What Tony Robbins Is Really Like

What Tony Robbins Is Really Like

Reporter: Why Rich, specifically? Why’d you invite him? Tony: He’s my bud!
(Laughs) I’m Rich Feloni,
senior reporter at Business Insider. Tony Robbins is a, what he likes to call,
“performance coach.” He’s coached people like Serena Williams, Marc Benioff at
Salesforce, Paul Tudor Jones who’s a billionaire investor. Over the last few
years, I’ve had several opportunities to interview him. His team reached out to me
and said Tony is going to be at his resort in Fiji. He was going to be
hosting the winners of Shopify’s “Build a Bigger Business” competition and so we
decided that yeah this would be a great opportunity to see what Tony is actually
like. We headed out from JFK in New York City to LAX and then from LAX we took
Fiji Airways to the main airport in Fiji. It’s called Nadi. As we’re waiting to
get on this little island hopper, we noticed that on the runway is Tony’s
private jet and it has a big TR logo on it. I’m going to admit that I was pretty
scared. I haven’t really been in a plane that small before. This is the only time
I’ve ever actually checked the life vest under a seat. As we were going into the Savusavu Airport —
well, it’s called an airport. There was a tiny little shack
that was the airport, but it was basically a cow pasture. From there,
off to Namale. Namale is Tony Robbins’ resort. This was one of his first major
investments, so he was able to get it kind of cheap and then over the last 30
years, he’s just really built it up into a beautiful resort that’s basically
in the middle of the jungle by a bunch of coral reef. One of our first stops was
Tony’s house. Tony: Well, nice to see you on the other side of the world. (Laughs) How are ya?
Rich: Nice to see you, Tony. Tony: Great. Good to see you too.
Come on in. He basically has this decked out hut in like the secluded part
of his resort. Tony: You ready for my morning routine?
Rich: Yes, perfect So Tony has this really
elaborate morning routine. I thought he was going to kind of give us a demo or
something, but he said, ‘Why would I give you a demo when I could just guide you
through the whole thing yourself?’ So we started off with priming, which is kind
of like his take on meditation and yoga. Tony: Begin to think of a moment in your life
you could feel really grateful for if you wanted to. Enjoy it. Feel it.
Fill up with it. Yeah I’ll admit it was pretty weird but I just gave in totally and was like you know what, we came all the way to
Fiji, I’m just gonna go all in. So after his priming exercise, Tony took
us inside and I was surprised to see his personal trainer Billy, this incredibly
energetic guy who’s always laughing. He made this little cocktail that was
called like an adrenal cocktail or something. I didn’t really know what it
was, but I just decided to drink it. Tony: How was that?
Rich: Tastes pretty good (Laughs) And that fueled me for the rest of the
day and everything that was to come. So next, it’s time to check out what Billy
and Tony called the “electric taco.” Billy: We’re gonna work as a team. You tell me when
you feel it — even if it doesn’t hurt — just tell me when you first feel it, and we’ll
gradually go up. Rich: So right now, it feels like I’m getting
punched in the chest on both sides. Tony was saying that this is something that
he does essentially every morning and it basically stimulates your muscles to the
point where it feels like you’re getting a deep tissue massage. I immediately felt
all of the tightness in my back first get really, really intense and then
loosen up. After the electric taco, we went to Tony’s personal gym. It was
filled with these weird contraptions that looked kind of like something out
of “Saw” or a medieval torture chamber. Tony: If you want, we’ll put you on the little
torture machine. Full tilt. All the way.
Push as hard as you can. The most
medieval looking of all of these things is called the four-minute machine. Tony: Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! Around two minutes in, I really didn’t think that I could do it. Tony: Whatever you got! This is it! Tony was screaming at me
and I just felt like I couldn’t embarrass myself there. So just
driven by ego, I had to finish it. Billy: Push!
Yes! Tony: Isn’t that wild? It felt as if I had spent like an hour in the
gym. Tony took us to the next thing that he does every morning, which is spend some time in the sauna
and then a cold plunge. To be honest, it felt great. Basically,
it’s part of the workout because your heart rate is accelerated the whole time. Tony: You’ll find your body really relaxing because you’ve taken it to such extremes.
You’ll drop down to a different level. Like if you went and meditated now,
you’re gonna meditate deep. So the week went by. We got some great opportunities to see Tony in
action and coaching entrepreneurs. We realized that we needed some extra
footage that we didn’t get to kind of just wrap everything up
before we headed back home. Tony: How you guys doing? We were really only expecting 5 or 10 minutes. He starts giving us a
tour and after just a few minutes, he points out something and says Tony: Did you go up
to the waterfall? Rich: Have we gone to the waterfall?
Reporter: No we didn’t make it to the waterfall. Tony: OK we should run you up to the
waterfall. Will you call them and ask them if they’ve got —
my car’s broken down, I think I don’t know if I can fit in this car. So a five-minute trip for extra footage ended up being an adventure that
lasted over an hour. Tony: I love this. At the top of this mountain
was a waterfall. I really wasn’t expecting him to just
dive into the water throw his shirt off and then scream like Tarzan. (Tony yells) I dove into the water after Tony. It’s a pretty surreal experience. What I got from this
last adventure was that Tony is a guy who if you give him five minutes and
you’re able to get in front of him if he’s able to
make a connection with someone he’s really going to engage fully. In Fiji, you could tell that he’s
like completely relaxed. This is his home turf. And I could see that he still kind
of had like a kids approach to the whole thing. Tony: Are we on time? Am I late? They had to catch a flight to Australia. A group of people who worked at Namale
had formed a semicircle to sing a traditional Fiji farewell song. Tony: Time to say goodbye again.
I’m so sorry but I look forward to coming back home
to see all the family again. It’s been a beautiful, beautiful trip. Bula vinaka. (Singing) When you’re in Tony’s presence, you kind
of get sucked into this — He’s got a very magnetic personality. Totally, he’s not for everyone. There are plenty of people who
wouldn’t be into this stuff. Whether it’s through his work
or his philanthropy I’m convinced that Tony is
someone who is a genuine guy. Yes, he’s able to make a ton of money because he
has very clearly defined business goals but everything that he’s preaching
and teaching people, he genuinely believes himself. So after this trip, I’ve
become convinced that anything in his material that he’s teaching, this is
something that he fully believes. He’s fully invested in. And I think that
makes a big difference whether you’re in or whether you’re out.


