Use pressure ulcer prevalence data

Use pressure ulcer prevalence data

A lot of people pick the critical care unit. There’s good and bad about that. You know, a lot of critical folks get pressure
ulcers, but another thing about picking a critical care unit as a pilot unit, sometimes
they’re so focused on life and death and Nipride and Levophed and those kinds of things,
that they don’t think too highly of getting patients turned. So you might not want to go there. Another place to start would be like a med
surg unit where patients stay for four or five days. Maybe an oncology unit or something like that. And let them pilot some of these changes. Start small, like I mentioned with the documentation. If you can think of a visual cue, or if your
little team from that unit thinks of a visual cue — if they want to try to kits, go to
Walmart, get three little buckets, and let them try it. Don’t buy a thousand documents from Kinko’s. Don’t order a whole bunch of pillowcases,
but let them try it and see if it works. See if they can make it work.

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