oh god I’m so full why did i eat that much I know i look fat oh I heard this one help nope.
I look pregnant k i’m done. just going to stay here all day maybe I should just do something about it come on Amelie hey guys do you feel bloated ? you feel pregnant of food ? do you feel fat? you feel like u’ve ruined all your efforts to eat healthier this year in one dayN then you’ve come to the right place because I’m telling you right now it is over! i still hope that you had an enjoyable time and that enjoyed every moment and bite of it but really don’t freak out because I’m sure you haven’t ruined everything like you think you have. the reason why you feel bloated and fat and maybe look like you’re fat, is because you’ve eaten a lot of oily and salty foods that make you carry a little bit of extra water weight and it might also be because you mix a lot of food together and now you body has just a hard time to process everything.. doesnt really understand. so today I’m going to show you a full day of detox eating. now I really don’t want you to think that you’re going to lose weight from this because you’re not detox is more about getting rid of all the food that’s in your body like helping to flush everything out sorry that sounds a bit gross but that’s what it is help you to lose the water weight help you to have that flat tummy again help you to start fresh help you to start craving the good food again the fresh food the fruits vegetables again you will see that its really not about colorie restricting and it’s really not about eating bland food no matter what you’re eating when you’re detoxing your body you really want to eat nutritious food nutrient dense food that will provide a lot of minerals and things to your body while keeping you full and satisfied and also you want to eat good food you want to enjoy your meals you don’t want to be like christmas is over and now I get to eat like this plain rice with this plain vegetables .and I hope you’re going to be able to see this in this video so let’s get started so no matter if im doing a detox or not I’m always starting my day with a litter of water and this time I’m adding some lemon this will help to regulate the acidity of my body and just set it for appropriate digestion and I drink that while i’m doing my stretches and my hypo pressive abs. then it’s breakfast time and of course how can I show you a detox day without a green smoothie right? so we’re going to start with a handful of spinach full of iron and vitamin A then I’m also adding a handful of Kale, rich in calcium then I’m adding some ginger rich in magnesium and vitamin b6 i’m adding a teaspoon of spirulina a teaspoon of chia seeds then I’m adding a block of frozen spinach. one banana lemon juice some mint leaves and finally I’m adding some pineapple juice because it has a lot of anti inflammatory properties and it’s rich in bromain. To go with my smoothie I always make myself some tea and on a detox day are just on a day where I want to help a bit I drink Puerh, it’s a chinese tea and it helps me so much to digest food it is not a laxative thing so it’s really good! for lunch i’m having this big salad that you’ve probably seen on instagram if you follow me. so I started cooking some soba noodles and then for the sauce i’m using half an avocado a handful of spinach and mint leaves, some lemon juice and a bit of salt and a bit of water and then of course i’m blending it until it’s creamy and delicious. for the kale i like it marinated and in small bits so I just remove the stems and then I chop chop it. then i’m using some water and some sesame oil and massage it. i really like sesame oil because you don’t need a lot to a lot of flavor so it’s perfect on a detox day. and now you’re ready to make your bowl insta worthy! feel free also choose any other vegetables although i would avoid things like chickpeas garlic raw capsicum things like that because usually these things make you feel bloated and you really don’t want that ! for dinner i’m just having some vegetables with quinoa for this you will need one egg plant two small zucchini , 1 onion, frozen squash some frozen or fresh capsicum. a can of tomato, some herbs and pepper. start by sauté the onion. then add the capsicum the eggplant, the herbs. and cook it for another 10 minutes. then add the zucchini squash the tomatoes and let it cook for another 15 to 20 minutes until it’s really soft to go with that I think quinoa is really perfect because it’s a little bit higher in protein than other cereals. and so it will help you keep yourself full and satisfied. eat as much vegetables as you want, i did have a little bit of leftovers but i did had a second bowl of what you’re seeing here. ok guys that’s it for today i hope you enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to give this video a thumbs up I know some of you including might not be over with this overeating indulging time of the year with new years eve so you might just want to detox in between and then start a detox again you can always come back to watch this video in january if you want or any time of the year that might not be Christmas time at all if you’re watching this video i don’t know when you’re watching this video ! but anyways i really hope you enjoyed watching it let me know in the comments below if this video was helpful and thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon bye

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