TSM Fortnite Cook-Off | Thanksgiving Edition 🦃

TSM Fortnite Cook-Off | Thanksgiving Edition 🦃

Welcome to TSM cook-off, the most intense culinary Competition in the world we’ve searched all over the TSM house to find the top three most talented chefs Introducing the contestants chef Daquan nice its fine its fine Chef Myth And chef Hamlinz Who will be crowned victorious who will falter and piece us for the rest of their lives find out next this is TSM cook-off Thanksgiving edition Hey guys, welcome to tear some cook-off Thanksgiving edition today. I’m here with the fortnight guys chef Smith bake Wow and chef ham suss Okay And today they’re making Thanksgiving foods and Hamlin’s this dish is mac and cheese with a side of mashed potatoes Everyone’s gonna make their own dish and the we’re all gonna judge we’re gonna taste it. We’re gonna give them a score and the loser The loser out of the three will have to drink a mixture of all the foods mixed in one. I knew it You’re not fazed by that I’m not Trying that at least I take one for the team CJ’s gonna try I will try because I want to win because I’m a winner W game we always take those. You know, I mean you lost the last challenge that’s fate news. Okay It was in a parallel universe. It facts. It’s a yearbook Very low University How long do I have? 15 minutes easy Clap dogs tonight you still losing get the hundred dollar bill once in three minutes With my eyes closed. So how many people got Salmonella? Hanlan’s you have 15 minutes. Are you ready? Yes. Okay, countdown starts three two one go Bob potato now. Okay, really raw potatoes. Oh Okay, really, what is this Jesus gave me one potato The shame was like the shape of my head buddy. Okay. What the hell is this is Salt okay. Okay. All right. What sniffing? If I need some water I like it because he knows he could okay, that’s the spirit hams I’m actually mad mad proud of you that you noticed that right now is gonna fags bro today real quick Then we got to get the water boil it straight away. Yeah, I’m a professional bro. Trust me. Yes mmm, little legs dogs Emergency, I like it get that thing bowling Oh get that up there. Make it a little quicker The gas is under the fires not on Oh What do you mean, okay, okay, we’re good now, yeah just burnt down Gavin wong and nicholas ariza are really gay. I gonna lie to you. I’ve never made mashed potatoes in my life. So, uh There’s gonna be a little different Blends I like it. Y’all gonna be surprised. I actually worked in the restaurant. I know weren’t you just a delivery boy Okay Nobody I cook every now and then yeah Yourself lunch, I’m confused. You know, what do I need milk for mashed potatoes? No, no way. It’s got to be back around it Yeah, wait Water boiling not. Yeah, okay Mashed potatoes. Okay, buddy. There’s no idea. Let me down know what I’m doing, dude. I’m gonna start cutting meat fix We go Okay, buddy, perfect. Yeah, it can’t be that hard a mashed potato was nothing but a potato that’s mash exactly Um, so we are just a hammer Ok Ok, really? He never gets the potato smashed He will serve raw cold potatoes because look at this. Boom I knew that you got all this man. You got a hold it up. Maybe there we go Buddy I go. There we go. Emma’s right. You’re gonna have to eat this not Okay, there we go, okay Fine dying. Okay, don’t worry. I got it son Yeah, if you don’t boil the noodles, I swear that’s the one thing you better do no I got this but no you got that. You know what they say if you can’t take the heat get out the kitchen Take the heat buddy. Ham as well. So what else are you gonna put on that extra fire? You got on dog? Oh I’m cooking air, buddy Okay, put this on so I’m gonna boil this and today float You don’t know why because I know that I don’t know what this milk is for Milk There’s no way there’s no happen. Okay, this is is it natural. Yeah, I mean double brother All right, okay, really How do you cross them you gotta find something brother I’m making Fred fries run on a whisk if al is you got that list right there. Oh There we go. Okay You think you have to wait for them to get soft okay. Okay. Thank you thank milky potatoes. It kind of smell good Yeah, it started to come together sort of small like mashed potatoes. Ah, there we go I think I should’ve went for a smaller bowl like that. The top tier chef can make anything work. That’s that’s correct That’s facts Gordon. Ramsay’s gonna be proud We got some angry Mac buddy Okay. Why is this turning black? Okay, what? Oh my god, bro. Imma legit like the worst chef ever ruff Okay, I need a strainer noodles are ready. Noodles all ready. I need a strainer with a strainer was a strainer. Okay I got it. I got it. I got it. Be careful. Be careful that voice move with it. I’m smooth with it Don’t worry about that master chef that one A lot of water getting out of there though. Those are some top-tier noodles right now. There