complicated
machine which can harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria. It turns out that the machines are actually
very difficult to get completely clean. The owner of a Dairy Queen in Iowa had her
workers clean the soft-serve machines twice a day, and even replaced all of the hoses
and fittings on one machine, and yet the machine still failed to meet state sanitation standards
and was shut down by local health authorities. One worker who repairs the machines used to
make soft serve ice cream commented that he would never allow his family to eat the product,
due to the difficulty of disinfecting the machine sufficiently to kill off most of the
bacteria. The most unsanitary part of these machines,
he stated, was the nozzles, as these become clogged with foul-smelling green gunk, just
what you want as the base of your ice cream cone. A food reviewer with Business Insider magazine,
who has tasted some of the worst items that fast food restaurants have dished up over
the years, still states that the hands-down worst thing she’s ever tried is Dairy Queen’s
chili cheese dog. She was unimpressed by the meager amount of
chili and the barely-melted, crusty cheese, but what really threw her was the alleged
meat inside the bun. She didn’t think it tasted like a hot dog
at all, even a bad one. Another taste tester described the hot dog
as tasting like it was three weeks old. There’s a good chance that your hot dog won’t
be exactly fresh off the grill. One former DQ employee admitted that the hot
dogs were used, quote, “over, and over, and over” and even reheated to serve the next
day if they weren’t all gone by closing time. Dairy Queen, like just about every other fast
food chain out there, does offer a few salads on its menu for the health conscious diner
… or perhaps the one who’s saving all their calories for dessert. The problem with ordering a salad at DQ, though,
is that you definitely won’t get what you’re paying for. One DQ employee, commenting anonymously on
Reddit, described all the ingredients as old, including the lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and,
quote, “even older grilled chicken,” which sounds like a way for them to get rid of a
bunch of unwanted leftovers. What’s more, this same employee revealed a
menu change circa 2016, a sneaky downsizing maneuver in which the salad amounts were reduced
but the bowls were redesigned to hide this. Oh yeah, and their salads aren’t exactly
healthy options, either. All of the main course salads range from 270
to 400 calories and 11 to 21 grams of fat, and that’s without any dressing. Ok, so nobody goes to Dairy Queen and orders
a Blizzard thinking it’s going to be part of a nutritious, well-balanced diet. These are nothing but delicious calorie bombs
and we all know it. Every once in a while, you just gotta indulge,
though, right? Well, there’s indulging and then there’s just
plan insanity, and at DQ there’s one menu item that totally crosses over the line: the
Royal Reese Brownie Blizzard filled with peanut butter, in the large size, comes in at a whopping
1,500 calories! That’s 75 percent of the 2,000 recommended
daily calories endorsed by the federal Food and Drug Administration. Of course, if you want to feast on a Blizzard
from time to time but you have a little self control, you can always order this Blizzard
in a mini size. At just 6 ounces, it comes in at a mere 520
calories. If moderation is not your thing, at least
you can always console yourself that the large size does supply a respectable 37 grams of
protein thanks to its gooey peanut butter-filled core. “I thoroughly enjoy this peanut butter.” In 2018, a panel of taste testers from foodie
website The Takeout set out to rank 19 different Blizzards, and the one that came in dead last,
scoring only 1 out of 20 possible taste points, was the infamous Banana Split Blizzard. Why? Because of its watery consistency and its
sour taste from overripe bananas. The strawberry and chocolate flavorings were
said to be faint, and the taste of pineapple wasn’t even noticeable at all. How can one butcher a banana split so terribly? We’re unsure, but the conclusion was that
this particular Blizzard was pretty much one big fail. When it comes to fast food fry reviews, Dairy
