Unconventional Baby Food for Gut Health and Brain Development

Unconventional Baby Food for Gut Health and Brain Development

hi Cara from health home and happiness
here today we’re talking about baby food and the first foods that I give my
children are going to surprise you but probably what will surprise you even
more is that they absolutely love that so while we talk today I want you to I
want to encourage you to put away your biases about what babies will like they
don’t need bland rice cereal and we’re going to look into the different
nutrients that babies especially need and how to get those from foods that
will make such an impact in their lives to come as you know our babies are so
tiny and they’re growing so rapidly especially around the time that you’re
introducing the first foods so their brains are learning tons and tons of new
things their guts are becoming better able to digest food and they’re going
through so many milestones so today we’re going to talk about baby food that
is most optimal for gut health is most optimal for brain development and most
optimal for those quickly growing baby bodies so the first thing I want to talk
about is liver and this is the first food that I give my babies this is just
a little bit of chicken liver that I have sauteed and a little bit of butter
if your baby is sensitive to milk then you might want to saute it in a little
bit of tallow or coconut oil I’ll show you in another video exactly how I
prepared this for my babies and how I store it just in these little just
little pieces of liver for the babies and then I just pull out about a
tablespoon at a time and thaw that and let my baby kind of gum it it’s liver is
something if you haven’t had it before the texture is really soft it’s not like
muscle meat or even ground beef where there’s big chunks that aren’t going to
be digested well and baby can’t really gum to get them soft enough so liver is
something that is soft enough that maybe can chew it is high in vitamin b12 it’s
high in an iron it’s high in D and it’s high in folic acid and especially the
iron and D or something that your pediatrician might recommend your baby
supplement my doctor was perfectly shefter giving me a funny look my doctor
was perfectly okay with me giving my baby liver on a three time weekly basis
or so instead of supplementing him so liver is a great first food for babies
it has all the nutrients that you need it’s just really a powerhouse
and plus it’s so soft that it’s really easily easy for them to digest because
we don’t want to have them because we don’t really want them to be eating food
like raisins or something they might like them because they’re sweet but
you’ll see you see them come right back out and so we know that they’re not
getting a lot of nutrition from them but liver is something that my babies have
all been able to gum even if they didn’t get their first teeth until later on
they’ve been able to gum and digest really well you might be thinking how do
I get my baby to eat liver I think your baby doesn’t have the strong bias that
you do so I have found that babies a lot of times will even like drink salsa like
you put out chips and salsa and suddenly you see your toddler and this is a
pretty common I hear about this in lots of families so that suddenly you see
your toddler going up to the table and just like drinking this also out of the
bowl where it might even be like a medium or a hot salsa and the toddler
just doesn’t care like babies aren’t tasting things the same way that we are
and so we might have that preconceived notion that they need everything bland
and sweet and barely tasting like anything no seasonings and no salt but
actually liver and salt salt we’ll talk about a little bit later but liver is
something that yes it tastes strong ties but to our babies babies love it it’s
almost like they inherently know that they need it cod liver oil is another
strong tasting food that babies tend to just crave like if they need it they’re
craving it I feel like it around preschool age a lot of babies are losing
that where they’re not craving the foods that are so good for them anymore but
usually when you’re starting solids between six months and a year babies are
going to crave and they are going to accept the foods they need and that
includes liver so I would definitely encourage you to start with liver
sauerkraut is another strong tasting food that babies tend to love they love
the salty and they love the sour your baby you can just put it on a little bit
of sauerkraut on a plate or some juice put a few liver chunks on a plate and
then sprinkle liberally sprinkle the real sea salt the salt that still has
all those vitamins and minerals and hasn’t been cleaned from the sea and
that’s going to give the trace iodine the trace minerals and the sodium that
babies do need to further about their electrolytes and the third thing
I recommend you feed your babies is fish roe and this is salmon eggs which is
fish roe I buy my not vital choice it comes in a
box like this frozen with dry ice you can see those and then I keep them in
the freezer and then I’ll pull them out to thaw in the fridge for about a day
before I’m gonna serve them and I try to use them up within a couple days of
getting them out into the freezer but this is fish roe and these are salty
they taste a little fishy like we talked about with the cod liver oil babies
enjoy this it’s almost like they into intuitively know what they need just
like you can usually let babies breastfeed on demand and your milk will
change according to what the babies need babies are just incredibly intuitive
they’re not using really the thinking part of their brain yet they are
operating on instinct which then we outgrow sadly and things take a lot more
thinking but babies are but babies end up loving these salmon tanks and again
they are nice and soft there are little tiny finger food you can put like three
or four of these and we just start so little and that’s actually another
misconception as people think oh well my baby only eats a couple tablespoons of
food a day so why does it matter what it is well that matters even more like your
baby’s growing so much they’re only eating a couple tablespoons we want to
make sure that those tablespoons have the most amount possible so if you can
get over your bias you can see that my children absolutely loved all these
things like Levi is eating Levi’s eating some steamed green beans and some liver
which for the liver I just tend to take a couple chunks out of the freezer let
it thaw on a plate and then give that to him once it’s thawed and he’s eating
some green beans and he thinks it’s the greatest thing so as long as we can get
over our biases that babies don’t like liver that salmon tanks are gonna be too
fishy tasting for them that this is weird your baby doesn’t know that any of
this is weird your baby just kind of has this intuitive sense of what nutrition
they need they need the vitamin b9 the natural folate the iron the b12 the
protein all of that stuff that’s in liver or the omega-3 fatty acids which
is so important for brain health which is in the fish eggs the activator X that
dr. Weston price talked about in his book nutrition and physical degeneration
is now it’s referred to as k2 which is if you know the the babies are naturally
low in vitamin k2 and some people think that that might be a Western from for
nomina and some people think that might be a Western phenomenon because we
actually don’t include fish eggs in our diet where in traditional cultures they
knew that they needed to get the eggs from the fish the liver and all that
stuff that natural and the grass-fed butter that naturally has the vitamin k2
in it and so your baby it’s almost your baby will benefit from all of these
foods they’re amazing for their gut health they’re building their gut lining
right now it’s not quite ready like they can’t really digest grains but the hope
is that when we prepare their gut well and we give them all the nourishing
foods that help develop a healthy body a healthy gut a healthy brain then they
will able be able to avoid so many of the chronic diseases that are going
around lots of people think that it’s the vitamin k2 deficiency that’s causing
so many of the chronic diseases it’s also the lack of natural folate which I
talked about in another video that we are choosing natural folate that’s found
in liver instead of artificial folate folic acid that’s found in so many
supplements and fortified food and then next is probiotics and that’s where our
sauerkraut can come in naturally fermented pickles any natural fermented
food babies love that sour taste they just they really love those strong
tastes so if you can kind of forget everything everyone ever told you about
babies need to start with bland rice cereal and think like my baby naturally
