What Do International Students Think about Finland? (Interview)

What Do International Students Think about Finland? (Interview)

– What’s up Finntastics, Aleksi here. Today I’m here at my university, Tampere University of Technology, and I’m gonna go find some
international students and ask what they think about Finland, because we all have a story to share. So let’s go find the
stuff right now (click). (swoop) (upbeat music) (swoop) – I am from Mexico and I study industrial and systems engineering back home. – Okay, that was pretty formal. – (laughs) – (laughs) That was pretty formal. I am Constantine, I am from
Saint Petersburg, Russia and I study management
and entrepreneurships. – I’m Morteza, I’m from Iran and I’m study factory automation at TUT. – I’m Ramia, I am from India and even I’m studying factory automation. – I’m from Iran and I study
automation engineering. – [Aleksi] (foreign language) – (laughs) – [Aleksi] Sorry, I couldn’t. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. You
know (foreign Language). – From Russia, I study
information technology. – Yeah, me too, I study
information technology. – I’m from Uzbekistan and I do study science and engineering. (swoop) (upbeat music) (swoop) – Stereotypes I had
before I was coming here? It’s a cold, dark, gloomy place, – (laughs) – where people do not talk
to each other (laughs). Stereotypes I have now? It’s cold, dark and gloomy half the year and people do talk if
they’re drunk (laughs). – [Aleksi] Okay. – I’m thinking that it
was a little bit cold too. But I think that it may be a little bit, I mean the look and the
architecture of the city would be, look more modern, but now it’s kind of
moderate, and so that’s kind of the thing that
I have it from before. – Cool weather, forests, lakes,
different people, nice food. – I’d say for us from Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg is
quite close to Finland, so it’s kind of like our
small regional activity to go out to Finland for the
weekend to rent to some to – Yeah just some spot hotels – Yeah – [Aleksi] Oh really? – Yeah – Or to buy some food – Yeah (laughs) – I mean buying food is a
problem nowadays in Russia buying foreign food so good
cheese, good milk products, good fish, good meat. – Before coming here I knew
that Finns are kind of quite and not talkative here. Yeah, there was some kind
of awkward moments that you would just, you know, hang
out with the Finns and talk or you have to be, you know,
the first one to start a dialogue or something. Finns are, to me, it’s like
they are smart and hard working. Yeah and then I wish that
they were more talkative. That’s the only thing. But
the Finnish kids, I love them. – [Aleksi] Finnish kids? – They’re so quite! – [Aleksi] Really? – I love that because they
don’t cry, they don’t nag – [Aleksi] Ah! – or they don’t you know it’s
the best. I love them!(laughs) – [Aleksi] Interesting. – Yeah (laughs) – [Aleksi] Good stuff! – But the first impression
was really cold. – [Aleksi] Really cold? – Yes. Cool not cold.
Cold, of course, yes. When you as a child travel
to this country with a lot of rabbits, for example, running
everywhere, it was kind of shock. – Actually, I think the only
impression of Finland when you’ve never been to Finland
is, a Finnish slash Russian actor Ville Haapasalo. – [Aleksi] Ah, okay (laughs) – Which starred in some of
our Russian movies in the beginning of the 21st century. – [Aleksi] Ah, okay. – I’m not sure if he’s famous in Finland. – I love Finland! Finland is
a beautiful place, as every place it has some issues. But everything is created for you. I would say that, at least
in university, all kinds of sports activities. You
can stay here 24 seven. Eat here for two years, sixty cents. – [Aleksi] Wow! – Every single day, anytime
you want. Like, the environment here is very good. It’s very
healthy and well planned, well structurized. – And for me, like, I like
living in such a first world country and being able to take the bus and walk on the street
(laughs) and live safely. – [Constantine] (laughs) – You never get to do
those things back home. – [Constantine] (laughs) (jazzy music) (swoosh) (swoosh) – I think culturally,
this is way more open also individualistic which
is not very normal in India. – If to compare literally,
like as a student, if I compare the way we study
here and there, there’s way too much freedom here. I can
pick and choose what ever I want. Where as in India,
for like my entire education in India, I never got an option
to choose a single subject. I just did what was given to me. – [Aleksi] Ah! – So that’s a major difference. – Kind of everything?
(laughs) The food, culture, people, and how things running here. So many things, are you
know, perfectly fine here going in order. We are
from the eastern culture so people tend to be more
family oriented or more warm for the gathering so we
usually gather around once a week usually at the weekend
and all the family members get together. Most of them.
Not all of them obviously. – Definitely lots of
differences. The general culture, the student culture. How can I say that, obeying
the rule is really in a better situation over here
compared to my country. There are some rules but
it’s somehow implemented in a different way so I like
how they are kind of obeying the rules in any way. It doesn’t matter that you
are at school, you are in the work, you are trying to have
some kind of hobby, some music, cinema, all of the
time a rule is a rule. – I know everything is more kind here. I wouldn’t say more shy, but
more calm. More collected. Everyone is very friendly.
