We Tried To Re-Create This Cheese-Covered Burger

– Okay, so, here we are. This is Eating Your Feed, a show where our friend, Adam, challenges us to recreate some of the most viral foods from the internet. Today, we also have our friend Annie. – Behind the camera. We’ve actually done this before. – [Niki] We have, and it has been a lot of fun. – So, today on Eating Your Feed ^we’re gonna be making this cheeseburger, ^but the cheese is a sauce that gets dunked on top. – Liquid cheese. ^- As always, we have Rie, ^(cheering) ^who’s a Tasty producer, chef extraordinaire. – Andrew and I are not experts, but we try very hard. ^So, this is called the Cheesebomb ^at a restaurant in London called Maxwell’s. – It’s kind of getting close to one of my other fantasies, ^savory cereal. – What? – A cheesy porridge that has little hamburgers floating in it.
– Oh, what? – I wouldn’t do this.
(laughing) – Well, we’re doin’ it today. – Okay. What is your plan for making this melty cheese? – I don’t know, I was gonna look it up. I don’t know how to make melty cheese. – Something called a roux? – Yeah, like bechamel. ^- Oh, bechamel.
– Really? Alright, let’s get ingredients. Thanks, Rie. Butter, milk, flour, homey, comforting, blah, blah, blah, – Mature cheddar cheese. Nice.
– Mature cheddar cheese. – That’s the kind of cheese we’ll get. ^Adam just said, “Isn’t a bechamel plus cheese a mornay?” – Do you have a preference on what kind of burger you’d like to make? I prefer carm… – Adam says he wants a thick patty style. – Thick patty style’s my specialty. I also like putting avocado on things. – No. Fine, get avocado. I don’t care, we’re in California, whatever. – Yeah, we can do this. – Let’s go get this cheese.
(slapping) – [Niki] It’s a little treat for later. Very nice, brioche. – It’s $12 a pound. That’s fantastic. (saxophone music) – Burger. ^- So, here are all out grocesses. Beef, butter, yellow cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, and backup cheese that Adam made us get. – Backup cheese. – Oranges ’cause… – They’re delicious and in season. – It’s exceedingly regular. Avogadro, brioche buns.
– Buns. – Onions because we’re gonna caramelize some onions for our burger, thick cut bacon. Look at how thick that is.
– So thick. – Some fries, and then tomatoes and some lettuce to top our burger with. I think we’re gonna make the cheese sauce first. – How does this work? Wow, what are you doing? – I don’t know. I just have to keep pressing it until something happens. This is a crumbly cheddar. – You’re a crumbly cheddar. We’re melting butter. Stop eating it all! – Saucepan, oooo! – Adam recommended we use more milk, but I forgot and now we don’t have enough time.
– Well, Adam’s not making the (bleep) roux so we’re gonna go with this milk. Oh, that looks good!
– That looks good. – Cheese sauce. When we add cheese to this bechamel, that’s amore. ‘Cause it’s amore sauce, you guys. I don’t hear any laughter.
– It’s a mornay. – Oh! – So, I’m just gonna keep stirring this until it gets thick, and then we’ll add the cheese.
(clearing throat) – Stir it until it’s thick. – That’s what I just said. – Adding the cheese is so much fun, I’m having a hard time stopping. (slurping) – I think we definitely got the right texture. ^- Texture. – [Niki] Oh, I should’ve made you cut these, I’m gonna cry. – Let’s add the onions before the butter burns. – [Niki] Let’s make burger patties. – So vibrant! You think doctors ever are like… In E.R. they’re like…
– Congratulations, doctor. Thank you, doctor. No, because that would make them not sterile. Sometimes when I cook onions at home, like a lot of them, my cat, walking in the kitchen will be like… (laughing) – I actually need to change this glove ’cause I touched the floor. – You touched the floor? Fatty patty. – Your burgers are gargantuan. These are Niki’s, those are mine. (tapping) I like to make a lot of sounds when I cook. – Do you need to take a minute? – No, I’m doing great. Where’s my coffee? – We’ve got bacon and we’ve got fries. Don’t… (groans) Why do you put everything in your mouth? – I am going to bake my bacon. Look how thick that is. Is the oven preheated? Did you put…
– I threw my fries in already. – Your fries? – The fries. – I’m gonna go put my bacon in the oven. – He’s so salty today. Do you think these onions are almost done? – I think that they can keep going. I like them tacky. Juicy tomato. What beautiful produce to drown in cheese. – These look very crisp. – The bacon has become bacon. – Got a crisp, but it’s still jiggly. Good job. (laughing) Oh, it smells good! – We can probably toast our bun in the same thing, actually. – [Niki] Yeah, get some mayo on there. Nice, that’s a nice looking burger. – Fan that away from the fire alarm, please. Why don’t I just move this? – Careful! – Yeah, unplug… – The lettuce is on the bottom, and I’m gonna put the avocado underneath that. Okay, onions. – Alright, I’m comin’ in with a bacon strip. Yeah, let’s top her off. You ready to jar up our cheese sauce? – Yes, yeah! I mean, our burger looks really good. – [Andrew] Yeah. – [Niki] I would be really excited to eat that regardless. – Yeah, even if it didn’t have a giant jug of cheese on the side. – So, we brought Rie back. Rie, look at what we did! Look!
– So pretty! ^It just look like the video. ^- Doesn’t it?
– Yeah, good job. – This is getting not so warm anymore. We ready? – Just pour it slowly and don’t use all the cheese. – Okay, here we go. – [Andrew] Oh, yes! – [All] Whoa! – It’s so satisfying. Yes! Whoa. Go, go!
(groaning) Oh, he’s still eating it. It must be good.
– It must be good. – You want a bite?
– I guess. Sloppy seconds, here we go. (laughing) That’s a great burger. (screaming) (slapping)
Nailed it. (groaning) I wonder what else we can cheese. – I think we should make some more and then cheese some other stuff. – Alright, let’s do it. – No lumps, no lumps, no lumps. Oh! – We have a smorgasbord to cover with cheese. We have three more burgers, we have a slice of lasagna, meatballs, chicken wings, and Brussels sprouts. – [Andrew] For our vegetarian friends. – On our dessert plate, we have some burnt marshmallows, pizza, chocolate bunny, ice cream, and macaron. We invited some of our friends. Ready?
– Yeah. – Okay, guys, come on in. Alright, ready? – On top of the bun? – [Blonde Woman] That seems a little ridiculous. (all talking) – [Andrew] How are we gonna eat this? – What? – You can no longer eat the burger! – [All] Whoa! – [Andrew] We’re gonna do some more experiments. – [Niki] You want some lasagna? – [Man] I love lasagna. – Are you putting cheese on this ice cream? – Yeah.
– We’re about to! (all yelling) – This is gonna be actual garbage. Don’t do it. – That’s not good. – That’s a win.
– That’s a winner! – Okay, so today we made a delicious liquid cheese sauce. It’s good on some things.
– Oh, no, that’s so bad. – Better on others, terrible on some. ^- [Niki] I think we nailed this cheese sauce. ^- [Andrew] I think we got pretty close ^to the restaurant’s rendition of the burger ^covered with cheese.
– I think so. – [Blonde Woman] The fountain of fondue. – No, I don’t wanna do this, I don’t wanna… – [All] Do it, do it, do it, do it. – Chug, chug!
– I’m not doing that. I think we finally answered the question today is there a such thing as too much cheese. – [Niki] Yeah. – [Andrew] Oh, yes!

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