has these cravings for these very healthy foods that are needed for their
digestive system and if you don’t believe me go ahead and buy you can buy
naturally fermented sauerkraut at a lot of health food stores now bobbies brand
is great just make sure there’s no added sugar
some of the pickles there’s added sugar which we don’t want to introduce yet
that does not promote a healthy guy but the naturally fermented sauerkraut that
sour taste just put a couple of these little cabbage pieces or some of the
juice on your babies highchair tray and see what he does and my guess is that
he’s gonna love him he’s gonna suck on him he’s going to he’s gonna smile he’s
going to enjoy this whole process and my guess is that he’s going to love it so
just go ahead and give it a try see what you think if we’re the liver if you
don’t want to make that baby lover and you just want to give it a little try
goat again to your health food store and see if there’s a liver pate and so if
there’s liver pate just check the ingredients and make sure there’s
nothing that you want to avoid for your baby but a lot of it is a lot of them
has just really simple ingredients and sea salt is good the herbs and spices
are just fine they’re not gonna hurt your baby
I would probably avoid milk if there’s butter in it if you haven’t introduced
milk or you know your child has problems with milk protein you might want to
avoid that but just give them a little bit on a spoon and see what he thinks
and then for the fish if you don’t want to start with the salmon eggs just a
little bit of salmon puree that up like in a blender with a little bit if you’re
nursing a little bit of breast milk or a little bit of water just to make that a
nice paste and see what your baby thinks about salmon I’m you want to choose
wild-caught salmon for that with that again is available at most health food
stores and even most regular grocery stores have that those are the three
things that I introduced first for my babies it’s a little bit unconventional
oh and then these jars when you’re done with these from the salmon eggs they are
perfect baby food jars so I tend to just fill this up for my little ones and if I
know we’re going to be eating while we’re out I’ll put in some liver usually
some steamed like green beans or peas or something that’s easy for them to pick
up and a little bit of sauerkraut for the probiotics and that’s a great
portable solution for when you’re out and about because I know they’re so
everybody wants to feed the baby everybody loves babies and babies
they’re just they have that like everybody has this drive don’t want to
take care of them and so many people don’t think of food as being
thing that they need a nutrient they think of oh well it’s okay take a baby
ice cream because it’s soft and they’re not going to choke on it’s okay to get
baby french fries baby’s gonna love french fries it’s easy for them to hold
and grasp and chew even without and chew even without teeth and so this is just
people’s thought process you have to sometimes you have to be it feels almost
rude or a little bit assertive and say no my baby doesn’t eat that or if you
just say food allergies usually or the doctor say usually people will let off a
little bit but that’s common and don’t mistake it for somebody trying to give
your your infant obesity or trying to give them cancer that’s not what it is
at all these people everybody has this drive in them to take care of babies and
that’s just how they are doing it based on their own life experiences so yes we
choose differently but it doesn’t mean that other people have a malicious
intent at all and along those lines though people forget and they don’t
really usually understand why you’re feeding your baby what it helps to only
leave your baby with people that you do trust to follow your their food
protocols just because they are building their brains are developing their guts
are sealing up this is just a really sensitive time so it’s worth it to maybe
offend a couple people unfortunately and put in the extra work now so that your
baby can have a healthy start without having like sugar that we know harms
ambien system grains can really because babies aren’t ready to digest them yet
grains can be really hard on their digestive system and prevent that gut
from healing and sealing up how it should feed diets obviously we want to
avoid those food additives a lot of those haven’t been studied or if they
have been studied they show that they cause neurological issues we definitely
don’t want that for a very very highly sensitive babies as they’re growing but
really the hope is that with this good start now that they’re first of all
going to avoid the chronic diseases as much as possible they’re going to be
able to have a healthy gut and when you have a healthy gut you have healthy
digestion and you can extract foods and process out toxins that’s another part
of our gut that’s so important and so the hope is that by the time your baby
is a little bit older if they get cake at a birthday party or they’re
eating unhealthy fats at a restaurant occasionally that it’s not going to give
them those health problems that so many of our families and our children are
experiencing right now so that good start is so worth it that I wanted to
just talk about my three favorite food for babies and then I also want to tell
you about nourish beginnings baby food nourish beginnings is by my friend Renee
Coley and she this is just a beautiful book and because what I love about this
book is not only the beautiful pictures but Renee really gets us excited about
like the simple veggie purees and so I personally and I’ll go in another video
telling you about how when I know my baby is developmentally ready for solids
and how I start without purees but a lot of people want to do purees for their
babies and just kind of looks like the traditional baby food and this is using
all natural ingredients it’s all stuff that you can trust like Gerber baby food
we don’t know what’s in that even though organic brands we don’t and especially
the pouches that you can’t even see into we don’t know what’s in that stuff and
yes I have given my children pouches I tend to buy pouches still on my oldest
is 11 for when we do car trips they’re just a great way I know they’re getting
veggies in and it’s something they’re going to accept because it’s sweet it’s
usually mixed with apple sauce or peaches or something but when we’re
starting with our really little babies and we really care about the nutrient
density of every single bite they’re taking and we also want to make sure
we’re avoiding any of the bad stuff like who knows what’s going into all of these
little purees that are sold in the grocery store shelves and plus they’re
not fresh I mean their shelf stable so they have been pasteurized they’re not
fresh we can do it fresh with organic local fresh vegetables that we trust and
then this is something that she has a lot of these that you serve to baby and
it’s a perfect food for baby but it’s also a great side dish for the rest of
the family so like there’s roasted beets so if you are looking for more ideas if
you’re kind of like me and with your first child you’re switching from eating
way too much junk food but not wanting your child to take on your habits but
you need some ideas get this book by Renee
is a beautiful book tons of great ideas and she’s a mom of three girls the
August they’re just adorable she’s a mom of three girls they do lots of outside
activities and so she’s kind of like me where her recipes aren’t super
complicated they’re easy enough for you to do with a baby in the sling and then
maybe a toddler’s helping you with dinner which we all know how much help
toddlers are when they’re helping us with dinner so her recipes are simple
they’re absolutely gorgeous there’s something that you’re gonna love feeding
your baby if you need a little bit more guidance on ideas and flavors to combine
and how to combine them this book is perfect for you again just absolutely
beautiful pictures you can see all the beautiful children in here and it’s just
the recipes are really attainable doable for the average mom so I encourage you
to check out nourish beginnings baby food by Renee Kohli if you want to click
on over I’ll leave the link below this video she’s at raising generation
nourish calm she does a lot of gut friendly gluten free and even gaps legal
paleo foods that the whole family will enjoy and mom won’t be stuck all day in
the kitchen so I encourage you to go check her out and go on to Amazon click
down below on the link below and check out her book nourished beginnings baby
food I hope you found that helpful I love sharing tips with you so if you
could comment below if you have any questions I try to apply to all of my
comments and if you could subscribe by clicking over there I always love to
bring you new content so thanks and bye for now


