We Tried John Cena’s Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauce Diet | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 50

We Tried John Cena’s Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauce Diet | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 50

Welcome! To another episode… Say hi first! Oh yeah! Hello! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs and I am Hui Min And I am Wei Lun and together we are Siblings! Where are we today, Ali? We are at Geylang Bahru Market and the producers told us that this episode is something to do with John Cena and chilli oil. John Cena and chilli oil? I don’t see the link. Honestly I don’t know what they have prepared for us. But shall we just go eat. Okay, let’s go. [John Cena theme song] [John Cena theme song] Weighing 252 pounds! it’s Lao Gan Ma! Yeah. Lao Gan Ma No! It’s not Lao Gan Ma. It’s John Cena! He’s right here everybody. You can’t see him. So we will play a game and the questions are all about John Cena. So if we get the question correct we will eat what ever is in envelope 1 with this! Oh yes correct! And if we get it wrong we have to eat what ever’s in envelope 2 with this. You confident? I just know his jingle and how to spell his name. I think we’re screwed. Yeah. I think it confirm has the Junior inside. I think there’s an Anthony also. Why are there so many options? I’m like on a whim here, I don’t know anything. I’m only going to guess. 1, 2, 3 we say it. Okay. 1 2 3 She’s correct? Yes! What’s the answer again? I knew it! Oh my God! What if 1 is bad? Number 1 is Wa lao! Kaya toast with soft boiled egg Oh my God, if yours is Kaya toast Then what’s in envelope 2? Maybe yours is good? I’m scared. Watermelon! Lay the Lao Gan Ma on the watermelon. Oi! Doesn’t look that bad. I’m ready. Our first meal of the day is going to be spicy. How are you going to eat the egg? You’re just going to dip it? That’s the way to eat Singaporean breakfast. Ready? I’m just going to eat. It’s like I’m having ma la for breakfast. I thought the chilli would be spicy, but it’s not that spicy. Honestly I just taste saltiness. Want to try? Nope. I don’t want. A bit only. I don’t want! It’s really not that bad, Ali. Trust me. Actually when you eat you can’t taste the watermelon It’s a bit like chilli water, so that’s why I’m grossed out. It mix quite well together. Actually, I understand why John Cena likes this. I also understand. It really tastes like ma la. John Cena you should try this. Watermelon and Lao Gan Ma. I got my answer. You know? I think I know. Ahh! Okay! I’m ready. I scared sia. 1 2 3 Yes! Wah sian! Alright! Soy bean curd! What’s yours? Durian bombs! Why yours feel like the bad one instead of mine? What is Durian Bombs? So this is Durian Bombs. I think mine will be okay. You know Taiwan they eat salty bean curd. I think mine will be okay also because it’s fried. But it’s durian. You’ll confirm lao sai [diarrhea] Let’s see how it goes. Do you mix it? No, no, no. I like to, like that. It’s legit not bad. Really? I’m going to open it up. I’m scared it’ll squirt out. It’s like the durian custard! It smells damn good! Nice? I want to add for you. A bit weird because the durian flavour is so strong. It doesn’t work, but it’s not that bad. I feel like, we do this challenge, but [pointless] we do the challenge. We just try each other’s. You must put the chilli. I eat without first. Wait, this is legit damn nice! It’s real durian filling in a very chewy, yet crispy outer. It’s salty at first, but then the durian helps cover it up with the sweetness. You try mine. Mine’s nice. You purposely give me a lot of chilli? No! I swear it’s nice. It’s not bad? Yeah. It’s sweet and damn salty because of this one. I like it! I must say the chilli is really very good. Although the combination a bit weird, but when you taste the chilli itself it’s really very good. Would you recommend this John Cena? Yes! Hello, John Cena! Please try He’s right there! Please try soy bean curd, okay? I wouldn’t recommend mine because I think your stomach would feel super funny afterwards. The durian bomb was already perfect the way it is. So let’s not ruin it. Wah! That’s a lot! That’s a lot. Wow. This time I’m not going to share. Aye. I feel like I’m going to get it right. Bro. 1 2 3 500? Wow! That’s a lot of wishes! Good job John Cena! Ready 1, 2, 3 What is it? Sushi. Sushi can! Wasabi like that. Actually it’ll taste quite good with raw salmon. Wait I want to know what we missed out on. Oh no! Wah lau! Chicken rice! It’ll taste bomb with chicken rice! Yeah! Definitely! Sushi! Sushi! I love sushi! Point to your favorite one out of all of these. Ready 1, 2, 3 Huh? What the heck? I like this one! Alright, Lao Gan Ma. Be fair please. Cheers! Cannot. Not bad sia. For mine the Lao Gan Ma totally takes away the freshness of the tuna. I couldn’t taste the tuna at all. I wouldn’t recommend to you, John. I really think it’s not bad because I like those it’s like those cold chilli oil dish. But at the same time I think sushi should stay sushi. I only know Undertaker The Big Show. The guy with the mustache, with the yellow the yellow outfit. Then he’s got this long ass mustache Hulk Hogan! 