Queen fries are usually damned with faint praise. The Daily Hive called them just, quote, “okay,”
but rated them #9 on a list of 10 Canadian chains. The LA Times ranked DQ’s fries in the middle
of the pack, 7 out of 19, but remarked that, quote, “the flavor isn’t particularly noticeable”
and seemingly gave the chain a bump just because Dairy Queen also serves ice cream. A blogger for Odyssey, however, pulled no
punches, calling the fries soggy, lifeless, and unseasoned. These reviews, ranging from meh to bleh, are
still referring to Dairy Queen fries that are prepared as they should be, and served
up relatively fresh. Numerous consumer complaints, however, attest
to the fact that the fries may well be cold, stale, or even gritty, and that you may receive
far fewer of these than you expect. Although when it comes to DQ fries, perhaps
fewer isn’t such a bad thing, after all. Business Insider has reviewed Dairy Queen’s
fish sandwiches several times. A 2016 review called them subpar, with a weak
bun, soggy lettuce, bland tartar sauce and fish that could easily be mistaken for chicken. A more recent Business Insider review of Dairy
Queen’s Alaskan Pacific Cod sandwich was ambivalent as to whether it was or was not an improvement
on DQ’s previous fishwiches. The oil-coated lettuce and excessive tartar
sauce were judged to be even worse than before, but the fish itself had seemingly improved
from unidentifiable to merely not so great. Yet another review, this one posted on Reddit,
characterized the Alaskan Cod sandwich as both gross and, quote, “smushed.” The reviewer backed these claims up with some
vomit-inducing photos that not only do look both gross and smushed, but do not in any
way resemble the deliciousness shown in the company’s advertising photo. One commenter offered the opinion that it
was the Redditor’s fault for ordering fish from a fast food restaurant in the first place,
while others remarked upon how Dairy Queen itself so often fails to fulfill expectations. You know a food trend is on its way out by
the time it trickles down to fast food chains. Do you remember when, suddenly, every foodie
was going gaga over artisanal this, that, and the other thing? Marketers soon found out that this buzzword
was an easy way to justify jacking up the price on an item that really didn’t have to
fit any specific guidelines to qualify as artisanal. With everyone else having jumped aboard the
artisanal bandwagon in 2015, Dairy Queen decided it might as well roll out its own artisan
sandwich line, with results that were… well, predictable. Business Insider found the chicken bacon ranch
sandwich to be soggy, while a Tripadvisor reviewer couldn’t decide whether the chicken
mozzarella or the Philly artisan sandwich was worse, reporting them to be microwave-cooked
and skimpy on fillings. At least when and if that whole food trend
goes away, we won’t have to blame it on millennials. Instead, we can blame DQ and their soggy sandwiches
for driving the final nail in the artisanal coffin. Breakfast, the most important meal of the
day. What better way to jump start your day than
with a tasty, healthy meal sure to fill you with energy… or you could just clog up every
single artery and scarf down half of your day’s recommended calories and fat right from
the get-go. Good luck feeling energized to do anything
but head straight back to bed after that. If you’re down with the latter plan, then
you’ll definitely want to stop by Dairy Queen and load up on their breakfast, where their
country platter fits the definition of heart attack on a plate. The country platter with sausage has been
called the absolute worst breakfast item on DQ’s menu, it turns out the platter with bacon
is even worse. The sausage platter has 1,060 calories and
38 grams of fat, while the bacon version comes in at 1,150 calories and 39 fat grams. Actually, when it comes to fat alone, there’s
yet another contender: the ultimate hash browns platter with bacon. This dish, which could be described as a health
crisis waiting to happen, has just 1,030 calories but an incredible, and possibly fatal, 43
grams of fat. So, eat at your own risk. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Basically everything at Dairy Queen. Lol! I never ate there or Sonic for some reason something keeps me from pulling into them.

