Treat PCOS With Yoga Poses – Part 1

Cobbler’s pose works in the hip and lower
back. It decreases tension, stress, improves energy and blood circulation to the ovaries. We’ll begin by bringing the soles of the feet
together, let the heels touch. Gently holding on to the toes, rooting down through the pelvis,
and you may feel difficult to bring the knees towards the ground. In that case, you can
put a bolster or a block underneath to support the knees. Inhale, lengthen the spine lifting nice and
tall and as you exhale, start to release forward. Bending from the tip and relaxing. Each time you exhale, slowing moving deeper.
Coming into the posture just as much as you can and then holding there for ten breaths.
Inhale slowly coming up and relax. And back to the beginning.

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