1. Hot Cheetos, Takis, Hot Fries, basically any Hot Flavored Snack thats around at the moment I like to put on my Mac and Cheese! Anyone else?

  2. YO- I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY ANSWERED MINE 😭😭✨ link likes my ketchup-mayonnaise-mustard Mac and cheese concoction hurray

  3. Hmm too bad I missed the question on twitter, I have one from my childhood I bet Rhett would like. Mac n cheese, beans and franks, optional ketchup. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was young.

  4. why does Link keep bringing up questions and topics about the cheese wheel right as people take a bite and want to react to the mac and cheese

  5. i wonder what explains how link had the info about cornflakes ready to go when rhett pulled the card from the wheel? it makes me think that it was set to land on that specific card but idk how they'd do that lol

  6. I think the cheese tires would be illegal because you're supposed to be using tires with treads. So no racing slicks, no cheese slicks, no Grace Slicks, etc.

  7. Mac and Cheese with cornflakes might not be bad at all, crushed up and put on top with fresh cracked pepper and some herbs, throw it in the oven.

  8. ) S-240, a bill that targets human organ trafficking, was unanimously passed on the evening of April 30 in the Canadian House of Commons. It was introduced by the Senate and was already approved by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (AEFA) prior to voting in the House of Commons.

  9. To answer your legal question Rhett, I would presume that the officer would write you a ticket for reckless endangerment of other drivers.

  10. The burger joints that put Peanut butter on their burger are Rute 66 and XXX in West Lafayette, Indiana. It's pretty good, actually. I tried it while I lived there while attending Purdue University.

  11. The burger that you are talking about is called the Jiffy burger from a restaurant called Ford Garage. i know there is a location in Michigan and in Florida.

  12. Mac and cheese is good with either broccoli or peas in it. I loved it when they had those microwave mac and cheese with veggies in the freezer section.

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