We Re-Created The Great British Bake Off Foods | People Vs. Food

We Re-Created The Great British Bake Off Foods | People Vs. Food

– Look at this, this is amazing.
– Mm-hmm. – Holy cow! – (laughs) I was waiting
for it to be like flump! (both laugh) – Hold the cake, it’s so…
(both scream) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) How do you feel about
The Great British Bake Off? – Oh!
– Ooh! It’s a really good show! – (FBE) Today, you’re going
to be trying some Great British Bake Off goodies. – Oh!
– Yes. – (FBE) So after you’ve
tried them all, you will get to rank
all of your favorites. – Oh my, oh!
– (FBE) In order. – I think that’s gonna be very tough. I think that is a tough task. – Especially…
– But we’re up to it, right Ashly? – Yes, especially if it’s sweets,
I’m just gonna be like I like everything.
– You love them all. – It’s all a 10. – I have no idea how to bake though,
I just like to watch food bake. – What?
– Oh wow. – Orange Curd Madeleines.
– I can’t even. – Yeah, yeah.
– Ooh. – Oh.
– Hmm, these look really good. – That is elaborate. – (host) Let’s try the orange one
with the chocolate. – They’re definitely like beautiful.
– Yeah, yeah, for sure. – They do not look amateur.
This looks bomb. – It does.
– This looks so good. – (host) That’s absolutely delicious. – I love their accents. – (host) The hazelnut really marries
well with it as well. – Those swirls look amazing.
– Wow. – (judge) Yeah, very good, triumphant. – (host) Thank you.
– (baker) Thank you. – He didn’t look very happy.
– I know! – He got such high marks
and he seemed so tense still. – He looked like he was in pain. – Ooh, wow!
– Oh my God, it looks so good! – (FBE) These are a dainty
Madeleine treat that have been dipped in chocolate,
covered with hazelnuts, and filled with
a delicious orange curd. – It has nice ridges
like Lay’s potato chips. – Mm-hmm. – And it has the perfect hump.
– Yes. Nice lumps.
(Ashby laughs) – I’m just gonna go for it. – Mmm. – There’s that orange curd!
– It’s, there’s the… – Check it out, do you see it? – Orange little filling.
Oh my gosh, cheers! – Mmm. Mmm, it’s a good dessert. – Any time anyone combines
chocolate with orange, interesting, not my favorite. – This is going to sound weird.
It has a good mouth feel. (Ashby snorts) (laughs) Stop! – I didn’t expect
to like the orange at all, but it’s pretty good. – Mm-hmm, orange and chocolate
are so classic. – Mm-hmm.
– And I like the hazelnuts. – I feel like if it didn’t
have that orange curd, it might be a little,
I don’t know. – Dry.
– Yeah, a little dry. Oh, you are an expert judge now! – Why have you set Pastei de Nata
as a technical challenge? – (host) It’s one of my favorite bakes
of all time. – (woman) Where do things go wrong? – (host) From the very beginning.
– Oh! – Wait.
– My life, where did things go wrong? From the very beginning. (laughs) – (host) Flat dough with butter in
and on, and folding it and chilling it and folding it. – They get really scientific…
– Wow! – In this kind of cooking show. – Mm-mm.
– It looks so good. – I love his intricate like,
description of how these are made. – (host) Silky and smooth.
– Silky smooth! – Oh okay, silky… – I love it, oh.
– Oh wow! – There’s a swirl, yeah yeah. – (host) But when you bite into them. – You’re like wow, he’s so certified.
That’s why he’s the judge. – Oh. (laughs) – (woman) Really heaven.
– Ooh, heaven? – (woman) They are worth the calories. – Worth the calories,
alright, alright. Bring it on! – Now I know why
this is so popular. It’s just so great to watch. (laughs) – (FBE) This next dish was
one of Paul Hollywood’s technical challenges in series eight. These are Pastei de Nata, which are pastry tarts
filled with custard and dusted with cinnamon. Fun fact, they were
actually created by monks in Lisbon. – Not usually a fan of custards,
but here is awesome. – Oh wow.
– Yeah! – Like a thumbprint!
– Yeah, mmm, hmm. – That’s good,
it’s not what I expected. – Yeah.
– They did say chewy, but I was thinking
it was going to be more flaky. – Mmm, they smell good. – Mmm, mm-hmm.
They taste cute too. (laughs) Is that a thing? – I love it, it’s like sweet,
but like not too sweet. – But also not too sweet.
– (both) Yeah. – Yeah, no, dude.
– We were literally on the same page. – Yeah, ’cause that’s like
literally what it is. – Yeah, mm-hmm.
– No, this is actually, I think I prefer this one. – I prefer this too.
– Over the last one. – I still think the first one,
I’m going with the first one still. – Yeah, I’m just slightly
liking the second one. – Oh that’s fancy!
– Oh, yes! – (woman) So tempting
and so beautiful. – Aw, Mary! – (host) Good consistent size.
– (woman) Aren’t they pretty? – Look at how pretty!
– Looks like a swan! – (host) …beautifully as well,
that little bit of sharp likes to marry up with the sweets. – I wouldn’t be able to eat it,
it’s too cute! – (host) …size, and what you’ve done
