Trying out Little Caesars NEW Quattro Pizza!

Trying out Little Caesars NEW Quattro Pizza!

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty … Food Review! Yeah, well, I’m standing here. I am in a very new location. I I did a bit of moving, believe it or not. So I’m just in the middle of just setting everything up and I’m in a new location – a new locale. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of that lately and right now, I’m just figuring things out, so I decided to be extra dramatic and stand for the camera and incoherently wave my hands around like they I’m trying to do something. But, I don’t really know what I’m doing. So that’s what that is. But, either way, I do know why I’m here, believe it or not. Yes. I do. I I do indeed. I do know why I turned the camera on because Little Caesars has a new Pizza out. That’s right. Little Caesars has a new release ladies and gentlemen. They have See, I got look at this, I went all fancy about my notes sheet right there. They have the Quattro Pizza out. It’s available for $7 exactly, you know, seven … seven point zero zero money sign. And What it is, as the name implies, it’s an interesting concept for pizza admittedly. I think I’ve seen these, you know, maybe… maybe once or twice before from just different places. You know, trying things out, but it’s still cool. Where it’s like a large pizza, it’s a circular pie, and they divide the pizza into four quarters. So one quarter is gonna have one type of topping and then the other is gonna have another type and so on and so forth. That’s like four different types of pizzas in one. And it’s been formally described as the pizza for the critically indecisive individual. Not really that was just on one site. But, you know, I guess if that’s what you want to call yourself, then I suppose that’s the case. III just look at it and I figure well, it’ll be an interesting one. You know you get a little bit of everything maybe one quarter you’ll like better than the other and so on and so forth. You might be saying, “Well … Reviewbrah, what’s on the four quarters?” Well, that’s where I got you covered. Don’t don’t worry. It’s okay. Everything’s alright. Here we go: One quarter has pepperoni only – so it’s exclusive pepperoni. It’s for the, it’s for the pepperoni lovers out there. You know? I know sometimes what I’ll do is I’ve got a piece of pepperoni. I’ll just put it right there. Just let it sit there for a while so. For the people like that who like that pepperoni – it’s for you. Then, if you want to kind of go a little a little crazy, this is all this is all out there, you can get one with Italian sausage and bruschetta and in that bruschetta is garlic, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and roma tomatoes. So that’s what’s in the “booshotie” there. Then, the other quarter has Italian sausage and pepperoni and then the last but not least is… Cheese. I want to get right into things. So let’s let’s go take a look at the pizza. You can see there’s the pizza box. And let’s hope that we do have the Quattro pizza in here. Yeah, there it is. Look at that. Look at that – a Quattro pizza right there. Let me let me try something new. Why, why not? Let’s see what happens there. We’ll see if that’s good enough. Well, you can see the four quarters right there. Okay, you can see on one hand, right? There’s the pepperonis. The whole pizza is seasoned with, I believe, it’s a garlic … like a garlic a little seasoning on it. Alright, but we got … you can see… There’s the pepperoni – pepperoni only. There’s the cheese. There’s the Italian sausage and the bruschetta. Then there’s the Italian sausage and the pepperoni. So you can kinda see… I wouldn’t really say that’s like an even four quarters. I don’t know. Looks like that’s more dominant. It was like a little slice and a half. Mmm, there’s two slices of pepperoni, lots of cheese and I like one giant slice right there. But I guess it’s close enough. I guess a little Caesars kind of said well, we’ll just do what we got to do. So there’s that. What I’m gonna do though, I’m just gonna take like one of each slice, take a bite or two of it and we’ll just give an overall assessment of the pizza. So first things first: I’m gonna start off with the cheese slice. I’m gonna try and keep this quick because otherwise I know I can on about the four corners here for like 35 minutes. And I’m not going to do that. I’m not gonna sit there and recount all the glory days with the garlic seasoning or something. See there’s your cheese slice. All right. I’m gonna try that out. Take a bite. I’ll let you know what it tastes like and then we’ll just move on to each one. So first and foremost, let’s try out the cheese slice up the Quattro pizza Little Caesars. It’s very basic like the cheese slice to me. It’s a basic cheese pizza. Definitely good amount of cheese, as you can see a little bit of sauce there. You can definitely taste that garlic seasoning that’s on the cheese slice. Alright does give it a little extra bit of flavor. Best way to put it. So it’s a it’s a very basic like, in my opinion anyway, with the cheese slice. It’s like there’s no frills. So, you know, it’s just like a that’s a cheese cheese pizza slice. Alright. Here’s the pepperonis right there. Seasoned up and let’s give that a shot. Pepperoni slice now from the Quattro pizza going in! Boy are we going formal now look at that an actual … actual cloth. I know, I know, the budget is insane right now! The pepperoni is definitely… It’s different than a regular pepperoni slice from Little Caesars. The one thing so far that I find prevalent on every single slice of this pizza that I’ve tried… And I say that like I’ve eaten every slice. I haven’t. Of the two that I’ve eaten, I definitely notice there there is definitely on the pepperoni slice. I can taste that basil. I can taste that garlic. It’s like a garlic salt that’s sprinkled on it along with just the general saltiness and that little bit of spiciness from the pepperoni. So so far just expect like a standard pepperoni slice but again, with that little bit of basil and then that garlic saltiness that’s mixed in there as well. So next what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna be very very adventurous here and we’re going to go leap right in to the Italian sausage and bruschetta. That is one heck of a slice right there with that. This is like just like the god of pizza slices. This thing is like massive. Gosh it is insane. We’ll just try it out though. So next we’re gonna try the Italian sausage and bruschetta slice. from the Quattro pizza goin in. Lots of thunderstorms rolled through here earlier, so we got some residual thunder in the backgrounds, don’t know if you’ll be able to hear it. Yeah so far so good. When it comes down to the Italian sausage and the boohschetta. I had to, I had to do that. I had to go out there just do it. I could definitely taste the balsamic vinegar that’s there. I mean like that stands out and it’s just it’s the funniest thing. I was going to expect like this balsamic vinegar to just kind of, you know, seep over out of the little quarter that it’s supposed to be in and saturate the rest of the pizza. But it doesn’t do that. That doesn’t happen. Instead, what it does it just stays kind of on its own slice, but as a result, it’s very very potent. But in a good way. It really just – it gives it this degree of flavor that I was not anticipating from a little Caesars Pizza. One thing also to say is that the tomatoes are rich, they’re flavorful. Again… That’s another thing that kind of gets me about this Little Caesars Pizza. Definitely a very flavorful slice. The Italian sausage is a little bit on the bland side. Right there you can kind of see that. It’s a little on the bland side for so much of it. I would just expect to taste a little bit more. That’s not to say that it’s not there. But I just wish I could taste that a little bit more and the slice was just a little soggy like I could tell that the olive oil the, you know, the balsamic vinegar and all that kind of just seeped into the slice and made it a little on the waterlogged side. Which is one complaint that I do have. So, you know, just just keep that in mind as you get this. Good thing at least is that I am getting this fresh because I am closer to a Little Caesars now, so it’s SuperDuper fresh. Then finally Italian sausage and pepperoni slice. Let me take a quick little water break. And I’ll be trying this out Disaster is what it is. But we we salvaged it. I’m not going to eat that, though I already, because it’s done. Alright, here’s what it comes down to the pepperoni and the Italian sausage slice Like I said, it’s just a blend of everything else. I just wish that that Italian sausage was a little more flavorful. I do like that little bit of a spiciness that exists in the pepperoni itself. Overall though I mean for the pizza for what it is, it’s a very diverse pizza, especially considering Little Caesars, you know? It is like a very… I’m just shocked by how diverse it is. That’s got all the seasoning all these toppings and, I mean, credit to them. I I really like the concept to be honest. At first I thought, “Ahh it’s a little tacky. I bet it’s gonna have all these four, you know, it’s gonna taste the same. But I’m surprised! Each little quadrant of the pizza has its own unique flavor and I got to give them credit. I gotta give them credit where credit is due. I think they actually did a really good job on this. There are a few, you know, minor little complaints about this. Again where some of the slices can get a little soggy and I wish that the sausage was a bit more flavorful. Considering what it is, but I do like how it’s got that garlic seasoning overall and the bruschetta was just really good I gotta give them credit on that. For seven bucks it’s not bad. It’s definitely a filling pizza. Very varied and I think you’re just getting your money’s worth – a good amount of flavor there – and most of it is executed with a few minor issues here and there. So therefore, out of ten, the pizza itself? I’m going to give it a 6.2 out of 10. But still understand despite a few quality issues. I think it’s a flavorful tasty pizza nonetheless. Of all the quarters I would say my favorite one? I gotta go with the classic pepperoni. Though the bruschetta is really good. And that’s probably my second favorite one. So with that that’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen. I’m your host The Report Of The Week and make sure you tune in to my new podcast coming up this Thursday You can find it at:
Thank you for watching and take care! I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek. See you again in a couple days with another video.


