Tuerong Farm

Tuerong Farm

I’m Jason Cotter from Tuerong Farm on the Mornington Peninsula. We grow wheat and flour for the restaurant and
baker market locally. We’re standing on trial plots of wheat and other
grains that we’ve collected from around the world and also from the gene bank
and we’re looking at whether they’re grains that we can pursue both for their flavour, ease of digestion nutrition and generally to increase the
diversity of wheat which has significantly narrowed since the Green Revolution.
There’s an enormous diversity of wheat. The wheat genome is far more complex than the human genome and the variation in wheat is far greater so there’s a lot to discover and rediscover about old, rare wheats and a lot of them growing quite successfully in a high rainfall zone an hour from Melbourne So I’m standing in our crop of Emmer, it’s
originally from the Basque Country in Spain
France and it’s a far older
grain than spelt even it’s an ancient grain, high protein, high nutrition and great ease of digestion. It’s excellent disease resistance, it’s very healthy its season is quite long but it yields very
well and like a lot of the ancient grains it has the resistances that modern wheat can have but rapidly loses as the diseases catch up with the production So are some of the wheats I’ve
grown in the last few years. I’ve just put some display boards together. This is one of the ones I was talking about in the paddock Florence Aurora, this one was a collaboration between Australian and French wheat breeders
This one here is Bankuti from 1930s Hungary It was famous in France before the
Second World War as a pastry wheat flour There’s a few here that I probably won’t
pursue as a bakery product but potentially a floristry products with
the Black Emmer, just beautiful It’s amazing to see it in a paddock together, it’s like standing in a library of the history of wheat breeding. This Italian one, Ardito, is in a lot of pedigrees of great wheats in the 20th century, Ardito is from 1916, it’s actually one of the earliest wheats that has
Japanese genetics it was developed in Italy great flavour,
bakery performance, yields well, too tall for modern harvesting and it went out of favour for decades but I love it

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