We Created Mala Nuggets From Scratch | Eatbook Cooks | EP 4

PD: We’ll be challenging you to create your own… Mala nuggets! Mala again?! I don’t really eat mala, I find it to be too spicy you know. Everytime you eat, then you have to drink water. But I think it will be nice to see how it goes. I know people in office really like mala, like Chiara – she’s the champ obviously. I know I can make a decent nugget, that’s for sure. But adding mala to it, is definitely gonna be a bit more challenging. Yeah excited to try man! Let’s go! Alright, so here are all the ingredients that we’ll be using to flavour the chicken. So we’re gonna blend all of this inside the food processor. First, we’re gonna start by blending dried chilli, Sichuan peppercorn, and Lao Gan Ma chilli oil. So once the chilli is nicely blended, it looks like a paste almost, we’ll add in the cubed chicken breast. And then we’re gonna add a touch of cumin to it, to give some earthy flavour. Also, a bit of western inspiration, we add a bit of onion and garlic powder. Not to forget, a pinch of salt, and some white pepper. Now that everything is in, you wanna give it a good blend. So now this is the fun part actually – this is where you start to shape it. We tried to take some inspirations from McDonald’s and we tried to do all four different shapes of them (ball, boot, bone, and bell). Obviously I’m not too good at it. So once you’re done shaping them, just pop them in the freezer so they can sit for an hour or so. For the dry mix, it’s actuallly made from using a mixture of cornstarch and flour, along with a pinch of cumin as well for a bit of flavour. Give it a good mix, you don’t want to be biting into some big pieces of cumin later. Ugh! So now that the dry mix is done, you can set that aside and prepare the wet mix. There are a bit more ingredients in the wet mix than the dry mix. What’s so special over here is that we actually use soda water, as it makes the batter light and crispier, as compared to maybe milk or water. So after waiting for an hour, we’re gonna deep fry the nuggets. What’s so special is that we’re gonna put the nuggets in the dry mix, the wet mix, and the dry mix again. What this 3-step process does is that it makes sure the nugget gets fully coated with the thick batter, and results in a very beautiful and even fry to it. So, now that it’s all done, we’re gonna let some people in the office try it! Wow you all made this yourself? Impressive! I feel like there’s a difference between the McDonald’s spicy nuggets and this mala nugget because you can actually feel the numbing sensation. Ah it’s good! Like, crunchy on the outside. It’s not too spicy, a little bit of numbing, and then you get a lot of flavour from the spice. Actually this is the first time I’m eating a mala nugget. I can really taste the peppercorn, but the mala right, is like a ‘xiao la’ (mildly spicy). I like that the ‘la’ (spiciness) is not too overpowering, and you can taste the ‘ma’ (numbness) in every bite. Is this created by Suphon once again? PD: Yes it is. Ah! What a lad! It’s not like how you eat normal mala and then it immediately kind of like, coats your tongue. This one is like – you chew a little bit, you enjoy, and then it’s hitting my throat right now. Mala nuggets. I love spiciness, spicy food by the way. Okay leh, not spicy leh. ‘Ma’ (numbness) have. But not spicy. Oh wait wait, it’s very spicy! *chokes* My ears turned red already. PD: Yes your ears are red! Wow spicy sia! Wow I think it’s not bad. It’s really nice to see that they like it, although they said that it wasn’t so spicy, but at least I got the tongue-numbing part locked down, so that’s good. I can’t really eat mala very well, so that’s why I didn’t put so much spice. If you really want more spice, you can definitely add more chilli padi even. I think what’s so special about mala is that people like to put mala into everything these days. But I think, what makes this dish works is because mala is very spicy, and chicken is very neutral ingredient so when you mix it up together, it goes very well. So yeah, if there’s anything you want us to try, any new recipes, just let us know and we’ll try our best! Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook vlogs, if you like this video, don’t forget to check out the other videos over there! And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Bye!

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