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  5. Order their toppings under the cheese next time, the sausage will taste much better. It’s bland when it’s above the cheese because it dries up

  6. Seriously? This channel has over a million subscribers? Lol people have a lot of time on there hands if they want to watch someone eat.

  7. I was like 6.2?! Wth… lol I was getting hyped thinking it was like an 8 or something lol he’s a harsh critic πŸ€”πŸ€£

  8. Pulls out basic cloth,

    I know the budget is insane right now,

    This is why we enjoy and respect you sir you have professional yet formal humor and the best food reviews on the interweb

  9. I'm so glad I clicked on this video! This dude is so entertaining πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I work at Little Caesars and on the Quatro, is a different type of sausage. I can't remember what it's called, I just call it the big sausage because it's bigger than the Italian kind πŸ˜… But yeah, that's why it's kind of bland and seems sort of not cooked in a way because it's supposed to be that way for the Quatro. Anyways, awesome video though! That was super enjoyable to watch for some reason!πŸ˜‚

  10. Overall i would say this is a sub par pizza compared to a good italian restaurant pizza. But the Quattro is a novel idea. But for $7 you have no right to expect a superb pizza. It's OK for $7.

  11. Love this dude… He's just a joy. However, Little Ceasar's in general, just isnt very good. Most pizza chain places aren't. Give me the local mom and pop pizzerias with the real Giuseppe tossing dough high up in the air. 😊

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  13. Hubby and I tried this yesterday. It was good. You cant choose the toppings but that was ok we still wanted to try it out. The Italian sausage and bruschetta one was my fav. Enjoy watching your videos and your thoughts on the new food coming out. πŸ‘β€

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