is made them very elaborate. – (baker) Embellished.
– (host) Yes. – Have these people
just trained all their lives to be on this baking show? – Nope, usually they, it’s crazy,
they have like day to day jobs. – So they do this for fun?
– Yeah! – They’re not like
professional bakers? – Nope! – Wow, that’s awesome. – What is happening?
– (gasps) The cygnets! – (FBE) These swans
were made by Brendan in series three of the show, however these are
actually Prue’s recipe. They are a Choux pastry
filled with Chantilly cream and served with raspberry coulis. – Ooh, you can really smell that.
– Wow, ooh wow. – Holy cow, looks like
they’re bleeding everywhere. – Yeah, true.
– There’s been a swan massacre here. (both laughing) – I’m gonna do this,
so I can get the raspberry what? – (FBE) Coulis.
– Coulis! – Is that French for Cool Whip? – They’re little swans! – Not anymore! – Oh, aw! The fact that it’s a swan
kinda puts it up there. – Wow.
– Dude, that is so good! – This is, how they say,
what is it? Sheer joy.
– Joy! It’s just perfect! The whipped cream goes so well
with the bread thing, and goes so well with the sauce. It all goes so well together! – This is the bad part
about eating these things is like they look so beautiful,
and then you’re like ah! Alright, here we go. Whoa. – The cream is good.
The raspberry sauce is excellent. It’s just sad that the Choux pastry
is not good. – Hmm. – And it only works because
of the other condiments. – Like the supporting ingredients. – The raspberry coulis, like,
is kind of a, it’s like tart. You know, and it’s a little bit sour,
so it kinda like breaks through just like the sweetness a lot,
which is, I think, what I like. – Ooh my gosh.
– Oh wow. – That’s nuts. – Mmm. – (woman) Bread looks
absolutely beautiful. – Oh my gosh. – (man) I just can’t wait to see
what the actual bread tastes like. – I never think they’re gonna say
what they’re actually gonna say. The way that their faces are, they’re like
“it was absolutely marvelous.” – (woman) Apple crisps. – (host) This is raw.
– (woman) No it’s not. Don’t do this to me again. – Death, that is death in this show.
– Oh no. – This is the first time
I’ve seen like the contestant talk back a little bit.
I haven’t seen this episode. – This is so intense! – (woman) I don’t think it’s meant
to be quite that stodgy. – Oh no! – You’re gonna give us
a stodgy stollen? – (FBE) It’s not gonna be stodgy,
don’t worry. – Okay, well, we’ll be
the judges about that. – Yeah, yeah, we’ll see. – (FBE) This next dish…
– Wow! – (FBE) Is actually from the
Great New Year’s Bake Off special. Candice had won a previous season
of the show, this is her two tier stollen wreath. It’s an apple cinnamon flavor
with marzipan apples. – Oh my gosh, you can smell it.
It smells so good. – Ooh, you can smell this!
– Smells delicious. – It’s basically like a cinnamon roll,
but with apple. – Mmm. – Not stodgy, whatever that means. I think this is my favorite so far. – Yeah, wow, oh your favorite? – Yeah.
– Over the raspberry Cool Whip? – Over the raspberry Cool Whip. – As you get closer to
a lot of the sugars, it’s a lot more moist.
– Mm-hmm. – But the bread by itself
is very dry. – But it tastes good though,
like the flavor’s really great. I love apple, I love,
I’m assuming there’s some sort of cinnamon
going on in here. – Mm-hmm. – Mm-hmm, this cinnamon’s
really good, huh? – I think this is my favorite so far. – I would say this is really delicious
but I would like more of this filling. – Mm-hmm.
– Throughout, ’cause this is the bite I really like. – It’s so dry! – It’s hard for me to eat
just like, bread. What’s another word for bland? (both laughing) – Oh my goodness. – (woman) ..technical challenge
for a semifinal. – It looks like the most delicious
brain ever! – Like a… (laughs) – (woman) Tightly, very very
tightly packed into the bowl. – That’s nuts.
– Wow! – Oh it does have a brain.
Now that’s all I see, ugh! – (host) It does look good.
– Whoa! – Strawberry Cool Whip! – (host) It’s really packed together.
– Oh, it’s sponge cake! I love strawberry. – (host) It’s gorgeous,
it’s really nice. You’ve had it now, Mary, ’cause next time
I go down to your house… – How?
– (host) I better get this when I arrive.
– (woman) We shall see. – What? (laughs) – (FBE) So this dish…
– Oh wow! – (FBE) …is another technical
challenge from the great Mary Berry herself. This is a Charlotte Royale
from series four, which is a combination
of a light sponge, fresh raspberry mousse,
studded with tiny strawberries and whipped cream,
and exquisitely decorated, of course. – All these are too pretty to eat,
but I’m gonna do it! – Mmm, it’s too gelatin-ly
tasting to me. – Yeah, I think that’s,
I’m like not the biggest fan of it. It’s good.
– The whipped cream, I’m loving. (both laugh) – I like the strawberries. – Look at this, this is amazing.
– Mm-hmm. – Holy cow! – I was waiting for it
to be like flump. (both laugh) – Wow!