  1. Tony Robbins is great at changing your mindset. I had a life changing experience at his event Unleash the Power Within. I even Vlogged it

  2. Based on all of the overly positive comments in this video, no wonder cults exist. People can't see through bullshit and puffery. Just look at the end where all of his servants are so reluctantly singing a rehearsed song for him, just for the camera. Did any of them look happy?

  3. Tony Robbins turned my life completely around, and his teachings stay with you. Thanks to his influence, I dropped my 9-to-5 in June of 2012 and have worked from the comfort of home since then. Thanks Tony!

  4. Ritchie Blackmore Richard use Blackmore stunningly spectacular ridiculously great quintessential guitar player of all time

  5. I went to one of his seminars once -well he wasn't even there, just two of his "disciples" trying to push us to book a real seminar with TR for a "special price of just $1300!!" and the whole vibe was very manipulative, they tried to humiliate us by making us do weird shit in front of others, then build us back up again by promising that life would be great if we just listen to what TR says, then at the end they tried to sell TR's shit. That's when I walked out. Some people were in tears, it reminded me of a sect! That is when you know that fear and manipulation is involved. TB is at the top of the pyramid, manipulating people to spend money on him. I don't like him because he is into power and domination, while acting like he cares about people. By the way, one of TR's "disciples" said that he left a "six figure job" just so he could work for TR. And even though he made much less money now, he was happy to follow his dream (or TR's dream?..)

    TR doesn't give a shit about you, he just want your money. He seem like a narcissist. Wake up, people.

  6. Obviously what he’s like is a totally awesome, amazing human being. Just went last weekend to his Unleash The Power Within 4 day seminar in London, it was friggin’ amazing!! Very inspiring.

  7. Ask his first wife what happened! She accused him of squandering her fortune on breast implants for a girlfriend. He had the best program but his first wife took what she owned and left him with a so-so program. He has always been a dork to women who have been raped & talked about his mother in very disrespectful terms.! He is okay but without his first wife who gave him 3kids and a fortune, he would have been a nobody. Not a very loyal husband or father!

  8. The desire for a charismatic celebrity to reach out to a normal 'nobody' and tell them "hey, you're great" is unreal.. He's just gonna tell you what your family or friends have probably been telling you repeatedly and you just chose not to hear.. Why? Cos you placed no importance on the views of your nearest and dearest. What you really want is a Mesiah/ a "Guru"!!!!! Anyone will tell you nice shit if you pay them. Listen to the humble ones who know you and do it for free!

  9. Tony touches his eye kinda like hrc during her CNN debate . waterfall part. I wonder what he was signaling?

    I'm glad he's not a jerk.

