Trump Is Super Sad That No One Cared About His Rally This Week

Trump Is Super Sad That No One Cared About His Rally This Week

So while all the news was breaking. Most of it kinda simultaneously on Tuesday
between Manafort being found guilty on eight counts, Cohen going to court and pleading
guilty on eight counts implicating Trump in a felony. What was happening at that time though, was
that Donald Trump was preparing for a massive rally in West Virginia. And according to a recent report in New York
Times that actually came out Wednesday, the day after the rally and all the big news. Donald Trump went back to the White House
after the rally and was very sad. An aide said that he was just in a weird mood. They hadn’t really seen him like that. He wasn’t energized. He wasn’t even angry. He was just sad, very morose. Because he looked out in the crowd there in
West Virginia and just saw too many empty seats. No matter what he tried at that rally, he
couldn’t get people going. He couldn’t get them excited. Now in case you didn’t see, I didn’t watch
the rally. I read the tweets about it. But there were … I did see a few quick clips
a this. Before the rally began, the people in the
audience were still chanting, “Lock her up.” Still chanting, “Lock her up.” On a day when two of Donald Trump’s close
friends, and allies, and political operatives are going to prison. They’re chanting, “Lock her up.” So yeah, that was a little weird. But nonetheless, Trump was sad. And he was even sadder on Wednesday, aides
say, because nobody was talking about his rally. Nobody was acknowledging that it happened. Likely because of all his friends were going
to jail, and he was just implicated in a major felony. So he was a little subdued and aides didn’t
quite know what to do with him. But here’s the thing, he wasn’t sad because
he was implicated in a felony. He wasn’t sad that his buddies are going to
jail. He was sad because nobody was talking about
what an amazing job he did at the rally. That’s where that man’s ego is right now. It’s not worried about keeping himself outta
prison, or what to do about his friends, or the fact that they … you know, most of them
are working with the investigators at this point. No, he is worried that nobody was talking
about his disaster rally in West Virginia. Nobody was telling him how great he is. Nobody was telling him that they even watched
it. That is where that man’s priorities are right
now. And that is going to come back and bite him
big time. Because if he’s not focused on all of these
legal problems that are happening to him? If he’s only focused on what happens at those
rallies? Then he’s gonna get popped with some major
charges and not even realize it. Because he was too busy trying to get crowds
ginned up and trying to get some positive media coverage, to worry about hiring decent
lawyers better than Rudy Giuliani to save his ass from going to prison.


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  2. He is not doing anything for you. He is screwing all of you. And before you realize it will be to late why are we in this mess. Donald Trump. The Elmer fudd Of are time I think I seen a Mexican.

  3. Those people chanting β€œLock her up!” weren’t Trumptards. They were lefty agitators referring to Ivanka πŸ˜‚


  5. He is a pathetic man child who only cares about whether or not you like him. He has no concept of right and wrong nor does he realize how much Americans despise him. On top of all that a lot of the deplorable/idiotic voters of his who like him often can't take a day off of work to come cheer for him while the rest simply don't want to go.

  6. I'm not a shrink, but I do think,
    Trump's mental state I can now diagnose.
    I have some notions, why his emotions,
    alternate from grandiose to morose.
    No mystery, we can all see,
    alzheimered manic depression, of course!
    First it's the blues, from the "fake news."
    Then it morphs into "Let's build a Space Force!!!"

  7. They realized Trump lied to them about coal mines & jobs. Every where Trump went he promised to get their jobs back which is false hope. Trump returned claiming he open 4 mines creating mass jobs Lying to their jobless faces. Trump has zero knowledge how international trade works. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Obamas market recovery can only last a couple years. Trump is undoing all the Good things Obama did because he hates him whether it hurts Americans or not. The thought of 23 million people losing healthcare didn't stop Trump from trying to repeal the affordable care act/Obama care. Luckily we had John McCain to stop him. RIP JM