– Ooh! – Check that out!
– Is that cream? This is for sure
wedding cake material. – Alright here we go.
– Alright, here we go! – Hmm.
– Mmm. Oh wow.
– It’s a little sweet for me, and it’s got that raspberry again,
which I’m realizing, I must not be a big fan
of raspberry. – How dare you!
– I’m sorry. – This one’s my favorite so far. – Is it?
– Yeah! – Wow! – Is the mousse bouncy though? Yeah, it’s pretty bouncy.
– It’s pretty bouncy. I would say honestly,
it’s kinda average, but the mousse is really good. – Not a fan of the texture
for this one, it’s kind of like,
the mousse, I think, is kinda like soaked into
the rest of the cake. – I don’t like cake,
but I love this, because I feel like if you
have enough of the center, plus the whipped cream
and the strawberry, it all blends together
so like beautifully. ♪ (intense orchestral music) ♪ – Oh my goodness.
– No! – Lavender and lemon fox cake? – Oh my God, first, I love lavender,
and I [bleep] love lemon. – And I [bleep] love foxes!
(both laugh) – (woman) …and subtle and unusual. – It matches my hair! – (man) Anyone in this tent…
(Libby laughs) – Lavender’s interesting,
I do like… – Fan of lavender.
– Yeah. – I am a fan of lavender. – Like, I’ve had lavender ice cream,
that’s usually pretty good. – (host) Now this is lavender sponge?
– (woman) Yeah. – Geez.
– (woman) Very good. – Ooh, those are big slices.
– Wow! That’s a lot of layers. – Oh, please like it! – They all look so like
scared and hopeful. – Worried, yeah.
– And worried, yeah, when they’re gonna eat. – Oh my gosh! – It said it was lavender and lemon?
I’m excited. – (host) I think that’s
a really nice cake. – And the color’s nice.
– She looks so nice. She’s like thank you.
– Yeah, she’s really… – Oh, you see that?
Wait, they clap for each other? – Yeah, like when they… – They’re like supportive?
– Yeah, they’re supportive. – Wow! – Oh my God!
It’s so cute! (gasps) This is like
the prettiest one! – Ah, it’s so cute! – Hold the cake, hold the cake,
it’s so… (both scream) – Oh.
– And there’s little foxes on it. – That’s adorable! – (FBE) This final dish was made
by the ever-so-loveable Kim-Joy from series nine. This is her two tier lavender
and lemon curd fox cake that she made for vegan week. It’s so cute, that you may not
want to eat it, but trust us, it’s delicious. – I’m gonna do like he did. Like when he was just like huh! – That’s pretty good. I see your face,
and you’re studying this. – There’s a lot of flavors happening. – It’s like a little wedding cake. – You could’ve made us
a full size cake. Nobody here’s complaining. – The texture of the cake
is not my favorite. ‘Cause it doesn’t, it’s not like… – Fluffy.
– Yeah, it’s using like alternatives to what you
usually use in cake. – Yes. – I personally feel like
the lemon and lavender are kinda balancing each other
pretty well. – Almost a little too much
lemon for me. – I need more lemon. (laughs) – It’s a little too sour. I feel like you can take
sour really well. – I love sour, yeah. – It’s almost kinda savory,
I don’t know why. I think the lavender. – Are you eating frosting?
– I think so. (laughs) – Boy, it’s so sweet! – (FBE) Let’s get those whiteboards.
– Woof. Crud, then we have to rank them all? – I know!
– Yikes. – Okay, I already know
what’s going to the bottom. – This is actually a little harder
than I thought. – I think I’m done.
I think I’m ready, are you ready? – I’m not sure I…
I’m not sure I’m just gonna stick with this. – Do we have the exact same like… – No way!
– Oh no, we don’t. – Oh, almost. – (FBE) Alright so,
show us your boards. – Okay. – (FBE) Alright! Alright. – Wow, my writing, sorry.
I thought I was just gonna read it. – Our least favorite are the same. – Are the same,
like you can’t beat dry. That just…
– No, the dryness did take away from it.
That was the only thing. – I was gonna put
the fox cake a little bit higher but it was such a new thing
that I’m still a little bit unsure. So that’s why it’s
closer to the bottom. – And see, I moved my fox cake up. – We have the first two the same.
– Yeah, first two are the same. – First three!
– Yeah, first three. – Stollen was your,
yeah, interesting. – I, yeah.
I liked the least sweet sweet. – There was one point where I was like I was so into it,
I was like oh my God, it’s so relaxing to just watch this show. It’s definitely one
I’m gonna watch now for sure. – Thanks for watching us
rank Great British Bake Off goodies… – On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows…
– Every week! – If you liked this episode…
– Then hit that like button. – (both) Bye! – Hey y’all,
React Producer Blythe here. Want a great way to interact with us
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  2. I've watched literally every season and episode of The Great British Cooking show and I can say for a fact that they put the least scrumptious desserts to feature on this episode.