  1. Hello Cara. My children are grown, and I have no grandchildren on the horizon, and I rarely watch a video over five minutes in length… but I watched this one, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I appreciate your efforts!

  2. liver is delicious!! we old people dont have to judge anything if its healthy! plain vegetable puree has not as many nutrients as people think

  3. You’re so right. My baby once ate a lime. A lime. And then he looked around for more. Babies are more open than we think.

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  5. Hello, my baby is soon to start solids and I'm also planning on following the Weston Price way. Its great to hear that your babies love these vital foods. I have a question regarding egg yolks – Nourishing Beginnings book also recommends soft cooked egg yolk as a first food. Did you try it with your babies? Ive heard some babies don't respond well to the egg, Im thinking of waiting a bit on that… Thanks 🙂

  6. Great video! We need more open minded, health focused mamas like you! Can you please talk more about fermented foods for babies? Is there a limite to how they can have? Is it safe for all babies to be exposed to fermented foods so early? Also, what are your thoughts on giving babies kefir?

  7. Mother’s milk is about 14% fat- are you at least feeding babies along with the same macros as mother’s milk? Obviously liver should be tested for arsenic and heavy metals since that’s what it is filtering out of the blood of the beef or chickens they came from. And adding salt. Didn’t you know that meats are salted to remove most of the blood? How high a sodium diet are you feeding them? Very odd. Babies “know they need” salmon eggs? Are you talking about baby seagulls? Wow.

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