  10. buzz feed should be sued!!! these allegations form over 20 years ago are ridiculous !!
    to try and ruin a mans life is crazy!!! what is wrong with this world.
    I don't know him but wish I had the money to hire him. he's a amazing and helped so many people.
    I don't believe one word.

  11. Tony's jet turned from a turbofan to a turboprop. I wonder if the change happened as quickly as the change in his parishioners?

  12. 1 – nobody is genuine while being filmed.
    2 – was money involved in this? Did you pay him so you could be with him?
    3 – even if no money was involved, the publicity he ll get from this is a good enough reason for him to behave like this.

  13. Tony's smile just makes me feel like you can make it through this life rich and still come out a genuine person. You so inspire me Mr Robbins! Thank you for just existing while I'm alive

  14. Very kind from Robbins to accept the midget like it's nothing, we should be more inclusive as a society and respect the rights of everyone, even those often believed to not have a soul.

  15. I have a friend that knows Tony off camera. If you give him a dime your wasting it. Stay away from him kids.Bottom line – Don’t feed the Bears.

  16. Just wanted to say thank you for your videos on restoring my marriage before WE ended it, been together 10yrs & married 8yrs, WE were separated 2yrs but got back together cause WE have so much LOVE for each other & your video on the guy who didn't see his wife for who she was & you talk to her sister an after everything he talked about & his wife, I cried watching that video & it really has helped our marriage an other videos you made, so thank YOU for everything you DO for everyone, not everyone in this world who gets paid & lives in beautiful places care about people as much as YOU do, YOU are down to earth & want peace between each of us so please don't change who you are

  17. There was a lot of news about Tony Robbins bullying a lady in his audience that went viral. Also he is kind of big and intimidating. Thats really his whole shtick. After all he was a telemarketer in the beginning. He is also divorced

  18. I like to think of myself as an honest realist. I find it borderline insulting for Tony Robbins to preach and tell people to participate in these 3 hour sessions of hyperventilation/ "meditation" from his private island and jet worth millions of dollars. The truth is most stress in peoples lives come from one of two places. Bad health which inclundes being diagnosed with any illness or injuries. The second being financial instability. When money is not even an issue for u and you have enough of it where you can literally do whatever you want whenever you want. IM SORRY YOU CANNOT RELATE TO THE OVERWHELMING POPULATION of people struggling. I'm sure Tony is a nice guy and worked hard for his fortune…but I find it insane to spend 3 4 hours a day on breathing exercises when you have enough time and money to build water wells around starving countries who are literally dying of thirst… .I might be crazy for thinking this way tho

  19. Success preachers are nothing like the religious preachers who ask their followers to buy em' a jet and donate their money for good cause. Tony wrote books and sell seminar tickets and training's for idiots who want to know how to be successful. That's exactly how this success preachers earn their money and became rich in the process by teaching you idiots how to become successful.

  20. He's really a jerk and is living off people who think he's smart and believe his shit..He's nothing but a loud mouth jerk.

  21. I always remember his cameo in Shallow Hal where he was accosted by Jason Alexander's character. It was hilarious when he simply shut his car door and took a half step forward, instantaneously making Alexander's character cower in fear. The guy is huge. I'd be terrified too – he's 6'7" and well-built

  22. Oh my gosh you are so lucky to be able to spend time with tony like that!!! Little alone even meeting the guy !!!❤️🌈

  23. Your discusting snd do us your Mormon piece of shit nasty looking wife … Annie isn’t it ..?!! And your ugly ass Mormon wife ..!!

  24. The video gave me insight into Tony Robbins' lifestyle and that was worth all the money in the world to me. Thank you. 😄 – Theodore Alexander Vegh, B.S.

  25. I swear I'm laughing out loud 🙂 🙂 🙂

    How the f do people believe in this shithead?!! Same as every other snake oil salesman and religion

  26. I don't know how wonderful or terrible Tony Robbins is, but you call yourself a reporter? Satan, get thee to a PR company – you're already true to the Dark Side! Got a few kickbacks for that one, did ya? Or were your 30 pieces of silver just in perks? (Last time I'll ever watch anything from "Business Insider")

  27. Awesome video, Tony is the real deal and I love that there are people like him out there doing the work that he does. It's inspired me in so many ways. I'm very grateful for him, his work, and my chance to be a part of it.

  28. Tony Robbins appears to be a genuinely nice individual. No one can be nice 100% of the time unless he was on drugs. I think he really cares. And if there are times that he is not 100% pleasant then it just proves he is a human being. I Iove his motivational speaches.

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