When I’ve been talking to some of Finnish friends from work,
they’ve been telling me that no, in Russia there
are more smiling faces. But for me as a foreigner,
probably this is the problem but in Finland there are
much more smiling faces. – [Aleksi] Oh really? – Yeah – I don’t know (laughs – No, there are but actually
the point is do the people really smile or – [Aleksi] Exactly. Yeah. – Yeah. Whenever we go to
the shop, everyone is polite, everyone “hi, how are you doing”. In Russia, you’d be like
“yeah this is your product. Go away”. (laughs) – [Aleksi] Ah really? Okay. – No, not really. Not everywhere. – [Aleksi] Yeah, yeah. – People (inaudible) in Finland,
you have a lot of forest again, the weather is much
cooler again, and mentality. Peoples’ mentality is
different. Different religion, different ideology, different
way of thinking, assessing the situations, people have different
values. From that point. – I really the respect to
punctuality in Finland. – Oh yeah! – In Russia, no one cares. – [Aleksi] Oh really. – In Saint Petersburg
no one cares. Come on! – Visiting a doctor is a
pain because, like here you have timetables and
schedules, and there good luck sitting there waiting. – [Aleksi] Oh, okay. – Yeah, like we don’t have
timetables for buses in Russia, for example. – [Aleksi] Really? – Yeah! (laughs) – We have like intervals
between buses and then okay good luck if it isn’t stuck in traffic. – Yeah – [Aleksi] Oh! Okay. – You can track, it does something else. – No, for me, the warmness of people. (Constantine laughs) Like in Mexico, I get so
many hugs everyday and your friends a like “hi” and they
hug you. And when you meet people in the street, they’re
your friends and in here it’s not like that. – It’s not like that. – I miss my hug. – I don’t know, I find
Finns a very cool people and they know how to party, that’s for sure! – Also, I think there is a
huge stereotype that these people are cold. I think Finns
themselves want to look cold but they’re actually not.
That’s what I think because as soon as you get along with
them, as soon as you get to know them, you find out that these
guys are pretty cool and they know how to hang out and
there is not such a distance as mentioned like, ‘no, I’m
not like sitting here if like, if you are here’. I think that’s
not true. Personal opinion. (swoosh) (swoosh) – I think once you get to
know them, so it takes time to break the ice, but once that’s
done they are brilliant. They are honest to your face
so I think that that’s cool. – A little bit hard to breaking the ice. Yeah, if you try to be with
them, try to participate with them in the events and any
kind of school classes, then they are going to start
and ice is finally broken. (laughs) – Well, ladies are beautiful! (blow horn) Yeah! – Guys are very attractive. – Yeah! (blow horn) You guys have very nice
ladies. I can say that like (whipping sound) approved! (laughs) – I also approve! (blow horn) Finnish guys. – Finnish guys. Okay. – Well we are completely
different from the temperament I guess because Finnish people,
maybe they’re a little shy, not that communicative, if
you are like having a long friendship, then they start to open. – [Aleksi] Oh! – And Russian people start
to open earlier but then everything can happen. (laughs) – [Aleksi] Okay. – I don’t know, I was a bit
lucky to be in an environment in Russia which is quite
polite, and clever, and shy so but if you look to out
environment people you do not talk to but you always hear from,
they are much more polite. And they respect your
safety and your freedom. – They are thought to be
introvert but if you will approach them right, right
way, correctly, they will open and interact with
you in a meaningful way. (swoosh) (swoosh) – What I really like, not
that I’ve got accustomed to, is the discipline. Like the
convenient here, like everything is there. You know, like, it’s
blind procedure. You don’t need to use your brain and
you don’t need to think or you don’t need to find ways around
something. There’s just one way to do it and it’s
clean. It’s out there. That’s something I like. What I don’t like, is things
are slow. Everything here moves really slowly. There’s
a lot of lag between. There’s an application today,
the result comes in like three months later. If I go to an office, it’s like the lines are long. Everything is like slow,
things take their own time and their own place. – This kind of culture of being
open minded about everything is about society, is about
science, is about everything. They are open minded to
everything and they’ll respecting to anything. And that is
really, kind of for me, really great. And about the things
that I don’t like, I need a little bit more respect about
the international languages in the country because you’re
going everywhere and still everything is in Finnish.
Yeah, I accept maybe in my own country is having the same
thing too, but here the people and you know government,
everyone wants to enhance the kind of international
culture. So it should be more, kind of, interaction with the
english language at least. – [Aleksi] Okay. – That’s the point maybe I’m
a little bit disappointed. – I wanna say sauna. (laughs) – [Aleksi] Sauna? – Yeah (laughs) – [Aleksi] That’s good. That’s good. – The darkness in the autumn,
at the end of the autumn, those kind of awkward silence. (laughs) – [Aleksi] Awkward silens,
yeah. Well I kind of understand. – Yeah. – I hate when local shops close. – [Aleksi] Ah really? (laughs) – Yeah in Russia we have 24 seven. – [Aleksi] Ah, right! Yeah. – And here the latest co
market stops working at 11pm. – [Aleksi] Right. – ABC’s are not everywhere. – [Aleksi] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I don’t even know,
do they work 24 seven? I don’t know, I love
nature, love freedom, I love calmness and coolness. – And actually how people treat
nature. So this is amazing. So you don’t rubbish everywhere,
or if you rubbish is will be cleaned up next day so
it’s like governmental stuff. – And quality of products. – Yeah, quality of products. – We thank God for your food. – [Aleksi] Okay! – I like my university, I
like my group mates, and in Finland, in general, I like
the nature. And the things I don’t like is, I miss my
country, not that much sun, expensive healthcare, not tasty foods. – [Aleksi] Ah, the food. Okay. – The bread. Piima! – Pastries, Piima. (laughs) – Yeah the food is very
good. The quality of food is very good. It’s involved
in education produce so that you have cheaper meals,
you have a lot of environment here to do activities.
I think is very good. Also how the landscape is
developed and the south soor sport court very well
planned. You have these baths around the lakes and it’s
very well planned I think. – The weather. – [Aleksi] The weather! – The weather. – I think especially damper
days. Like particularly – Like a little swamp (laughs) (laughs) – The rest of Finland looks
quite nice actually but damper.. – Yeah – Huge shout out for everyone
who joined this video. Thanks for sharing your
thoughts and comments. And it’s always interesting like what
other people around the world have, what kinds of things
the have to share about our country so lets give a huge
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