vitiligo, maladies et infections de la peau voici un remede qui va vous choquer

vitiligo, maladies et infections de la peau voici un remede qui va vous choquer

Never eat these two foods at night
before going to bed, you’ll regret it for ever !! Radish, be it red, black or white 
is a crunchy vegetable, refreshing and slightly spicy. His leaves are
also edible. Like most crucifers, it contains antioxidants and compounds
bioactives that would protect against certain cancers. The
Jaundice: Hemorrhoids
Urinary disorders: Weightloss
Constipation Respiratory Disorders, Bronchitis And Asthma
Blood pressure: Cardiovascular problems:
Renal disorders Fever
Insect Bites dehydration
Respiratory Problems And Throat Pain. Vitamin-C and Immune System Health
Liver and Gallbladder Cancer Skin Disorders: Vitamin-C, phosphorus,
zinc and the few components of vitamin B complex that are present in the radish
are good for the skin. Water in radishes also helps maintain moisture levels
healthy in the skin. Raw radish crushed is a good makeup remover and serves as a mask
of effective beauty. Because of its properties disinfectants, radishes also help to
clean skin disorders such as the dry skin, rashes and fissures. Vitiligo or leucoderma is a disease
skin characterized by the appearance white spots all over the body. In
more to lead a healthier life and avoid habits that can be harmful to health
and the overall appearance of the skin, there is some effective home treatments
against vitiligo: Radish seeds and cider vinegar 
These two elements work very well together to treat vitiligo.
Ingredients: 4 tablespoons radish seeds
(40 g). 1 roll of cider vinegar 
Preparation: Put the radish seeds in a glass
and cover with vinegar. Soak all night.
The next morning, crush the seeds for get a dough.
Apply on white spots and leave ask 2 hours.
Rinse with warm water. To be repeated 3 times a week. You do not know but consume too much
radish harms your health. And I’m going to explain why … Excessive consumption
radish can lead to many pathologies , rare and unknown diseases with consequences serious, but curiously nobody talks about it. 
Some doctors generally recommend to eat radishes no more than once a
week, the use of the root has a irritating effect on the stomach and intestines.
So, gastric ulcer, gastritis, colitis and enterocolitis,
In some cases, nutritionists recommend to eat a radish is not at the same time as
cheese, especially in the evening before bedtime the consequences could be disastrous
for you.


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