1 2 3 Yeah! Wah lau! Attitude Adjustment I think you need that! Hold your face. Then make you smile! Smile! Yeah! Just like that. I tried one of those moves before. Me and my brother played this game. So you really do it? We would try it. Yeah, same. Then I go to hospital. Holy shit! Boy! That escalated quickly! I hit my head on the edge of the bed and K.O. Oh my God! Awesome! So don’t try it at home kids! 1, 2, 3 open! Oh! Yeah! So mine is soup! That’s so generic, what kind of soup? Want to know mine? Yes. Chicken Chop! Why’s his one so good? Because I get it correct. I got the Attitude Adjustment correct! Give me the Chicken Chop! Woah! I just want to say that I love double boiled soup. What soup is this? I think it’s called Old Cucumber Pork Rib Soup. It’s damn nice! It’s damn comforting. You know when you’re sick you’ll order this. I feel like you add this and you’ll become sick. Ok ok ok ok Don’t have the flakes yet. Taste like Ma la tang [soup] It’s not bad. It’s like a mala soup that you find at any steamboat place like Haidilao. After you pour this I can’t taste the cucumber of the pork rib anymore. For [double boiled soups] you shouldn’t spoil it. It’s been freaking double boiled and you freaking spoil it with the chilli. Oh yeah! You can’t taste any of the soup. It just tastes like chilli soup. So no to double boiled soup. Let’s try the fries first. It’s confirm nice la! Not bad actually. You know why? Because in ma la you also add potato. Chicken! Chicken! I don’t like. It feels like a Chinese dish now. Want to try? Yes! I’ve come to a conclusion. You’re meant to eat this with something that’s meant to taste bland on its own. Maybe we should try with coleslaw. I just said you’re meant to eat this with things that are meant to be bland. Coleslaw has this very strong taste la. Then you put another and they’re basically fighting each other in your mouth. So it doesn’t work. Totally doesn’t taste like a Western food anymore I don’t think John Cena would be happy about it. [Laughter] Confirm the cooking one. Can you smell what John Cena’s cooking? 1, 2, 3 You can’t see me! Are we correct? Yeah! Broccoli! I’m just going to open this up to see what it is. Oh my God, Ali! Chocolate cake! Heng ah! [Lucky!] What the hell?! It’s ice cream! Totally troll us. Totally troll us! Oh my God! Of all the ice creams they could buy at the supermarket they bought us Milo! Mmm! Oh shit! I forgot to put this! Ok, Ali. Wah lau! Confirm taste damn weird! Ugh! I’ll just drip all over. Whoop! Eeee! Disgusting! Together la! We have the same! Ready? 1, 2, 3 I don’t think I need to review this la. Anyone in their right mind would eat this. I don’t think we have to yeah. Just don’t do it. It’s too weird. Let’s just close this chapter. Please cover it. So Ali what do you think of Lao Gan Ma? As a sauce I like it because it tastes exactly like ma la. I think it should be only eaten with things that are either not seasoned or just slightly seasoned. So which one of the combinations really surprised you? Uhhh The soya bean. I really felt like I was eating tofu with the salty bits. For me it would be the watermelon to be honest with you. It really feels okay, it’s like a refreshing chilli flake. The one that left me really upset is the ice cream. Damn disgusting. If you had to rate this out of 10 what would it be? 8! I would give it 8 also. Just because the taste itself is actually quite nice. I think the spiciness doesn’t linger too long. It’s just nice. [Thank you] Lao Gan Ma for giving us this whole experience. I want to try it with broccoli. I want to understand what John Cena’s taste is like. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs. If you like this video remember to catch our other videos right there! And don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Bye Bye! [John Cena Theme Song]


  1. are they actually siblings cause they look the same, like look at their eyes, both abit droopy. best pair ever in tsl, maybe joynathan or faunia can beat it

  2. Challenge was not needed for this video. Was curious whether the chilli sauce goes well with food like carrot cake or Hokkien mee but this video shows ridiculous food like ice cream and sushi? Not even hawker food. Change your title lol

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