What are we doing Selma? We are going to McDonalds and to Burger King to “try” the vegan options Because we never ate fries at McDonalds Have you ever been to Burger King? No… There’s a first time for everything McDonalds Eisenstadt Curly fries *BIG curly fries small fries you can take my card if you want okay, what’s the code? 5893 okay that’s how fast it goes that’s how fast you can get rid of your money in Austria There are new employees, right? … that it’s Drive-in in Austria and in America they say Drive-through? Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order? Hey Can I have grid fries please? *literally my life* We have normal fries from your competition We give it to them *lol* We trade the Mc Donald’s fries I don’t pay with money But I have something else We are in Eisenstadt At the E Cube We have Curly Fries from Mc Donald’s Heinz – Sweet-Sour Sauce Grid Fries from Burger King I already got it in my mouth and then i put it out of my mouth again ok let’s go Cheers Fries from Mc Donald’s well… Curly Fries are lit What the f***? It kinda tastes like hash browns So good Curly fries…. The curry sauce is L-I-T Don’t get it twisted with L-E-D LED is associated with light bulbs you are so intelligent How would you rate it? and you? Me too ok and curly fries…. and the normal fries… the fries didn’t pass under 5 because….they’re…so…. yellow They’re a bit mushy They could’ve been a bit more cripsy and they could have more salt They taste real bland The grid fries are lit tho Do you like curry sauce better or… sweet sour! really? It’s really…. thick Cheers! Dani…. Selma… Well… Don’t you know how to eat apple pies? How did like the apple pie? very good I’ve never eaten an apple pie before true.. no.. what don’t you like about it? nothing.. but.. like… fast food We’re filming a Mc Donald’s and Burger King video

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