  2. total lies ,i work at a dairy queen right now , and we all care ! or it will cost us our jobs and we want to do good for the customers !

  3. I mean I got food poisoning from the pretzels😒 but I’ve eaten the regular hotdogs and they were fine. And I’ve eaten their cones, hot fudge sundae, banana split, and blizzards and nothing ever happened! And I loveeeee the banana split blizzards😂

  4. This is bullshit, every single point in this video could be obliterated by doing some store tours. Not only is this video incredibly pointed, it may be the work of a competitor.

  5. No!!! Wrong, thats not every dq the one i work at doesnt do that stuff. And McDonald's n burger king even resturants have stuff like that happen

  6. So dont order burgers, chicken, hot dogs, fries, fish, salads, or even ice cream.
    Wow guess im stuck with steak finger baskets forever now… swell

  7. Hey guys! As a fellow DQ employee I can explain why at times the flavors in the "Banana Split" blizzard i sbarely there. It is because when we add the ingredients (pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, and banana), we have to be VERY careful of how much we add to the blizzard and too much of anything can lead to the blizzard becoming too thin and falling out of the cup when we flip it over. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE so we are cautious of this blizzard. -DQ employee

  8. I work at Dairy Queen, we always temp our chicken and our patties. We have very strict protocol for our food. All DQ stores are different, alwasy check out the store online and on FB. Our salads are always served up in the morning and sit in a temperature right caller for the day and thrown out if any lettuce starts to turn brown. The Ice cream machines have changed and the hoses are a to easier to clean properly now. Obvisouly if you are scared of anything, just don't eat Fast food. Every DQ is individually owned and operated so every store has different standards according to the owner, obviously corporate has some work to do but very rarely will corporate come in and make sure we're temping the chicken (that's something we do anyways and our general manager is very strict on). You can always ask for fresh anything if you're scared of undercooked/food that has sat out too long and we will happily oblige. Happy eating

  9. I work at DQ and the banana split blizzard is everyone's worst nightmare do to the fact of how liquidity the ingredients are

  10. God is good!  Never in my life have I felt compelled to stop at DQ!  Not even for ice cream.  RIP past victims of DQ.

  11. I worked at DQ when I was a teen, and the only 2 nasty things that happened was, a certain cook would always spit in this one cops burder until he was caught, and the chili sat covered all day and we might serve it once a day so it was on the old side. Icecream machines and everything else was kept really clean all the time.

  12. Dairy Queen was my high school job it was a family owned one in a town population of like 1800. I didn’t love the job but Jesus we did our jobs and were never this disgusting

  13. I was a manager at DQ and repaired and cleaned the machines… they are incredibly clean and get flushed twice with a food-safe sanitizer, disassembled and cleaned more.

  14. I go to dq for the blizzards and chicken strips,never had a problem with them ever and their chicken strips and fries always taste good as well as the blizzards.

  15. I have eaten at DQ for most of my life and never got sick, most people that get sick don't realize that most food borne illnesses take 48 to 72 hours to incubate.

  16. Well, if their soft serve machines are full of bacteria , then every soft serve machine in ALL restaurants are probably full of bacteria according to this video. It’s not only limited to DQ. Common sense…

  17. Yo, as a former DQ employee, it has all to do with the employees and not the food. For example we have to Cook our larger patties longer as the grill doesn’t always fully cook it. It’s all about how they prepare it. And I hated working there but I will defend that.

  18. Man my dairy queen doesn't even have any of the good food mine only has the pretzel, nachos, sloppy Joe or whatever it is and the corn dogs

  19. The reason the Banana Split blizzard is so runny is because the liquid in the strawberry and pineapple, as well as the chocolate sauce, can cause it to be suuuuuper runny. Also blending too long and softer Icecream can be the culprit. You can always ask for them to use more chunks of the fruit and less of the sauce!

  20. DQ had the state troopers come and make all the disaster recovery food teams leave our town after hurricane Harvey. because the disaster food teams were giving us all 2 squAre meals free plus Gatorade and punch and water. and snacks when we had no water no elec and no ac no airconditioning nothing but MOQSUITOS. ACTUALLY IT WAS HEB AND QD THAT MADE THE STATE TROOPERS RUN OFF THE DISASTER RECOVERY FOOD TEAMS. ID LIKE TO TAKE THE TIME NOW HERE TO THANK THOSE WHO WERE HERE AND FED US AND PUT FORTH THAT EFFORE THAT NO ONE PAID THEM TO

  21. I am an Assistant GM at DQ, and we have received pride awards and have never made anyone ill, nor do we have had any complaints about our food. There are THOUSANDS of DQ’s all around the country and it only takes one idiot employee to push the wrong timer on chicken, and does not mean every facility of every DQ operates at these foul standards. Every single fast food restaurant has probably had at least one location with one employee who has screwed up, and does not mean ALL restaurants do. Our salads are MADE TO ORDER, our machines thoroughly sanitized and broken down daily, myself and my family eats here daily. This entire video is bullshit.

