What Is A Diabetic Ulcer?

So a diabetic ulcer is really a wound
that a patient with diabetes ends up with based on their blood sugars being
out of control. It could have a lot to do with their footwear, it could have a lot
to do with their foot hygiene and their lifestyle. They can get as bad to the point where
the limb has to be removed, either from below the knee or above the knee, and
when I say removed I mean an amputation. So that person no longer has that leg. As a wound progresses, we need to look at
blood sugar control because a lot of diabetes complications including wounds,
cardiovascular, kidney, a lot can be managed quite well as long as blood
sugars are within control. And when I see patients a few weeks later or a few
months later I can always tell the people who are managing their blood
sugars well because the wound is probably progressing quite well towards
closing and the people who are not and the wound continues to deteriorate.

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