We Built the Breakfast Nook of Our Dreams! | OMG We Bought A House | Mr. Kate

We Built the Breakfast Nook of Our Dreams! | OMG We Bought A House | Mr. Kate

Previously on “OMG we bought a house” -Do you love it? -That’s so crazy. -It’s so magical right? On the inside of the garage… We’re going to put our chandelier up there. Why don’t we just make the world’s largest coffee table? Wahh! -Go go go go go Wait where? Go where? -Down! Can’t wait to decorate. There’s so much we can make. How will it turn out? OMG We bought a house Kate, door! -Coming! Hello! -What’s up guys? Welcome back to our living room. I’m so excited we’re gonna do the dining room and a room that we have been meaning to tackle for a while which is the breakfast nook. Oh my carpentry project And joey has, yes, some epic skills happening in that room you guys it’s gonna be pretty and comfy and cozy and pretty. Let’s do it. Are we at 2 million subscribers by the way? Are we yet? If we’re not we’re like seconds away like two people away so hey two new people and also thumbs up this video while you’re at it. Hundred thousand thumbs up here we go. 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Well, I think it… yeah it’s good. Woah So we’ve taken out our old dining room table which was obviously that big rectangle which Joey cut down and made into our new coffee table and So we’re gonna need to bring in a new dining table but first we need a new light fixture because we took the chandelier that used to be in This dining room and put it in our garage. So we are hanging a new globe light, which is like a funky sculptural light with like the exposed filament bulbs under globes. It’s like bulbs in bulbs. What? Double bulbs? Mwah. Yay! I want to audition a rug because we have a round… Where are all these rugs coming from? Around. Kate’s got options. You guys know I like options and so I have two rugs that I want to try for under the new dining room table that we’re gonna bring in. So since we have a smaller table going in here and it’s round, we need a smaller rug because the rug we had in here before it was big rectangle. I got it for the size of our dining table which is now our coffee table. First one is this like woven, jute – it’s kind of like a doily. It’s also kind of muted because we have the black wall in there I want to do something a bit more contrasting -I also feel like chairs aren’t going to be good on that kind of a rug Yeah well it obviously needs to relax down here yeah -rug sir you need to relax. all right okay so Okay so option one We’re not necessarily feeling that one – So option number two is this vintage cowhide rug that I’ve had for years little vintage let’s see This was a vintage -let’s see rug I got forever ago. Let’s give it a spin, shall we? Oh, yeah. You’re gonna have to lint roll me when I get up. But I love the irregular shape of it and I also like the black-and-white color which brings in the black-and-white that’s obviously happening over in our living room. This wallpaper was like one of the best decisions we ever made. We took our tray ceiling that’s in our dining room and we put up this mural that is just this gorgeous wallpaper mural it’s actually pictures of the lunar surface that NASA took. So the lighting fixture is really important because the ceiling in this room is like a feature. We also did Kate’s favorite thing juxtaposition and put like a sort of victorian looking ceiling medallion between the light and the ceiling. It’s all beautiful. Can’t wait to bring the rest of the stuff in so let’s do it. Okay, Joey, before we do the gallery wall let’s fill up this. Before we get to the gallery wall I want to fill up this little cabinet. When we first moved in we made it our like bar area I didn’t love the look of all the liquor bottles and labels kind of cluttered but we do have some awards. Shorty award from last year. “Best in house and home.” That was an exciting moment. Bill Nye the science guy handed me the award backstage. A dog had just won. I was in line behind a wiener dog. mm-hmm, new media. Speaking of, we are nominated for a shorty award this year too which you guys can vote on. We’re nominated for best web series for “OMG we’re coming over” which we know you guys love. Thank you so much. You guys vote with me, we’ll be all voting together Links in the description! Shorty Awards Dot-com. Best web series OMG we’re coming over Come on guys help us fill up this cabinet. and then I go to vote. If all two million of you voted I’m sure we would win. Oh my gosh. I just voted. So hopefully we’ll win that award and that’ll also go in that cabinet. Also Joey when he was in “The Click Five” they won a bunch of Boston music awards. So there’s five members of The Click Five. I bet you couldn’t guess that and they have stolen these awards from each other over the years like it’s kind of a running joke like if they’re in each other’s houses they’ll just like steal them. So Joey stole these two off the mantle from Ben who was the keyboard player in The Click five. So now they’re at our house they’ve actually been in our house for a while So now Ben is