VEGAN CRAB CAKES | hot for food

VEGAN CRAB CAKES | hot for food

[lauren] this is vodka [lauren] welcome to hot for food! i’m lauren [john] and i’m john. [lauren] and today we’re gonna make one of our favourite things, [lauren] it’s vegan crab cakes with horseradish dill tartar sauce [lauren] it blows john’s mind everytime he bites into one [lauren] because it tastes like crab cakes! [lauren] it’s crazy! [john] what replaces the crabs? [lauren] artichokes, my friends [lauren] marinated artichokes. [lauren] crab meat is so expensive, [lauren] if you’re making real crab cakes, [lauren] so make it with artichokes, [lauren] no one will care. [lauren] everyone i’ve fed these to is like [lauren] “holy crap! how is this not crab meat?” [john] let’s do it. [lauren] let’s do it! [john] is this a known thing to open a jar that you smack it on the bottom? [lauren] yes, john. [john] still doesn’t work. [lauren] *laughs* [john] do this one, it’s hard. [john] oh my god.
[lauren] oh my god! [lauren] were you joking? [john] no. [lauren] okay, so it’s about two cups of marinated artichokes [lauren] you wanna start with. [lauren] you wanna drain them from the liquid [lauren] but you also need to reserve the liquid [lauren] so don’t throw it all out. [lauren] plus, you can actually use this for other cooking [lauren] i don’t waste it, i put it in other things like sauces and stuff. [lauren] we need half a cup of celery. [lauren] and you need a quarter cup of shallots. [lauren] so why don’t you chop the shallots there. [lauren] now you’re essentially just putting everything in the mixing bowl [lauren] so we’re gonna add the celery to the mixing bowl, [lauren] and then, so you’ve got like marinated artichokes [lauren] either whole or quartered, [lauren] but you wanna chop them up even finer [lauren] so as you start cutting up artichokes [lauren] you’ll notice it starts to look a little like crab meat. [lauren] now here’s the thing, [lauren] making crab cakes out of artichokes isn’t anything new, [lauren] we didn’t invent this idea, [lauren] uh, it’s been done before just like everything else. [lauren] but [lauren] i will say that [lauren] my particular concoction of ingredients [lauren] i haven’t really found anywhere [lauren] plus i feel like these taste extra tasty. [john] for whatever reason, yours just taste [john] extra stupid. [lauren] extra stupid. [john] stupid in a good way. stupid good.
[lauren] stupid means good. [john] we first had vegan crab cakes. [john] at the magical place that is the [john] wynn hotel in las vegas at a restaurant [john] called lakeside. [lauren] mhm. [john] thinking about it is just making me cry [john] cos it was so [john] getting me emotional. [john] but it’s not a vegan restaurant but [john] because it’s at the wynn hotel, [john] it has an entirely vegan menu, [john] including [john] vegan crab cakes. [lauren] like it has a vegan seafood menu so we had [lauren] clam chowder, [lauren] crab cakes, [lauren] and [lauren] oh we had aranci- aranciatta oh my god what’s it called?
[john] arancini. [lauren] whatever. risotto balls. [lauren] it was amazing, and las vegas is one of the most vegan-friendly [lauren] cities in the whole world. [lauren] did you know that? [lauren] oh god, those are burning my eyes
[john] i know. [john] got our leftover artichoke liquid, [john] we got two tablespoons. [lauren] and we’re doing a teaspoon of lemon, [lauren] you’re putting everything from the recipe which is listed below [lauren] into this bowl. [john] half cup chickpea flour. [john] are these better, maybe? [lauren] what do you mean? [john] are ours better?
[lauren] i think ours are better than [lauren] the ones at vegas [john] lauren’s funny to go out and eat with [john] because [john] whenever she eats something, [john] and in the best way possible, [john] she just goes [john] you can see she takes a bite of something, [john] and it’s awesome. she’ll be like “mmm…” [john] but then she starts to see wheels turning and she goes [john] “how would i make this?” [john] or maybe even “how would i make this better?” [john] why coconut sugar? [lauren] oh, the only reason it’s coconut sugar [lauren] really it’s because that’s what i had when i made up the recipe, [lauren] and coconut sugar is like, [lauren] a better sugar than refined sugar so [lauren] i figured you know what? [lauren] people won’t complain about the fact that we’re using coconut sugar [lauren] people like to complain about the fact [lauren] that we’re using brown sugar or white sugar [lauren] or whatever. [john] yea. [john] what’s up with that? [lauren] okay, so this is old bay seasoning, [lauren] it is a seafood seasoning, [lauren] we’re adding one teaspoon of it. [lauren] and this seasoning is like, [lauren] basically every spice mixed together [lauren] i don’t really know what it is, [lauren] but [lauren] you see it a lot used in cooking chicken and fish and stuff like that [lauren] so it will give it this extra [lauren] finesse of flavour. [john] there’s a cute little crab on them [lauren] there’s a crab on it, yes
