What I Eat In A Day To Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle

What I Eat In A Day To Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle

What’s up guys
So you’ve clicked on this video because you want to know what I personally eat in a day
to lose weight. Now before we jump into the video, I’m just
going to address a few questions that i think may come up perhaps if you’re watching the
video you might think some of these things. So, the first question is okay, I see you
are eating this way, you’re eating this amount of calories, how do you know if it’s working? How do you know if you’re losing weight? Obviously 1. you can look in the mirror, you
can see the changes in your body but sometimes I find that’s quite an unreliable way of measuring
it because maybe you’ve had a lot of salt the day before or you’ve had a higher amount
of carbs. Whatever it may be, the way that you look
in the mirror fluctuates so much so the way that I do it, and I know this is controversial
to a lot of people, they think its neurotic weighing yourself every single morning but
I try to make it as easy and simple as possible. So when you see this video you’ll see the
types of foods I’m eating, the amount of calories but in addition to that, every single morning
when I wake up, around the same time I will hop on my scale in my bathroom, I won’t have
dranken any water, I will have not eaten anything, get on the scale, no clothes on, check what
the number says and then write it in a little book. So I do this for 7 whole days and then at
the end of that week, I will add all 7 numbers together and divide by 7 to get my average
weight for that week. The next week, I’ll do the same thing. The next week, I’ll do the same thing. And what you’re hoping to see, depending on
how quickly you want your fat loss to go, is perhaps a pound difference between the
weeks. I would say that’s pretty good fat loss. You could even go for 0.5 if you want to take
a slower road to dropping your body fat percentage. Personally, that’s how I do it and it really,
really works well for me. And I love seeing proof and evidence that
the diet is working, that you know, my weight’s actually going down. In addition obviously to looking at yourself
in the mirror. So I wanted to clear that up because I think
that that, in addition to eating at a calorie deficit is a pretty foolproof way to make
sure that you can lose however much fat that you want to lose and really get your body
fat percentage lower. Maybe you’ve been bulking for a while and
you just want to lean out, that’s how I do it so yeah. In addition, I know I may get some comments
because I know I have my MyFitnessPal screenshot in this video in various places and my calories
say 1700. Now, I put them at 1700, they’re really at
1800 but every single day I tend to go over because I don’t know, I always just tend to
go over things so if I put them at 1700 and I go over, which I always do, then I’m right
at 1800 which right now is what I’m eating to lose fat. So I’m not eating 1700, I’m 5″9. Just some statistics about me, I’m 5″9, I
was bulking for around a year, I hit around 142 lbs so now I’m trying to scale back a
little bit and lose some of that, basically body fat that I’ve gained in order to reveal
the muscle that I’ve worked really hard to gain over the past year and yeah. 1800 calories is what I’m personally eating,
I count macros as you’ll see, there will be macros listed all throughout the video and
what else? And yeah, 1800 calories might not work for
you, if you have the exact same life as me, the same build, the same hight then maybe
it works. I will link down below in the description
box the macro calculator that I use, I find it’s really good because it takes into account
your daily activity, what you do as a job, it takes into account more than some of the
other ones that I’ve seen online and it gives you, I would say, a really accurate number
and again, if it’s not an accurate number, you’ll know because you’ll be weighing yourself
every single week and if your weight isn’t changing, then maybe you should change your
calories. You know what I’m saying? so yeah, thank you
guys for watching. So now that you guys have seen what I eat
in a day, I hope you realise that you don;t have to overly restrict calories or go starving
for the whole day just because you want to lose weight. Losing weight is totally possible on a nice,
comfortable amount of calories where you’re not going to feel like you’re hungry throughout
the whole day and you’re not going to be stick eating foods that you don’t even like right? The same chicken, rice and broccoli every
single day. You can enjoy your meals and lose weight at
the exact same time. And I also wanted to make a disclaimer that
I personally am not eating this little of calories for a super long amount of time,
keep in mind that I have been eating at a caloric surplus for over a year now so this
diet has lasted, for me, about 4 weeks, it’s been 4 weeks thus far and I will probably
continue it on for another 4 weeks. So in the grand scheme of things, a very short
time is when I’m actually restricting my calories. So if you liked this video, go ahead and give
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information out there to those who, want to see it! Because I love watching these types of videos. When you get in a rut and you can’t come up
with recipes, it’s so nice sometimes to see what other people are cooking and they’re
in the same kind of place as you, they’re trying to lose weight so I get loads of inspiration
from these so I hope you guys will too and I hope you really enjoyed it. Leave a comment in the description below if
you have any recipes that you cook when you’re trying to lose weight or any really great
tips than you want to share with other people that you’ve learned along your weight loss
journey. And yeah, stay tuned for what my channel’s
gonna have coming because it’s gonna have a lot of awesome stuff in the next coming
months. See you guys later.


  1. It feels like yesterday that I remember watching your lip sync videos (6 years? Whaaaa.). It was awesome to see that this video popped up on my feed. Keep up the hard work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoooaaaa!! What's this?!? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
    Damn, I remember watching you years and years ago when I was a kid in school wondering how I could dye my hair like yours, casually pull off an ear-nose chain and side bangs, smoke weed and drink and still get good grades for my Grammy like I promised her☺️ Real real cool to see how much you've grown and changed and how well you're taking care of yourself and inspiring others to do the same! You were always a bad bitch I looked up to.. now you fit as fuck and makin me wanna do some squatsπŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Welcome back, girl!!πŸŽ‰πŸ’˜

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