  3. Love Great British Baking Show! I remember a lot of these episodes, and y'all definitely picked some good ones… MORE BRITISH BAKING, PLEASE!

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  6. those aren´t pasteis de nata neither the ones that you guys ate neither the ones at the tv show at least their appearance looks really poor compared to the real thing

  7. I don't think the FBE chef is a baker. Bakers just have a unique set of skills that other cooks don't. Baking is very precise and requires a lot of attention to detail.
    Besides, I'm sorry, but it's very clear the desserts the reactors were served were nowhere as near as beautiful or perfect as the one's made in the show.

  8. Hey!!!. Those "Pastéis de nata" looked awful. The pastry was overworked. They are meant to be better looking and not so pale… Bear in mind the GBBO ones were bad too.

  9. Most things looked way better on the show and those were amateurs working under time pressure. Who is FBE's pastry chef and why do they use them?

  10. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Prue Leith: "Where do things go wrong?"

    Brittany: "My life, from the very beginning"

    That hurts deep inside of us.

  11. Who in the actual hell is making these for the reactors. Here watch a video of an awesome looking bake. Now eat this miniature over baked version of what you just saw. The Scarlett Royale was my tipping point. What a disaster.

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  14. Being from Britain and a fan of The Great British Bake Off myself, I loved this episode of react. Although I was a little disappointed to see that some of the cakes you had made didn’t look that presentable!

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