we go. There we go We get somewhere a little bit on the watery side, but that’s okay, buddy. We got some cheese on next I’m not gonna throw it in there, buddy Okay, don’t forget about it tato zarbor do I need some water in here Okay, go put a little pepper right there damn old Smiley just oh this has got to be disciplined. Just a pinch. I’ll spice that thing up. Lovie a little bit of salt go Do that emerald bang earth get the staring area looking to Bruce Gosh It’s kind of smell nice like gonna live Oh, bro, yo the macaroni is coming together Come on, if one thing I made some top tier macaroni, but yeah some top tiers. Hey, what’s my time? What’s more time? enos Enos enough that’s easy class Yeah There you go doggie mash in let’s go there we go Create a completely new dish – Potatoes heavens of the only person on earth of mashed potatoes Yo, they smell good. Okay We got this Oh Spice it up Let’s go little spy that hey Let’s go when we got the plate, yo ain’t greedy before time Big Macs Hmm. Now look at the held. Oh, you know what? It’s not done. It’s not done. It’s not done right? It’s not No, those are the two of those are definitely the ingredients to finish off a knee meal. Let’s solve more peppers Absolutely knock and cheese box macaroni and cheese little bit of salt. Boom You know, I might be doing a lot tonight, but that’s okay buddy. Yummy yummy. Yeah, that’d look good Okay, these are not how do you mash potatoes buddy I’ll confuse vodka hell How oh Shit okay. I think these right here buddy. Okay, doesn’t we got to go this one have to go? Go around I’ll be proud. Hold on. I’m not done. I’m not done bet. Oh Man you got it. The milk is here for a reason buddy Mommy a glass of milk mac and cheese with a glass of milk Mill diner. Oh Look at that presentation Yeah, look at that out of the tation 40 seconds remain at least top here I don’t mind a piker the names I did grow up in the chef’s family. So my men missed five ingredients either. Okay, really? Oh How kind of wasn’t a time acrimony that no, you don’t fire As you can see this is macaroni and Mashed potatoes. Yes. The macaroni was made from the cheese is actually goat cheese Yeah, the go there go what mountains the goat was massage for 13 years before Is that it? Oh, that’s courageous. Yeah, that’s immaculate right there. What are these black specks on the mac and cheese? That’s a pepper but pepper. Yeah, a lot of people think that’s like burn wounds. Trust me, huh? No good Oh, it’s just gonna he wants to take the first bite my god don’t think it is. Mmm Take a nice bite that’s good. Mmm good Is right a nice perfect amount. Mm-hmm, huh they got a hard wait, what’s it made me kind of hard but in our Undercoat a little bit these potatoes Okay No, I’ll give me a bad potato, buddy. Okay, they gave me a bad potatoes Wow Not master at all I got a bad potato so bad. Let me test this mango. Yeah, I believe my eyes are seeing I don’t believe it a Lot of delusions. Nobody tell ok, that’s the macaronis heat bro. What Loki I mean Loki boy you got taste much Bullshit Oh my god, mmm, it’s a lot undercooked buddy All right, yeah, I try to get benefited out, you know, I try to hide you up a little bit but it do do Re all right next we have chef Daquan. Oh Ya hear me and your dish is vegetable soup vegetable soup No, I’m gonna be good. Yeah Ready? Yeah that go. Oh Did you start the timer that boy quit boom that boy got lightning speed stuff in the friends met Tell you what else got like this be that hairline going backwards, buddy Yummy-yum. Oh, that’s easy clap. I got the Osborn’s this whole Statement and this is actually faster. You say miles a bachelor, buddy Yeah, I don’t know bro Oh buddy, you got have a balanced breakfast. You know I’m saying yeah. Oh, yeah It says I don’t know you vegetable soup for breakfast. Hey, I mean this is gonna be fired So you gonna want it back lunch and dinner? I don’t want to use too much of this So I’m just gonna go ahead and cut that in half, you know say ah, boom. You don’t want too much onion exactly It’ll add a little bit too much, you know Yeah, I’ll peel it up the amount of time being wasted by him not boiled in water at the same time You got a point brother you got a point Whoo, we hit the bottom I lost you saw that I think Hamlin’s is potato cutting technique little bags. I have his also of the speed of a snail Look, I don’t know any potatoes, buddy Okay, but anyways they gonna be smooth when that finger come on buddy, yeah I totally gonna do is we gonna get a little bit of messy right here You know I’m saying we’re gonna go ahead and swipe that off. You know what it’s just swiping this on out of here All right, so we got potatoes we got carrots and we got celery you someone saying um, go ahead and swipe that off there You know, make sure your stuffs not undercooked like hams and now we gonna do put a link turn editing up a little