[john] on the box. [lauren] so that ingredient is kind of essential, [lauren] do not omit this [lauren] you can find it in any grocery store at the spice secton [john] actually, it’s a little bit hard to find [john] though cos i didn’t find it in the spice section, [john] i found it in like the seafood section [lauren] oh [lauren] okay, so now everything’s in here. [lauren] this bowl’s a little small. you probably want a bigger bowl than this. [lauren] and then just combine it all nicely until it all comes together. [lauren] looking soft. and that little bit of marinate that’s in there, [lauren] the lemon juice kind of pulls the flour together [lauren] and thickens it. [lauren] so if you taste this on it’s own [lauren] you’re gonna notice the chickpea flour tastes disgusting [lauren] once you cook it, [lauren] it won’t taste like that. [john] it’s like gritty. [lauren] it’s gross. it’s gritty and it’s bitter [lauren] so if your crab cakes are undercooked, [lauren] you’re gonna taste it. [lauren] there’s an iron skillet here with [lauren] about a cup and a half of vegetable oil in it. [lauren] and you wanna heat it to 375F [john] kay, it’s time to set up. [john] our dredging station [john] sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. [john] we’re gonna have quarter cup chickpea flour [john] in to the chickpea flour. [john] from there we go into half of a cup of almond milk [john] from the almond milk, we go into [john] one cup of breadcrumbs. [john] and you do that, repeat and then fry [lauren] you’re gonna do 3-4 minutes total [lauren] flipping halfway through [john] alright, tartar sauce time. [lauren] so tartar sauce is essentially mayonnaise and pickles, [lauren] but we’re adding dill and horseradish [lauren] instead [john] what exactly is horseradish? [john] i hated it as a kid,
[lauren] i don’t know. it’s from [lauren] the horseradish [lauren] spicy. [john] for the horseradish dill tartar sauce, [john] you add two-thirds a cup of vegan mayonnaise, [john] three teaspoons of horseradish [john] one tablespoon, lemon juice. [john] one tablespoon, finely chopped fresh dill [john] and a quarter teaspoon, ground pepper. [lauren] now i’m plating with like this, [lauren] ugly bed of spinach underneath [lauren] but when i did it for the photos for the blog [lauren] originally it was much prettier but [lauren] you could put it on a bed of arugula, [lauren] or whatever you want. [lauren] most important part right now is to taste it [lauren] and make sure that they’re fine. [lauren] right? [lauren] if you were making these at home, [lauren] you would wanna taste them before you serve them [john] this is true, [john] lemme get that one. [john] it’s actually insane though [lauren] yep. [lauren] this is some michelin rating shit. [lauren] i don’t even know what that means. [lauren] michelin tyres rates the restaurants? [john] no. [lauren] yea! it is! [lauren] it’s michelin, it’s the same company. [lauren] isn’t it? [john] i don’t think so. [lauren] okay, so now let’s make it look nice for the people [john] it’s the vegan crab cakes with horseradish dill tartar sauce [john] oh yea. [john] so we’re all about tricking the senses here [john] at the hot for food kitchen but i feel like this [john] recipe takes it to the next level, like [john] it’s tough for us cos everybody knows we’re vegan. [john] whereas you can cook this for your friends [john] that, maybe you don’t eat vegan all the time [john] and they wouldn’t expect you to pull this over on them [john] but you need to try this and serve this to your friends [john] cos they’re not gonna know. [lauren] they’re better than crab cakes. crab cakes are kinda nasty. [lauren] okay, so we’re gonna dive into these, [lauren] aand you should subscribe to our channel, [lauren] there’s a little button there to subscribe [lauren] and we post every wednesday [lauren] new vegan recipes [john] um [john] can i just eat it with my hands? [lauren] yea sure. share it if you like the recipe, [lauren] share it around the internet [lauren] thank you so much for watching and [lauren] thank you for subscribing if you’re already here [lauren] because we have hit over 5500 subscribers on hot for food’s youtube channel! [lauren] so exciting. [john] and no animals were harmed. [lauren] exactly. [lauren] bye bye!


