Vegan Sushi Roll Recipe – Amazing Vegan Food Recipe

Vegan Sushi Roll Recipe – Amazing Vegan Food Recipe

Welcome back, in this week’s episode I’m going
to show you guys how to make the amazing Vegan Sushi Roll. Now this is a delicious vegan
sushi roll, it is really tasty and if you want to know how to make this just keep watching
until the end — let’s go. Sauté your vegetables
Lightly sauté Shimeji mushrooms, asparagus and carrots in a pan with some garlic, coconut
oil and a little bit sesame oil. Get the coconut oil nice and hot, we’ll get some garlic, about
two or three cloves, just crush them with a knife and chuck them in there. It’s the
flavor you want as you cook. What you want to do is impart flavor onto the vegetables
because vegetables, they’re quite bland to tell you the truth so they need a little bit
of help. Just add asparagus, cut them in half and some
carrots, and your mushrooms, lightly sauté them. You don’t want to over-cook them, you
just want to get them to have a little bit of color just so it has a little bit more
taste than they normally do. Add a little bit of sesame seed oil, just
a couple of drops will do, the idea here is to just get some color onto the vegetables
and get them slightly softer. The asparagus and the carrots are quite hard vegetables
so you just want to get them slightly softer, so they don’t have that much of a crunch,
and of course add some flavor to them. Take the mushrooms out before the carrots
and the asparagus, because they will be done quite quickly, about three minutes should
do, more or less, depending on what temperature your pan gets to.
About 2-minutes later Okay that’s the asparagus done
And 2-minutes after that the carrots were done.
Assembling the Sushi Roll So to start, take 150 grams of cooked black
and white rice, that’s five ounces and you spread it out, nice and softly. Just keep
it on the sheet and spread out all corners of the sheet. You don’t want to press down
sushi rice, just fluff it out slightly so that it’s still sort of airy.
There we go, now you place it on a sushi rolling mat with a plastic bag around it, this is
so the rice doesn’t get stuck into it. It’s much easier to do it like this. Now add a
little bit of wasabi paste, now this is real wasabi. If you want to know more about real
wasabi, a link will appear now on the top left corner.
And now you add your filling which is the sautéed asparagus, then some sautéed Shimeji
mushrooms, and some sautéed carrot slices. Now that you have the filling inside the sushi
roll you want to just begin at this end, curl it over.
If you want to know more about rolling and how to roll then a link should appear now
on the top left corner of the screen. The link goes to a video I made especially about
how to roll sushi rolls and it goes more into depth about how.
Okay, just compress it nicely and there we go, a beautiful black vegan sushi roll.
Adding the avocado topping Now the key here is to just drag the tip of
the knife through. If you do it like this up down, what happens is the avocado slice
gets stuck to the knife and then it just becomes a big mess. So just drag the tip through the
avocado. Now very simply you spread out the avocado
slices, half an avocado should do it. You just spread it out on your hand and once you’ve
got all the slices nice and spread out, more or less the same length as the roll itself
you just lay it on top. And don’t worry, you can always just keep moving the slices into
place, so you don’t have to get it completely to the right size on your hand.
Fix the avocado onto it with the bamboo rolling mat in a plastic bag, and what you can do
to make it neater is just slice and just get a nice straight edge on the avocado. It just
makes it look a little bit prettier. Now before you cut it, you want to put a little
bit cling film over it, this will just keep everything in place while you cut it. Just
press it down with another bamboo rolling mat, okay, and now you want to wet your knife
in a little bit of water. This will keep the rice from sticking to it, and just cut off
the corners. Okay, beautiful — now there are several ways you can cut it. Sushi bars
like to just cut in the middle and then cut the halves in quarters and the quarters into
eighths, assuring you have eight pieces. What I like to do is just start at one end and
I know more or less the thickness I want. Now for this one I want it a bit thicker because
I am going to put some sauce on top, so I am going to end up with about six or seven
pieces of sushi. Once you’ve cut it, you can just use a bamboo
rolling mat again just to shape everything back in place. And then you take the cling
film out, there you go, that’s the inside of the amazing vegan roll. It’s a beautiful
little sushi roll. Now to top it off you just place a little bit of carrot ginger sauce
which I made earlier, like that. Now the key is just to keep the point of the cone close
to whatever you’re doing, press it out and continue pressing as you lift up and this
creates a little mountain peak effect. A nice easy way to re-watch this video if
you don’t have time right now or you want to just keep it and then later when you cook
have a reference, you press down on the bottom where it says “add to” and then “favorites”.
So two picks — Add To and then Favorites. This way it will just be on a list of favorites
and you can just re-watch it anytime you’d like. It’s very handy.
The rice I’m using for this roll is half black rice and half sushi rice, now the black rice
takes a bit longer to cook than the sushi rice, so I first cook the black rice and then
after a full period of time of cooking the black rice, which is about 45 minutes I add
the white rice and then cook it again for the entire time the white rice takes to cook.
So basically it takes double the time to cook this, otherwise it’s still crunchy after just
cooking it once. I bought this black rice off the internet,
off the Amazon store. Now there are a couple different varieties, I chose this one, it
worked quite well. I will put a link up here to my website where you can then see the one
I bought. It’s not much, I think it was like $10 Pounds or something, I bought it off the
UK store. I could probably buy it off the American Amazon, but for some reason they
won’t send it even though it’s the same product inside Amazon UK as Amazon America, so I just
don’t understand the policy there. END


  1. Very handy recipe, and will try it soon. My question, though: your avocado didn't brown at all. Did you use any lemon/lime juice (or something else?) to assist with preventing it browning? Or is this one of those "make-it-now-eat-it-now" recipes? Thank you! 🙂

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