bit. Oh, Nothing no But you know what you want to do here. You know I’m saying what’s next? Look you want to go ahead and take a little bit on That salt you say one of these Pepper you know saying yeah, you don’t want to get too much boom right on the elbow We’re gonna technique technique I want to see you make this before ground Never made my life dog client, but hey, hey my plan don’t really the higher know is gonna be fired Oh that may look at juicy Smell good Yeah Hey, oh, we got more stuff than a fridge good at it. You could add anything brother Y’all see they trying to make me lose the competition because they know that there’s gonna be fire, you know, yeah Oh, it’s starting to be honest. I think like all the chopping they expected you to be slow with it That’s why I like you didn’t even need 15 mins AG that you bro. That’s max Like if I woulda started boiling my water earlier, come on by now, you know, Sam but what is that day? It’s vegetable broth. What does that do shit? Nah, it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine we can save this save this so we want to do with this Yes, hey that’s a good strap Yeah You transfer the heat. Yeah that summer, you know, I mean, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s how you doing today? I’m doing fantastic bro. Just like you gonna be once you tie this brochure your your round upside down It’s gonna make you depressed day into a happy one, baby. I’m telling you Let’s go and his boil in bro is ready right now is he got a flippin he has five second Hake though there’s some tomatoes in that Alright so first things first My dish is called the deck wine, especially on smells pretty good Yeah, you liking it you think his how would he know Burnt potatoes know broke a really big facts Yeah, nothing better than my macaroni yeah Last but not least we have chef myth you You’re making a spaghetti and meatballs. Oh, yes Ok, ok. Ok Let’s go. I know meatballs before but I believe in my ability. That’s nothing but red macaroni Well, that’s true. You see you’re like oh Yeah, ok, he used the wall for support to go to my Navy. I like there are so many things Oh My god, oh He got them very buddy. What are there eggs for? Okay. Okay. So here’s what we’re doing man We put in the water. We got that bitch on high. You’re gonna need this to put that back on there Not yet, though some roasted garlic and bell pepper. I know for a fact that’s bitch go. That’s fire. Wait Yeah, this place – it’s fire. Oh that forum. That’s that forum. Yeah I’m not a cook these bad boys when we honor what you come on baby any of the balls. No, that’s all good I’m gonna just squeeze it out. Oh Oh my lord Oh what no, no, okay. There we go, but that memoy medium cuz I’m ready to cook Yeah, you know gonna get meatballs. I want them to be Okay, really sighs just about right Oh like a meatballs my any education. What am I do it? Am I doing? What am I doing wrong? I’m making meatball. Thanks. What are the eggs for I was not gonna use them I feel like that’s a throw off They’re gonna want to put too much because the more you put in more is gonna have to cook So I’m only gonna light that much and go put a little bit of garlic onions. Oh That ain’t good I actually do not want that all up in that oh shit Know me burn that ain’t good that ain’t good. So turn up the heat on this just a little bit of black pepper on. Oh We’re getting somewhere. Now. You know I’m saying. Oh, I know what I didn’t do that egg. You’re supposed to mix it with the meat Just a girl you got the times – yeah, you know we go Oh Come on you gotta open it open it. Oh hello Quinn Hi they go there we gonna there we go Four to five times a Seagull right that’s going right there right there, you know, man that’s gone. This thing ain’t even started to boil. Yeah Hello a little bit burn on that one, but that’s high. That’s Alright good better than raw Cheese about It was bobbing, it’s cupping It Five minutes that’s the only time I mean Hey, I’m tell you it’s it relevant we’re supposed to break the news when you put a nice a good tip Oh Thank the Senators gonna be cooked all days that’s why you got to turn down the heat miss the loop a Little bit too low so that it slowly starts to navigate toward the center without burning the exterior You know done smell good exactly buddy. Look it Get a little bit more of that That roasted garlic in that water Oh Sam, buddy Y’all might think I’m being excessive but trust me that’s just that’s as true as it gets right there. What is it seasoned? Salt we love to hear that Even more water Meatballs Cooked perfectly on every side you’ve done off. Okay, we gonna put that bad boy on low actually Just keep it warm for y’all at home pasta. How you doing, baby? Speak to me Oh Talk to me. What are you saying? Huh? All right, you need a little bit more time from Brian 53 from Vaughn. Okay I Actually cook the noodles