  1. I made these and first of all YUM they were so delicious!! They didn't really taste like crab cakes, but they had all the flavors in a crab cake. I will definitely make these again.

  2. I tried to make these and they fell apart when frying. Ended up having to crumble then and serve as stuffing. Still good, the flavor was there, but I was kinda bummed

  3. Honestly, I've never had crab cakes before, I was just curious about the taste after seeing your recipe. I AM MINDBLOWN. Awesome. So delicious. Definitely on my top 10 list!

  4. Just found your channel through The Edgy Veg's holiday dinner you did! 😀 So so excited to try this recipe, it looks delicious! (just subscribed and definitely gonna be binge watching your videos for the next few days, haha)

  5. This was the first video I ever watched of yours when I just went vegan. I just want to thank you for your amazing recipes and I love them all! <3

  6. I found you guys at a time when being vegetarian was kicking my butt. Thanks for the variety of recipes and ideas and most importantly the FUN you bring to the kitchen. I cook so much more!

  7. I'm not even vegan and I'm in love with this channel! You guys make it look really easy. I've been trying to cut down a lot of meat lately and you've given me a lot of inspiration. Also I'm not a big fan of sea food so this works PERFECT for me 😄

  8. Finally got around to making these & these were AMAZING! How is this not seafood?!?! My partner even liked them and he's not vegan. YAY!

  9. Do you think the garbanzo flour taste will also disappear if I don't deep-fry them or bake them? I've had issue with the nasty flavor in the past, but I don't want to deep-fry (I've had a bad incident with it).

  10. I am just making hot for food recipes every evening for my family at this point. These take a little chopping, but very easy and delicious <3 love you guys :*

  11. I made these for Valentines Day and they were a hit! Boyfriend loved them and thought there was real crab in them! Couldn't taste the difference!

  12. These look great! I honestly had to Google that Michelin star bit myself….i seriously didn't think it was the tire company, but lo and behold it is! I learn something new every day lol.

  13. I made these last night, but I had to use regular flour and sugar because that's all we had. My meat loving grandma loved them, and when she woke me up today she said her blood sugar was the best it's been in a long time!! I love it!

  14. does anyone know if this recipe is easy to half? Im a solo vegan and dont want to be eating these for like four days straight. . . . :/

  15. This is an older video but just in case anyone cares the 3 teaspoons of horseradish, you can just do 1 tablespoon because 3 teaspoons converts to 1 tablespoon. Less work

  16. @hot for food, the recipe and video says 1 Tbsp lemon juice but you guys use 1 tsp. 3 tsp=1 Tbsp so your putting equal parts lemon to horseradish. Is the recipe a typo? or did you mean 1 tps lemon juice?

