What Makes Alaskan Cod Liver Oil Process Unique? (w/ Dr. Jeffrey Bland)

What Makes Alaskan Cod Liver Oil Process Unique?  (w/ Dr. Jeffrey Bland)

(rock music) – So we worked for quite a while, actually a couple of years, to work with engineering and processing people, to develop a proprietary process. The purity of the livers, being so quickly frozen at minus 20, that oil, which we produced, it actually blew us away the first time we
produced our first batch. It was odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Everybody thinks of cod liver oil as being this really
yucky stuff with color and taste. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – We looked at it and we went literally as
it came out of the stream, you could drink it almost
like vegetable oil. When we did the analysis of course, you do anisidine and peroxide levels, so called totox, as a way of analyzing
the purity of the oil, we had the lowest levels
that had ever been measured. – Crazy. – So it was the chemistry
tied to what we could taste in terms of our recognition that we had a uniquely pure material. – So Clipper Seafood is
based in Dutch Harbor, which is the same place that
many people will realize is where The Deadliest Catch is filmed. – [Jeffrey] Mhmm. – [Interviewer] Talk
more about Dutch Harbor and the facility that you
guys have built there. – Yes, when we started into this process, we recognized the ships
from the Clipper fleet that would bring our livers back, were delivering their
product to Dutch Harbor which is where their
facilities are located. So we said rather than then take those livers that are frozen and try to transport them to Seattle, to a processing plant, now we introduce another time and another problem of maybe degrading. – Yeah. – We really have a plant in Dutch Harbor, but there were no
pharmaceutical grade plants in Dutch Harbor. Dutch Harbor is a rugged fishing, in fact I don’t know if you know this but it is the number one
fishing port in the world. A billion pounds of fish products go through Dutch Harbor every year. – [Interviewer] Wow I did not know that. – It’s like an international
community there ’cause you have fishing fleets from many different countries that offload and process through Dutch Harbor. ‘Cause it’s the gateway
between the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands, and into Gulf of Alaska. – Yeah. – We thought, we would need to build a
pharmaceutical grade plant and so we were very fortunate
to get a partnership in Norton Sound Development group, which are native Alaskan’s, and they’ve developed
a relationship with us so we were able to get some property which is very hard to find ’cause these Aleutian Islands
are basically volcanoes with a very small amount of level land and everything. So we then orchestrated a plan to develop a pharmaceutical grade plant with a technology that would never expose the livers to high temperature or oxygen. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – [Jeffrey] It was
quite a novel experience to produce a pharmaceutical grade plant in Dutch Harbor, that is the heart of the fishing industry. – [Interviewer] Right. – We had to build a building by the way with the structural strength so that it could withstand 20 feet of snow and 120 mile an hour winds on the roof. It’s a really rugged place in the winter to say the least but we’re very proud of the facility, it’s all computer controlled, all stainless steel, all pharmaceutical grade, it’s a one of it’s type
in the world actually. So the whole process from catching fish to ultimately producing
a product in a bottle that someone is gonna consume, had to maintain that same level of care so that we didn’t end up with one part of the process
resulting in degradation. (funky music)

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