What Is Chopped Cheese?

What Is Chopped Cheese?

– Are you eating a burger or
are you eating a sandwich? The chopped cheese is like, I don’t know. – WTF chopped cheese? Can you put it in a sentence for me? (upbeat music) – First glance kind of thing, I’m assuming it’s just like a selection of chopped cheeses, but that sounds like way too easy, right? – I’m guessing it’s a sandwich since we’re always
talking about delis now. – I’m from Texas, we don’t have that. When someone said, “Are
you going to the Bodega?” I said, “Who is she? I
don’t know who she is.” (upbeat music) – Sweet. – There’s ketchup on it. – I’m not a ketchup person. – Neither am I. – I love me a good pressed sandwich. Because when I was little, I used to press my
sandwiches together anyway, so I love that they did that for me. – Man, I’m excited to know
what this is gonna taste like. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Mhhh! – MM! – This is banging! – It’s as if you grilled onions, sweet onions in there chopped
up with the ground beef. Homestyle Bubba Burgers. – The mayonaise and tomato add a little tang to it,
which is really good. – This is like a circus in this piece. – Oh (bleep) wait, is that ketchup? – This would go so well with fries. – Very minimal mess. – If you like philly cheesesteaks, and you like cheeseburgers, you will like chopped cheese. – Why do I do this to myself? Why did I wait so long? – I would give it a hard seven out of six. – It’s $4? Catch me getting three of this, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. – Mmm. – I would 100% buy this
on my next bodegaventure. – If I ever am in Harlem, this is probably like my first stop. – Chopped cheese at Bodegas. – At Bodegas. – I love Bodegas. – I enjoyed this even
though it had ketchup on it, which I think is a really
glowing recommendation. – I feel like I underestimated the power that a bodega could pack as far as food and so I’m gonna give them a chance. – Go New York! – New York chopped cheese right here. (bleep)ing love it. I know everyone at Bodega. I know the store cat manager. (light music)


  1. Yooo, Who's mans is this!!!
    you can take what you want let us real new yorkers in the hood have our chopped cheese.

  2. MmmmmmmmmmmmMmMmmMmMmmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I WANT THIS SOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAD😡😡😡😡😤😤😤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  3. I'm going to make a ltb (lettuce tomato and bacon) see I can invent a sandwich too it ain't hard lol get the f out of here with this cheese burger lol

  4. Who is that black chick with the denim overalls with the patches she's mad beautiful you can tell her she from up north too 😍😍😍 ima need her Twitter or IG

  5. Why do Millennials ruin everything? Everything y’all touch it has to have a gay guy, a lesbian, and a sprinkle of minorities rating something y’all think y’all discovered…..Chop Cheese has been around for so long in NYC. Next time, have actual NYers discuss this. Not some fat chick from Texas.

  6. Should have gotten it from where it was invented , Hajji's Deli. They sell it for 2.75 on a roll and 5$ on a hero. The chopped cheese in the video looks disgraceful.

  7. They have the most clown ass people do these taste test like they don't have no common sense at all just some of the s*** that comes out of their mouth and I'm pretty sure half of them got college degrees.

  8. it's a philly cheesesteak made w/ chopped burger meat instead of chopped ribeye, and with hamburger toppings. Why are folks acting like this sandwich is so creative?

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