  17. Have never had a crab cake in my life but am all about this recipe. Old Bay seasoning has been added to my online grocery cart ✅

  18. Hey Lauren, I live in Toronto and I've been looking for Old Bay seasoning for MONTHS! Which grocery store do you get it from?! I checked my local Metro, Whole Foods and Food Basics.

  19. Can someone explain when/why to use chickpea flour? Like what was her reason for using it in this recipe? I don't have any and understanding why she uses it here would help me make informed decisions about when it's okay to sub!

  20. I love the closed eye bouncing that takes place when he's enjoying his crab cake! The 2 of you have great chemistry! Making these today!

  21. My husband and I are transitioning to plant base diet and I love proving to him that delicious food is still available. Made these last night and he loooooved them. They were so crispy and filling!

  22. Yes, it's the same company. They want people to drive more and explore more so they decided to rate restaurants and hotels people can visit. So it's Michelin that rates these places. Now the ratings themselves can make or break a restaurant. Chefs actually kill themselves when they lose a star rating. The pressure to win three stars and maintain those stars are insane.

  23. reads old bay seasoning 'hmm, haven't seen that around' googles 'this is not allowed into australia'. Aaaaalrighty then.

  24. Just made this and HOLY SHIT IT WAS 🔥🔥🔥 I am putting that damn sauce on everything I eat from here on out. All of my non-vegan roommates devoured them as soon as they came out of the skillet. This may actually be one of the best things I've ever made

  25. Made these over the weekend. I was a little doubtful but now I’m a believer. They were delicious 😋. This was my second attempt making these. I only wish I found your recipe first.

  26. Dungeness Crab pots are killing marine life like Orcas and Humpback Whales, Blue Whales and others are becoming entangled in the thousands of crab traps littering the Pacific Coasts especially in California Coastlines. Thank You for the Vegan Crab Cakes recipe!

  27. Can you repost this recipe? I couldn't find it below. I hope this is in your cookbook. I cannot wait to purchase it!!!!!

  28. These were so good! Only I tweaked it a little. I used real crab instead. But was delicious

  29. I have been wanting to try making crab cakes but with Young Jackfruit instead of artichokes. I was thinking of soaking the jackfruit in a brine made kelp powder and some nori overnight… I tried making the vegan crabcakes with artichokes and they were OK but I feel like it could be improved lol

  30. I’ve made this twice now and it’s hands down amazing. I can’t get the cakes to NOT fall apart in the almond milk. Would making the mix in the morning and refrigerating it till dinner/prep time help the flour bind everything?

  31. I made this and shared the recipe with my brother that has gout issues, and gout or not, these are the BEST VEGAN CRAB CAKES!!!

  32. She is right on the Michelin rating "Michelin Guides are a series of guide books published by the French tire company Michelin for …. The Michelin Guide also awards Rising Stars, an indication that a restaurant has the potential to qualify for a star, or an additional star. "

  33. Made these for dinner guests tonight and they were a big hit. A couple of modifications — added some powdered seaweed for a more ocean-y taste and I put some caramelized onions on top before the sauce — which was really good. But the what doesn't go great with caramelized onion. Instead of fries I had a potato gratin (Happy Pear YouTube recipe) and a nice fresh salad.

  34. As a Virginian and new to vegan cooking I was like “ok….maybe I’ll be 99.9% vegan except when I have crab cakes” 😂 but now I don’t have to! and old bay is life. I didn’t know other people didn’t grow up with it until I was like 16 😂😂

  35. Nothing taste as good as a real crab cake I know I have tried every thing chick peas artichokes palm hearts you can do anything you like nothing taste as good as a real crab cake but I am vegan now so I guess it's fake crab cakes tonight lol lol be blessed

  36. What am I doing wrong? I go to your website via the link, but only see the title of the recipes, other suggestions, and the comments, but no ingredients.. Please help point me in the right direction? 🙂 Thank you.

  37. What am I doing wrong? I go to your website via the link, but only see the title of the recipes, other suggestions, and the comments, but no ingredients.. Please help point me in the right direction? 🙂 Thank you.

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