  8. Delusional Trumpites. They are that stupid to be chanting something that's nearly two years old! I've said over and over and over, Trump worships three things. Himself, money and applause. He's a spoiled child with a mentality of five or six living in luxury at our expense in the place he called, "a dump." Compared to his Trump Tower's apartment which isn't even paid for. He shafted the contractors by declaring bankruptcy right after they were finished. How can Trumpites believe he's a great businessman? He's had SIX bankruptcies!! If you're a great businessman you don't have to declare even ONE bankruptcy. His Father bailed him out twice that we know of because he's so bad at doing business. And they were sued by the Attorney General of the State of New York for not letting anyone dark rent the apartments Fred/Don built at that time WITH OUR MONEY. 22,000 apartments that the bigots wouldn't rent to anyone dark or darker. And they lost the lawsuit! Why didn't they ever get jail time for that??? But other than his bigotry, Fred Trump was a good businessman. His workers liked him. Look it up. And Donnie was actually glad he died. He said that now he could have all the Manhattan real estate to himself. Look that up. There's a video on here that proves what I've just said. Trump doesn't study anything. He always has someone do his tweets. You'll never see him do them in public because he's not capable of writing them. And he's had various helpers. I think Hope was one but she got tired of deceiving the public I think. I hope. And having another beautiful woman around him at five in the morning or six couldn't have pleased his wife. Not that he cares but it would get out. He's lived so long being a con artist that he doesn't know what else to do. The saddest thing I ever heard him say to someone was, "you like me, right? Yeah, you like me." Pathetic. He doesn't like himself at all but he lies about it. Just like he lies about being rich. That's why he WON'T let us see his tax returns. It will show how poor he really is. He's a failure and like the Time cover shows and I've said, the minute he stepped in the White House he was WAY over his head because he's so unqualified. But he loves attention. He missed the ralley's so bad they had some fake ones for him. To build his ego up he needs clapping which he equates with approval. He thinks people love him and I doubt there in one person on the earth that does. He's in love with himself. I've told my students we should love ourselves. We should do the right things and listen to our consciences. But there's a difference in loving yourself and BEING in love with yourself. What this man is saying doesn't surprise me at all. He's even been taking staffers along to clap for him. Isn't that sad. Built in approval. A President of our country who deceives himself to that extent. Even Fox News people don't know how to deal with him. He only focuses on himself. That's his whole world. Isn't that pathetic? πŸ™ WE NEED RALPH NADER. πŸ™‚ Songs

  9. He isn't worried about his friends. he will pardon them. the pardon thing has to go. you commit a crime you should do some some time. No President should have pardon powers past getting information that can save lives. especially USA citizens lives such as was crimes and terrorism in the name of helping your fellow citizens and brothers and sisters in battle.

  10. Should we call 911 suicide watch or leave a full bottle of phenobarbitol and a fifth on his nightstand. Decisions. Decisions.

  11. Dude you're an idiot. The cohen thing was all a lie haha, Do some more research before making retarded videos, Thanks. I can literally link you a video of CNN stating their news had a bad source, AGAIN. It's what they say every time they get caught. God people are fucking brainwashed these days.Is it just being clueless or just not spending enough time filling your brain with information.

  12. No one paying attention to an opinionated bully? Ostracism is a hard thing to get through, effective as hell though, lol. Hit him where he lives, in his ego.

  13. All he needs to do is photoshop the crowd and tweet how big it was just like he claimed his inauguration was the biggest one in history. Problem solved.

  14. The only criminals at moment are all the democrat Frauds, thieves, liars and Swamp rat fuckwits. Trump has done more in the 18 months in office than Obamanure did in 8 yrs with his sasquatch First Ladyboy. Russian dossier was a DNC financed fraud, no collusion found and Killary the traitors private server was hacked by CHINESE not Russians. Dems knew about it and did nothing allowing 18 CIA agents to be killed by Chinese due to Killary insecure server, bitch deserves to be shot for using insecure private server and being lax about security.

  15. Trumpty Dumpty sat on the WALL
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All putrin horseman and all WH liars
    Couldn't put Trumpty Dumpty together again

  16. Trump is going through his first stage of grief. Denial. In his mind, he has done nothing illegal. That's the problem with pathological liars. They lie so much that the numerous lies are in enough number to create its own alternate reality.

