Vein disease patient with leg pain and skin ulcers

Vein disease patient with leg pain and skin ulcers

you Welcome Back! when you have to hide unsightly veins and ulcers our next guest spent years suffering and
was able to discover the underlying problem until he went to Hamilton Vein
Center Here to explain please welcome back
doctor AJ Valenson along with his patient Bobby Phillips and Bobby’s wife Sharon time you see their story which will will
talk about a minute but a people who come and have been to so
many other doctors and that was a dermatology problem as opposed to what’s
really going on in the vein yes not just dermatology, sometimes doctors tell patients they are just getting old they’re out of shape It’s a very common story where patients
for years are looking for help go to many different doctors and
specialists an just unable to diagnose vein disease ya and Bobby you went through that I
mean you knew something was not right but weren’t quite sure what it was
that’s correct and I kept having skin ulcers and they were just getting worse every
time I have a breakout but the doctor was given me yeah
antibiotics for but never need cured yeah and Sharon
it really impacts the quality of life doesn’t it absolutely absolutely with him yeah what were some of your other symptoms you were having tired all the time and they
would swell I mean like leg get twice as large normally would, normally would look like they’d be twice as large I had problems walking you think you have no idea what it was
you told you have cellulitis they prescribed topical ointments and even
steroids and at the end of the day none of that was getting to the root cause which is oftentimes veins I that’s right never and vein disease
is extremely common approximately forty percent of people
suffer from whether they know it or not and it gets really advanced you can have skin changes ulcers severe pain, swelling, things of that nature and that’s just the severe, oftentimes we see the ulcers thing that what times dermatologist is treating but that’s not getting to the root cause but
sometimes just the tired legs sometimes just restless leg syndrome sometimes you know it’s things that you don’t
visually see but when you by time it comes to the surface like this it’s pretty advanced yeah that’s very
advanced disease but you could have symptoms with disease that’s not that advanced when you don’t
really have any visual appearances keep in mind if you have any swelling or tiredness
or just leg cramping like this when you’re standing a lot or that could be a clue there’s vein disease
going on as well okay what is happening to the veins that is making us have these types of
symptoms well the veins get stretched out over time and sometimes they just get deformed and they never go back to normal so you have what are called valves little flaps that control blood from running backwards down
the leg and when the veins get stretched out out about going to run background he’s
going to sleep on her feet and ankles and that’s when the change is usually
begin yeah now back in the day they did this thing called vein stripping yeah were you familiar with that that yeah show and
that’s what this is all making wanna put it off if you put a cream on it instead
would want to do that but today we’re talking earlier out of
the show about medical technology advances we’ve made it’s different yeah the vein stripping was probably worse than the disease itself fortunately now we do the treatments from well about a quarter inch incision I usually takes about 15-20 minutes of
procedure on its minimally invasive minimally painful it’s come a very long way so when you went through this we finally
found the answer now to be a weight lifted off the you
but with after the actual procedure he went through how did it feel at itself I’m a in fact I could have went to sleep while he was doing the work yeah hmm and then you could have gone shopping right after you
got done that’s right We did. She said we did. what change have you seen your husband
since doing this procedure was just takes a matter of minutes really he at prior to seeing doctor Valenson when he walked he shuffled his feet
continually I mean and kept I had to pick up your feet pick
up your feet you’re shuffling he said no I’m not and I said honey you don’t realize it
but you really are and he says well okay I’ll try to do
something about it but I’d never see this going downhill as
far as energy level am an activity he just kept where walking was just a real issue for him
and I said there’s an and there something else going on here
they’re missing some were missing something and I said we need to find out what’s
causing this problem because every time he would get a breakout it would be worse every time every time yeah when it came to the surface the ulcers were terrible and then today today’s wonderful! You got your Bob back. collapse that vein that is acting up and we have plenty more veins to take over and it just gets rid of that problem Hamilton Vein Center has multiple
locations around Houston including clear lake where doctor Valenson sees patients for more information and to schedule
your free consultation you can call 281 565 00 33 281 565 00 33 or log onto Hamilton
Vein dot com and you can check really easy just a
couple minutes that you can check in a painless way to see if really that is the issue a couple minutes
is all it takes all right thank you very much and insurance pays for this is a medical
condition, yes maam this is a medical necessity thank you very much night go shopping up
next can sleep or worse are you up all night because your partner’s snoring is
so out there is a solution for that the

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