  22. Yeah… I dare anyone to go to a 7-11 these days and find a drink machine where the drinks tast normal. The machines aren't being cleaned properly. Some of the drinks taste like rubber or some part of the machine or there is a MILDEW taste to the drinks! So I can see how ice cream machines would be similar.
    P.S. I think Jack-n-the Box serves horsemeat burgers and many times the meat is spoiled!

  23. This is bull accidents happen are ice cream machines are clean daily with strict regulations check your facts before you post thank you

  24. They aren't following dq standards, frys aren't to be held longer than 7 minutes, chicken strips 15 minutes, Hamburger patties is 20min, and cleaning the machine isn't that hard, they are just being lazy, and the hot dogs aren't hard to make to order, and people need to moderate their intakes, the banana split blizzard is watery because it has pineapple(a bit watery) blended strawberry, and chocolate sauce, making it watery, especially made incorrectly, honestly alot of what's in this video comes down to lazy employees

  25. “An anonymous employee on reddit”
    Wow. I am impressed. These are VERY reliable sources. Almost as trustworthy as wiki.

  26. So don't eat the burgers, chicken, hot dogs, ice cream, salads, fries, fish, artisanal sandwiches & breakfast… did I miss something? So what CAN I eat there? Condiment packets? 🤣

  27. I worked at one for 20 years and I seen a lot, our ice cream machines only got cleaned once a week and they were nasty……just saying

  28. That's why you need to STAY OUT OF FAST FOOD PLACES and eat at HOME and eat REAL FOOD, not PROCESSED. Hot Dogs are made out of of pigs Lips and their Noses LOOK 👀 IT UP for yourself.

  29. I always order a Crispy Chicken blt salad with ranch. I know it’s bad for me because I have common sense! But it is always amazing!

  30. Most sickness from fast food is due too the young ppl they hire Young folks can't cook for them how they Gon cook for the ppl.😱😱😱

  31. Uhm… as someone who cleans the ice cream machines at dairy queen they are not 'super complicated' and are not 'super hard to get clean'. This video is pretty wrong

  32. DQ in my area is far and few between. Either one I go to always makes to order. I love their chicken tenders with country gravy. I only wish the tenders were bigger. Never had the burgers. As far as cold treats, only ever had the ice cream that comes with the 5 dollar lunch.

  33. My first real job was my senior year 1989 . Dairy Queen opened up in Allendale South Carolina. Closed down once the built a Hardee's in 1992. Our store was clean.

  34. I used to work at a Dairy Queen and I HATED making the banana split blizzard. Better tip it fast or it’ll drip! If you actually made it with the right amount of ingredients, it will NEVER flip over. NEVER. Too many liquids make the blizzard unflippable. Everything that goes in it is liquidity and mushy. Not to mention it looks horrible.

  35. DairyThing in my community is awful.  They only serve cold items and no burgers so no one goes anymore.  I believe the company is just keeping the place open so people think they are still relevant.  I don't believe DairyThing will be around much longer DO YOU?

  36. I work at Dairy Queen and the banana split blizzard is the most annoying blizzard to make you literally have to put a Lil bit of each ingredient for it not to be super watery 😐

  37. It's not about going after DQ but it's quality of food served to customers..I posted a chili dog that was served to me..I will post that pic for years. It's on DQ FB, Twitter, Google reviews. I have the receipt also. A few days ago I ordered Big Mac, got home it was a fish sandwich. I took it back 15 minutes later, employee with gloves opened fish sandwich, closed it. While I was waiting seen that fish sandwich go into someone's drive threw bag. I didn't touch it, I'm like disgusted. The lengths they go to save $$$. None of them can be trusted!!

  38. I work at DQ but the real thing here is that the taylor machine is not hard to sanitized hehe..now a days we are high tech

  39. Lmao im a cook at Dairy Queen and we make everything to order so🤷🏼‍♂️💆🏼‍♂️💆🏼‍♂️💆🏼‍♂️

  40. I do not know which Dq this is but ours is clean we clean the ice cream machine everyday and the blizzard machine too and ours food is cook as order we do not have old food or warm food

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