1. I use it on birds that have barely survived hawk attack. Recently one had its digestive organs exposed. It took a month, but the honey saved him. I use manuka honey. Honey is always in my emergency kit for birds.

  2. Damn, that 'uuunntillll nooooow' was so delayed, it was even more satisfying than usual.
    Got me again Greger, gg.
    Still won't be using honey though. Ever.

  3. Didn't you also mention strawberries were a potent antidote against canker sores in a previous post? -If so I'll bet those blossoms might work almost as well.

  4. If you're in hospital and they offer you a honey dressing, do you…

    A. Say "Yes please – I love retro medicine that works"

    B. Think you're having a ham salad for lunch?

  5. Thanks so much! Just this week, the corners of my mouth were cracked and sore from the cold, dry air in my area. I tried shea and mango butters which provided some moisture, but no healing. Then I decided to apply Manuka honey to my lips especially in the corners; within 24 hours the healing was significant! By the second day it was almost completely healed. Now I know why and have scientific basis for my personal experience!
    I greatly appreciate all the work you do!

  6. One of Doc Greger's favorite ploys is to use the Ewww! factor in his humorous readings of scientific research…makes you think😀

  7. Given that honey is mostly sugar, the research would have been much better had they added simple sugar syrup for comparison. I'd also consider maple and agave syrups as worthy for testing.

  8. Fascinating. I live in Costa Rica and do animal rescue and almost every veterinarian I've dealt with in the past 11 years has told me to apply honey to various wounds on cats and dogs. So nice to see this video! Pura vida!

  9. I have almost entirely cured my canker sores by using SLS-free toothpaste (see Nutrition Facts Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZS5nyKZyh4).  Now I only get them if I have physical damage in my mouth caused by biting my lip/cheek.  I'm vegan and don't normally use honey at all, but I may make an exception for this.

  10. Honey is very dependent on locality.

    What type of honey were they using? Raw? Processed? Fake? Adulterated?

    Where was the honey from? What was the environent in which it was produced? What were the bees used in producing the honey?

    Answer questions like these and they you are getting somewhere.

  11. This is NutritionFacts not "evidence based except when it's not vegan"
    If honey can treat some conditions then it should be used for it.

  12. If plain old commercialized adult-rated honey was used, maybe it's the sugar water.

    More than likely the results are highly dependent upon the type of honey used. Perhaps it's much harder to get commercialized honey in Egypt. But who knows? They may be getting the same stuff we use. Maybe their stuff is RAW.

    Thus, we have one of the biggest problems with medical studies.

    They do much better with pharmaceutical drugs, because they are using specific chemicals.

    When you start to do medical studies on natural substances like honey, that can mean a very wide range of product.

  13. Also, where are you making the honey. It may be highly dependent on the quality of the plants used, and the bees, in making a honey.

    There needs to be more medical studies on the subject.

  14. Thank you, Dr. Greger for another terrific video.
    We truly appreciate how you weren’t afraid of sharing this potentially “controversial” topic honey.
    This is why I come here to get my whole-foods plant based education. Evidence based science. Pure and simple.

  15. Sure, honey is valuable; but how they farm and harvest honey is barbaric. Like giving bees sugar water, while stealing their food. Or mass extermination, or crushing. I'd rather be using essential oils topically, and maple syrup for my taste pleasure.

  16. It would be interesting to see who gets more canker sores, people who have followed a plant base diet or the western meat diet. Could it be a digestive issue?

  17. Nice video ,but ….Hippocrates was NOT a philosopher (20 sec. on video ) .Hippocrates of Kos (Hippokrátēs ho Kṓos; c. 460 – c. 370 BC), also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles (Classical Greece), and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

  18. @5:27–6:03 He is saying the claimed healing benefits of Bee Vomit is MOST LIKELY coming from the FLOWER NECTAR the Bees drink to make their honey, NOT the honey itself, and in that segment he cites studies that have been done on those flower nectar extracts.

    I wish Dr Gregor would have just talked about those flower nectar extracts ALONE instead about Bee Vomit, but to you Carnists (Non-Vegan Scum Bags) who think Dr. Gregor is on your side, you're misinterpreting his vlog here.

