Two-minute microwave cheese sauce | Mumsnet hacks

Two-minute microwave cheese sauce | Mumsnet hacks

Today we’re going to do a Mumsnet microwave hack The famous microwave cheese sauce Okay so first things first, two tablespoons of butter stick it in a bowl, in the microwave just to melt it about 50 seconds after 50 seconds it should just be fluid and we’re going to add in our other ingredients We’ve got two tablespoons of flour plain flour, pop that straight in and then one cup of milk, pour that in Whisk that together in a bowl Get rid of the lumps Once its all mixed we add in the cheese We want one cup of grated cheese just plunk it all in Give it a quick stir and back to the microwave So we need to put it in the microwave for two minutes We have to stop it every 30 seconds to give it a good stir You’ll start to see it thickening after about the third time You can see it really starting to thicken now got another 30 seconds, zap it in the microwave and then give it a really good final stir it smells amazing So now its all done, we’re going to give it one last final stir Sauce, lovely and thick and really cheesy If you like, you can add half a teaspon of salt just to taste, but you don’t have to and there we go, thick delicious cheesy sauce two minutes in the microwave, amazing! Subscribe to the Mumsnet channel over here Check out our other Mumsnet hacks over here


  1. A cheat's cheese sauce – super quick and easy, it takes only four ingredients and two minutes in the microwave to make. We challenge you to come up with a simpler solution! Share your trusted cooking hacks in the comments below.
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  2. Or make Delia's "all in one" white sauce in a saucepan and add cheese – fewer stages and less effort! This would be handy if your cooker is kaput though. 🙂

  3. Great recipe – I can't make cheese sauce the usual way so will definitely try this.
    But why have you used 'cups' instead of grams or mls for the ingredients? I'm sure we're not in the US… [grin]

  4. I would make the sauce and add the cheese after. Much nicer if cheese is just melted and not cooked. Cools it down, ready to eat! You have to watch a saucepan but I think this recipe could cope with major distractions en route.

  5. thats looks like its WAY more than 2 Tbs of flour. or is it just the video that makes it look like that? it looks like half a cup

  6. Here's my even speedier cheese sauce.  Put a tub of creme fraiche and about 100g or more of parmesan or other cheese into a pan together.  Boil it up until cheese has melted.  Serve.  

  7. Very good – much quicker than making on the hob ……….. only slight complaint is it obviously has an aftertaste of flour because it hasn't been cooked, but nothing awful.  I always put a teaspoon of dijon mustard in cheese sauce to lift it a bit

  8. all I do is take a cup put cheese and milk in it and some salt and pepper and maybe some chili peper powder and stick it in the microwave

  9. Absolutely perfect, I'm never cooking cheese sauce on the cooker ever again, just took the hard work out of macaroni cheese, thanks…

  10. LOL that takes way too long, what i do is just

    1. Get nachos
    2. Throw them on a plate
    3. Pick the rest up and throw them in the bin (because they didnt land on the plate)
    4. Pick the ones that didnt land in the bin and put them in the bin.
    5. Get cheese.
    6. Throw it on top of the nachos.
    7. Put the plate in the microwave.
    8. Wait 2 – 3 minutes
    9. Put them out.
    10. Eat them.

    And thats how to make nacho cheese with nachos in like 5 minutes.

  11. as soon as i mixed the butter and flour together, it turned into dough. i added milk and put it in the microwave but it splattered everywhere! not only that,the mixture was still clumpy. the taste was horrible. where did i go wrong?

  12. Not too far off from my own variant of microwave cheese sauce. Only difference: mine does not use butter or flour, but rather the powdered cheese from a box of Annie's mac and cheese. Getting just the right consistency is tricky, to say the least, but the end result when done right is fantastic. A little seasoning goes a long way towards making it truly decadent too.

  13. Here what I do
    1:get nacho chips
    2:put them in on a plate
    3:get shredded cheese
    4:sprinkle it on the nacho chips
    5:put in the microwave for 2-3 minutes
    6:let them sit until it's the the right temperature for you
    7:eat them
    This is really way you should try

  14. Anyone else thought she was opening an oven @ 0:51 😂😂😂 my microwave look straight dusty after seeing hers lol

  15. For anyone who cares.
    She tried to do a normal cheese sauce with a microwave and failed for 1 important reason. That Rue was incomplete and did not cook off the raw flour taste like you normally would. Use cornstarch but, it will still taste very off

  16. Man this recipe sucks ass, i did everything she did and it tasted like baby vomit it was all buttery and gross

  17. Im a queso freak! And I wanted to tell you how delicious and amazing this recipe is thank you for sharing this with me!!! I absolutely love it!

  18. I'm not saying this is the best cheese sauce on earth, but when the baby is hungry and you don't have time to faff about with a roux on the hob this is a lifesaver.

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