  17. Sigh… guess Trump will redo the McCain funeral and this time he will speak instead of Obama.

    Trump the White Supremacist eternally playing catch up to the first black President. Lmao

  18. …thank God… finally figured trump out…ignore him…that is his greatest weakness…as Amorosa said…this is the best way to defeat this naraccist…and she should know…so glad tv, and cable news have stopped televising these Klan Rallies…they are an insult, and a disgrace to the American people, as well as a dangerous threat to our National Security…again thank you Ring of Fire,, cable News, and God Bless America…

  19. One thing is for sure. Trump's funeral will be less classy and much much smaller than that one of true American Hero and gentleman John McCain..

  20. I feel for anyone that has lost their job to the economy and this disclaimer is I'm not making fun of anyone situation. But politics should stop promising what they can't deliver Republican or Democrat it is what it is and we need to find ways to do better

  21. What if donald gave a rally, and nobody came…?
    What if the patriotic majority visited, registered to vote, learned their polling stations, ordered absentee ballots, &c.?


  23. I guess Trump's playpen is getting to be a lonely place, and he is running out of other 2 year old's to play with. Poor little Donald, so sorry!

  24. His narcissistic supply is failing. He's not getting the positive mirroring he desperately needs. It's just a matter of time before he turns on his idiots for not giving him the same adrenaline rush they once did.

  25. I wonder if the prison authorities will be able to supply Trump with an orange jump suit that won't clash with his hair. You're going to jail Donny.

  26. I guess if your head is deep in the sand you
    have no choice but to mainline that toxic kool aid you are obviously hooked on.
    "I didn't actually see the rally, but I did read the tweets" about it and the president's mood after it. (????)
    If you followed any news outside of your little echo chamber you would know that while your swamp conducts its endless dog and pony show witch hunt for the brainwashed,real
    things are being done to uncover real crimes committed by the previous administration.
    The people of West Virginia shouting lock her up are not stupid yokels, they know whats going on a lot more than you apparently do, and so do most Trump supporters ( most Americans). Most of us also realize that locking her up is not actually a good idea but the crimes are being exposed, the truth is coming out and the corruption is being stopped; thats whats important.
    Go on underestimating Trump and he will go on making your country better stronger wealthier and happier for all it's citizens, like it or not.

  27. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I love when this racist shithole doesn’t get what he wants hehehehehhehehehehehehehehheehheehhe his rallies are only for his dumbasses supporters that waste their money paying to attend it to listen to him whine and whinge and lie through his teeth about everything and they actually believe his lies by cheering and applauding them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that has no proof behind them.

    The one thing they all have in common with trump and his family and cronies is that they are all racist mentally handicapped laughably poorly educated people. And they are fine with it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Wow lololololololol

  28. If you've seen one of these Trump propaganda parties…you've seen 'em all.
    They're attended by folks who love lies and phony conspiracy theories.

  29. Wait, wasn't his rally broadcasted by Fox didn't they pick it up! MSNBC stopped and I am glad he is boring with the same stuff, he can't even be original!

  30. If Trump do what the citizens tell him to do they will all care about him even the blacks and the whites but when he shut the government down he's letting the citizens of the United States know that he didn't care about the citizens now the citizens are mad at him

  31. Long as you keep in that government shutdown Mr Trump you going to see more empty seats and about people and voting for you Trump for the next election good luck on that one mr. Trump

  32. You stupid snowflakes. Wipe the shit you talking from your mouth. You dont have footage you dumb idiot. MAGA2020
    Jealousy makes you nasty


  34. Everybody in your country are in fould let trump go and look for a new president he is fucking up your counry and you let him do so. So stop whining about him and stop him now you are like venesuela in the beginning with chavez making fun of chavez and look at venesuela now . It was a power on it's self you could go anywhere in the world with a venesuelan passport ,not anymore they have to stand in 8 our lines to get water are they having fun now? No !!!!!and with trump it could be the same . Every country in europe don't want to talk or do anything with trump around becouse they know him wel and see who he is .he is a candidate to become a dictator you can see where he puts his time in talking to the masses to keep them interested in him and to keep them calm you know who talked every day ? Chaves and now maduro and kim young un and other dictators so stop with this and put him in jail and get a new president before it's to late butt do it now now now not tomorow now don't stare at him just get him out . You are like a wive who gets beat up and later says "yes i hurt butt i am to blame "stop it and take your kids and leave. leave him now.

  35. Why do you always seem to give this pos president tips on how to stay out of prison or impeachment beginnings?? You must be crazy! Click…unsubscribe!!

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