Ulcers in the Large Intestine | Treatment | Real Testimonial

Ulcers in the Large Intestine | Treatment | Real Testimonial

Hello Sir, Please tell me about yourself. My name is Col. R.P. Verma, I am from Army background. I worked 30 years in army. Now I am working as a General Manager in a company. Sir tell me about the problem because of which you met Dr.Vikram Chauhan? In 2006 I visited America to meet my Son. There suddenly I starting having loose motions and then after 2-3 days blood mixed stools were there. This was till I stayed there. I had motions mixed with blood approximately 7-8 times a day. Then I thought I am having stomach infection only so I took Antibiotics but still I had no relief. I came to India and consulted Doctor who was retired from PGI, Head of Department in Gastroenterology – Chandigarh. He advised me for Endoscopy and done with test. He told me that I am diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had Ulcers inside my large intestine and most of my large intestine was affected. At that time I had loose motions 15-20 times a day. He recommended me Masacol with Steroid in 2006 and also one more medicine, I forgot its name. He also said this is that kind of disease for which you have to take medicine for whole life. I started taking his medicines. Sometimes I was feeling relaxed but again motions mixed with blood were there 10-15 times a day. This was continued till 2014. Then in 2014 my Niece’s Colleague told me that he was treated by Dr. Vikram Chauhan in Mohali and he was cured. That person also gave me Reference of one video and asked me to watch it. I saw the video where patient was suffering from same problem and got relief as well. Later on i went to Dr. Vikram chauhan after 2-3 days. There I explained all my problem and also informed him that I was on steroids continuously from 2-3 years. Infect doctor who was treating me also gave up by putting his hand on his head and said I am not understand that why you are not getting any improvement? Dr. Vikram told me all the things to follow and prescribed me Ayurvedic Medicines from Planet Ayurveda. He asked me to continue both Allopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines for 1 Month and stop allopathic later on. He advised me to take lots of fruits and vegetables. In vegetables he asked me to take Bottle gourd, Ridge Gourd, Pumpkin, Ash Gourd, Turnip, Radish, Carrot and Cucumber. These all things he asked me to take. He also advised me to take Pomegranate (Anar) juice daily (one pomegranate juice at least). He also asked to take coconut water and about rest of my diet as I was fond of alcohol, Dr. Vikram asked me to stop. He also stopped me to take Cauliflower which causes gas problem, beans and peas. By following this diet I got so much relief and my gas problem was also reduced. I followed this diet for 1 year almost. I started taking medicines from Plant Ayurveda on 22nd March 2014. Today, i came here at Planet Ayurveda to say Thanks to Dr. Vikram as I got total relief now and I am passing motion only once daily. My problem is now relieved from roots. Sir I want to ask that are you taking Allopathic Medicines along with Ayurvedic Medicines. I stopped taking Allopathic Medicines after 15 days only inspite Dr.Vikram advised me to take for 1month. I stopped taking Masacol and all allopathic medicines after 15 days. Later I was on only Ayurvedic Medicines. Now I have so much faith in Ayurveda. When my family suffer from any kind of health problem weather my wife or my children, I only recommended them that Ayurveda. Ayurveda has all treatment for all diseases and now we prefer taking Ayurvedic Medicines only. Sir I want to know, is there any message from your side to our various patients of ulcerative colitis? Yes, sure I want to inform all that Ulcerative colitis cannot be treated by allopathic Medicines. As I already told about Doctor Retired from PGI Head of Gastroenterology Department, he said – Colonel you have to take Allopathic Medicine whole life. One of My friend who is in U.S.A and was my class fellow he is also a Gastroenterologist over there. I talked to him, he also said I have to take allopathic Medicines throughout my life. But I am shocked to see that I left all the allopathic medicine from 1 year and I don’t require any now when I switched on to Ayurvedic medicines. I give recommendation to all that don’t deotriate your health by taking allopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis as they are giving steroids which cause mouth swelling and water retention, these are the side effects which almost all must be knowing. Sir I am very much thank full to you that you came to our Planet Ayurveda Centre and gave us very nice testimonial which will be very beneficial to various patients. Thank you. Thank You and I will recommend all the patients that they should take Ayurvedic Treatment and I am giving 100% guaranty you will definitely get relief. Thank you.


  1. i have same problem since last 4 years.. will you please send me your email id or any thing so i can contact you from abroad

  2. sir I am from Bangladesh student of (BHMS) in dhaka.. I have duodenal ulcer from 7/8 moths…. sir I will cure by ayurvedic medicine? plz sir

  3. Sir I am suffering from terminal ileum ulcer.I am using alophethic medicine and also completed my full course.But the disease again restart.Sir you have treatment for my disease.kindly reply

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