gonna be seeing this video and he might come and steal them which means we need to win more awards. This is from my late grandfather’s basement Mh-hmm that’s weird Yeah. And this is this was our community award from the LAYN for our community service last year. -We need like a really small award. No this is what we’re gonna put in there. I carved this lady out of stone. -All right so pictures? Yeah gallery wall. -So should we like lay them Lay them out here, map it out, and they’re going up here. I love gallery walls because it’s a way to really showcase photography from your travels or experiences and Joey and I, this last year had a lot of fun trips that we went on. We’ve formed a lot of fun memories so having those around will be really fun. The way we’re gonna get these pictures on the wall is a trick that I think we have shown you before. Check out our “Gallery wall three ways” video. Seems like a really easy thing to do, right? like you’re just hanging pictures on the wall but when you’re trying to hang a bunch Of pictures on the wall you want them to have some sort of similar margins going on with where they’re placed or whatever you can just start putting them up you know. but I’ve done it enough times that you end up hating yourself at the end of it because to get things level to get the spacing right it just becomes like a total headache so this is a really great trick if you have some scrap paper. We happen to have a giant roll of butcher block craft paper. You could even use newspaper. And we’re laying it out in the size of the piece of wall that We want to cover with all the frames. -So we’re just gonna be able to lay the frames exactly where we want them get the spacing right and once we’ve done that we can just put this big piece of paper up on the wall and then using My laser level I’m just gonna make sure one of the rows is straight and that’s gonna mean the rest of the pictures are straight You know where your nail holes need to be from looking at the back of your frames you just measure those spots nail em in and then once your nails are in the wall you can just rip the paper off the wall and just go through and hang your pictures up and it comes out exactly how you plan. Wow Wow this is so different than our last dining table. So this table we’re bringing in is so cool. The last table we had obviously had four legs it was a rectangular table but this is a pedestal table. It has a beautiful kind of sculptural base. It’s iron on the base and then a nice beautiful quartz on the top. Look at these -I love this. -So pretty. -compared to those white once we had because like the fact that there’s no arm rests. -They’re so sturdy hardy -They are very study. -I’m obsessed with these dining chairs you guys know that I like juxtapositions and nothing is more beautiful than having wood with stone. And I love the basket weave it’s so cool and such like a fun juxtaposition with the table. And we’re keeping the old vintage hutch right here right? -yeah When we first moved in we placed this victorian hutch that we have. It has a wood base with a marble top it’s actually from like the 1800s. It’s a beautiful antique piece and it fits perfectly so there’s no reason to move it. -So we’re just gonna leave that where it is and we’re gonna kind of feature it by putting a giant mirror above it. Is this the same mirror we put in Lizza’s place? Yeah -Immediately start fixing it. My contour, not my contour! The one we used in Lizza’s place was the copper. This is the brass so this is the same mirror. I love a mirror in a dining room because it is actually good a fung shui. Feng shwee? -You guys will correct me in the comments- because it reflects the bounty of whatever food you have happening on the dining table, so it’s nice to have a reflective element in a dining room. -Okay so I’m gonna put it up i just gonna need you to be my eyeballs [straining] This is heavy Oh God, don’t strain like that. Ooo okay uh.. – Wait set it down for a second. Go on that side… -I had this same problem on hanging it at Lizza’s place. [grunting] damn Wooo! Oh my gosh it’s so great. It’s circular, it’s round it’s like the moon for the wallpaper. We have the round medallion and the round table. Ok, breakfast nook! I’m so excited This breakfast nook has been a project that has been happening this whole week you guys. Joey went and bought all the lumber for it. Joey’s building a banquette. So here is my sketch of the breakfast nook. Bench bench bench I didn’t want it to be built in all the way to the ground. I wanted there to be some space underneath To be able to kind of tuck my feet back. These are all the cuts i gotta make. -Woah! I can’t tell you how important it is to make a cut list. I’ve learned this over the years. You. need to draw everything out, figure out your dimensions, know exactly the lengths you’re gonna cut and that way when you go to the store you’re getting the exact amount of material you need, you already got all your measurements like this Cut cut cut cut cut [mimics saw] Cut cut cut. Place it in the space. Get it all screwed together. This is such a much better