just a little bit but I didn’t gonna then ain’t gonna do nothing. Oh, yeah What’s the time again? You have one minute. I mean we’re good. Well, that’s real hot Ivy’s got a he’s got a got a hustle make that some of them are gonna go on the drain. That’s fine Oh What you have 20 seconds 20 seconds Oh Calm down calm down calm down To You buddy Some people like it a little bit watery But they don’t take away from the fags allowed to be the best movie you ever had but in your life a bank big guys Bon Appetit how that smell oh That’s not pretty nice good Oh, yeah, don’t pay attention to that my pasta crushed Pasta though Second bite was better. Second bite was mad if I was better second bite was better You hear that? Are you trying to separate the meat before you actually? That’s just medium rare no, that’s fine. That’s actually good for you to eat though that ain’t wrong Yeah, I want to taste that I know that shit’s fire hold on I thought I can’t do pretty good the meatball This all stays great I’m making you scared for my health to try it. So, uh first off we have chef hanlin’s with mac and cheese So, you know your presentation that’s pretty good not gonna lie Looks tasty. Thank you. But uh, you know, you didn’t make the proper dish which was mashed potatoes. It’s Nobody told me that The macaroni was you know Undercooked so no, I would have to say like it’s more like a D. But but you know, okay, I’ll give you a steep Lesson so next up we have chef decline with Vegetable soup. This one was probably the tastiest of them all, you know, all of your your ingredients were cooked So that’s another plus you can eat this one without getting sick So that’s another plus, you know, it’s not something that I would order at a restaurant But you know like you you get a solid beat mmm You know just a little bit more work and you know, you got something good So, you know chef myth have spaghetti and meatballs, you know, I’ll give you points for completing the task So, you know, it was quite a lot more of steps than the other two So this is I agree on this heavily the God. He was a little bit hard the spaghetti was hard So it’s a little bit. It’s a little bit like a the Hamline style spaghetti. You have a little bit better I would say it’s you know a solid deep but you know I’ll give you one point Anyone Mia plus I’m gonna go I’m gonna give you I’m gonna actually move you up one grade to a c-minus Let’s see, let’s see on us I didn’t have peace ain’t going bro. You have undercooked the Better than Hamlet’s I’m just gonna go with you know days taste of the best I think you guys all have a lot to learn from day right here chef Dave me out here baby made my dad proud Alright, let’s put this thing in a blender and I want to see hands chug. It chug it boy chug. A spaghetti sauce real good All right, Donald look check this out I’m gonna put the broth in there to help you out. You don’t even I appreciate it I got you both and then I’m gonna get a good ol scoop with a nice wholesome. So, you know, it’s healthy, you know sanitary Get your vitamins. Thank you. Look at that layer spaghetti. I don’t know something bad has happened Oh, you want me to put it anywhere? You put it on I’m gonna save you, you know some doodoo taste. So thank you. Go ahead In there, you know I’m saying head your whip though We given that burnt potato Hit that term Oh I think it’s funded There we go, that’s that’s nice right there Yeah, my spaghetti sauce really made this come come true, you know, thank you Look at Close-up on that look at that Oh my god Hmm dank look like a nice carry like a mango mango Maron smoothie, bro. Yeah I Got it homey. You want to smell it? I’m good TSM TSM right great piece cheers Cheers. He’s she’s on me I’ve been kind of good though. That tasted like death. Yes Thanks, drink it Thanks drinkin Go ahead take one Winner I’m the winner, I’ll be none of that in my life, bro. Yeah Can I get a napkin buddy? I got it macaroni curls on my top lip Do you where are your taste buds? I’ll be there All right, this is where we cut I broke the macaroni made it so bad Made it so bad the only effect of the texture, you know, yeah, I like the texture. Alright guys. Thanks for watching It was amazing. Do not try this at home because I’m gonna be taking the biggest doodoo in my life tonight but other than that, make sure you subscribe hit that like button and Watch all the rest of our videos as well buddy, and don’t forget to have a happy Video part to give you $1,000 to the e set if I you like a bun bite or oh you’re psycho


  1. Hamlinz: I worked at a restaurant

    Hamlinz: scared of a flame on thhe stove , burns potatoes and doesn't make mashed potatoes

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    You’ll have to wait 15 minutes for MAC n Cheese and burnt potatoes

    I didn’t forget the milk

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