use of space. I’m excited. It’s not, we’re sitting on it, it’s not falling in, it feels sturdy. -Yeah I know well you did a really good job with this. We’re like embracing the very petite size of this room. So Joey’s doing all the building, my part of this project was picking out the fabric and then taking it to our upholstery guy and I found this fabric severely discounted. It was seven dollars and fifty cents a yard which was amazing because it’s really high quality, nice and durable and so I bought a bunch of yards of it, brought it to our upholsterer and he’s making the cushions for us. – oh! Look at this cooshione. I think that’s french for cushion Coo shone? -So i had Louis also make these keeney pillows they’re called -Excuse me? -Yeah -Kidney? -Keeney. -I think they’re kidney pillows. -No they’re not kidney pillows they’re keeney pillows. Joey. -Lift that up. I’m pretty sure they’re kidney pillows. -Keeney… kini? Okay bikini shape… no bikini wax shapes. That is not what I’m… please don’t show me those google. It’s a kidney pillow. Oh man this is gonna be an epic nap spot. Whoever built this bench did a really good job. I just have to put in the table and then we’re basically done in here. Oh wow. -Oooo color color color! Color! This rug for the kitchen is so cool. You guys know I love patterned rugs. Patterned rugs in the kitchen are especially great because if you spill stuff on it it’s a lot easier to disguise. I love it. -Are we doing a kitchen galley rug cuddle? Oh, it’s nice and long. Wooow Joey! -What? -We’ve gotten so much done here at this house. Our beautiful kitchen. -Something tells me we just are never gonna finish it. So, should we just eat at our various eating spots? -Yeah oh my gosh we have to toast on all of our tables. -Toast on the tables? -Toast on the tables! Toast to all of our surfaces! Come on! What are we drinking? Lemon water? Alright you make the lemon water, I’ll… lay on the uh banquette. -Wait how beautiful is this rug? Ah! I need a lemon. An OMG we bought a house tradition. Lemon water! And sip away! Cheers! -This is definitely my new favorite room. Wait let’s go test out the dining room table. -Mm! Okay, cheers to the breakfast nook! You look great! -Okay okay let’s try the dining table shall we? I gotta decide which is my favorite room. I mean realistically this is maybe my favorite room. -Oh this is your favorite room? -This table is more us. -Yeah, the flow. -It’s shmall! -And it’s round it’s a good flow cause this is our pass-through room. We’ve got like door door door door. Cheers. I still didn’t sip. -I adore you. -Oh that’s sweet. You wanna give me a foot massage?-Not in the dining room, Kate! -No? The breakfast nook? Breakfast nook foot massage. Breakfast nook foot massage! Tag you’re it. Sure but if you go first that means I get a longer round after you. I do ten minutes then you give me a twenty minute massage. -No! What? -That’s the rule. That’s how it works. I massage you now, you massage me later but you have to massage me for twice as long because whoever goes first gets the shorter massage. that’s the rule. -Gosh you’re not making up a new rule. -That’s not a new rule. That is an age-old rule. I love how all this looks. Our space is really coming together. It’s reflecting who we are, who we’ve grown into over these last four years. There’s so many fun things in this house What do you guys think? Yay we did it! Oh my gosh we were so… -What’s your favorite room, the nook or the dining room? -I love that nook. All the space in there is now being used and this was like a little room you know? I’m gonna be rotating my meals. -Yeah. A shmall room. Rotating meals and foot massages. -Guys we’re gonna end this because she owes me a foot massage now uh -That was not the deal, no. -Thumbs up to -To more foot massages for Kate. -To dining spaces. Yes! -Wherever they are in your home. -To surfaces everywhere, for glasses and meals. -Don’t forget to vote for us for the shorty awards. -Oh yeah! -So we can get that shorty this year. -We would love to win another one this year. This year we’re nominated in -Best web series -Best web series for OMG we’re coming over. So last year we won best in house and home… Speaking of OMG we’re coming over something might be coming out very shortly. Very shortly. -Make sure you subscribe to see that. -I think a lot of you guys know who’s first up for this year. It’s a duo! It’s a couple! Ha ha haaa! I’m very excited. Okay well thanks so much for watching. We love hanging out with you guys per usual and, uh, leave us a comment below. Thumbs up, subscribe, we said all that. Love you -Love you. -You eye my lipstick. Come in slow. Just to make sure it’s not super wet oh? Ew! I don’t have wet lipstick. Anyways bye! -Bye guys. Why don’t you get the picture stuff. -Okay -And let’s do the gallery wall. -Gallery wall. Ahhh! no Remember we practiced this. -We did? I didn’t ever practice this. – No Kate. -How was your other weave? -Up up up down down ready oh Boom boom boom Oh my god. -What? No I like doing that. Like the flappy one.


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