  19. In my familly we always cured this with applying salt directly on it. Painful for 1 minute and the next day it's gone. Probably more efficient than honey.. And even though honey works, bees are not our slaves, it's their food. There are other solutions ;).

  20. Get cold sores use a paste made of coconut oil and turmeric and black pepper and apply it often and you cut healing time by 80 percent guaranteed.

  21. Is that honey with or without high fructose corn syrup?
    Apparently, it is often added to honey to prevent crystallization and in the US, it is not required to list it as an ingredient?!? In the EU, honey must be pure or clearly marked if not. So, I'm just wondering… If the research was conducted with a carefully selected, real honey and the general public tries to use widely available HFCS laced honey – would it still work?

  22. There are so many other natural topical and internal plant based remedies to deal with dis ease instead of animal products.

    I thought this was a nutrition facts based channel concentrating on whole plant based foods for a healthy diet. not a natural remedies show or is it evolving into this?

    We need to leave the Bee's alone so they can regenerate and build themselves up naturally. Bee's make honey for a reason and it isn't for us. It is for them. It is their provision to get them through the winter and hard times when they hit. It allows the bees other options when the shit hits the fan. We are starving them to death and preventing them from overcoming tragedies when they hit.

    Break free from the brainwashing, it is obviously starving them to extinction. Virtually has here in the UK.

    Ps, peace and Love to all the decent folk and F those Nasty Narcissists and F Em Real Good.

  23. i was vegan for 9 months and life was depressing, now i'm a vegetarian that eats just cheese and ranch dressing, ice cream, chocolate, dairy containing products etc., but not milk or eggs, i still use almond milk. i love honey too. being a strict vegan was the worst 9 months of my life mentally, always checking labels and being the weird guy out with people.

  24. Vegans do not use honey if they are vegans… Whether or not this is for for ethical, moral purposes. Besides any other reasons. However honey has been used medicinally for centuries. But this can also be said of ghee and other animal products. But if you're a vegan, as in you do not consume any animal products, than honey is a no for you.

  25. i had mouth ulsers for yrs, nothing got rid of them, 40yrs later i went vegan , they were gone in 2 weeks, and they have not come back,

  26. I use to get canker sores at least once a month and haven't got one in the two years I've been vegan and definitely wouldn't use bee vomit if I did have one anyway.

  27. Disgusting pandering to speciesists now, Dr. Greger? I will no longer be promoting your work, and I will unsubscribe from your channel. Bye.

  28. "I think I'll stay…" a what?  I didn't catch that last word.  However, most doctors I've met won't research any underlying disease for mouth ulcers, they will give you cream and send you home$$$  I've had them all my life, and more recently a lot.  I'm more worried about the cause and how to prevent them.  Can't afford those high priced doctors these days.

  29. I was really seriously hoping honey was simply a placebo effect 😔 even so – just because we can, doesn't mean we should
    There are some personal "benefits" to consuming other parts of animals (I say personal because it kills whoever it comes from), but most of us who come here don't because it is unethical & we have OTHER OPTIONS.

    Animal use is inherently violent. Their bodies are not ours to use like machines. We ought to use our intellect to find other solutions rather than resorting to animal exploitation.

    Please help us find kinder ways of cooing with bodily pain!

  30. Ah, the unsettling realization for some that Dr Gregor is all about what nutrition-based science can do to help human health, not justifying an ethical stance against eating animals or their products by ignoring the science. The overlap with a potential vegan lifestyle happens to be almost complete, but not quite – So some fly off in some fit of pique because they can't accept some tiny area of difference where the science might support honey – Don't think he's ever said he was a vegan, so it's not like they can pretend they've been let down – long may his unbiased research continue, ^oo^

  31. Science isn't vegan….some of the comments are ridiculous. You guys do realize that many scientific studies are based on animal testing and not every animal product is bad for humans? I'm a vegan, but some of you guys are just dogmatic and only interested in propaganda.

  32. I still won't be using honey. Never had to, never will.
    You could just use ice to relieve pain and tea tree oil and many other plant oils have antiseptic properties.

  33. Careful, the holier than thou vegans are gonna throw a fit when they find out that you are encouraging the exploitation of the poor honey bees for our personal convenience and well being!!!!!

  34. I’ve been getting painful canker sores for 10 years, any new tips on how to best relive pain naturally is appreciated! Thank you!

  35. "3 Reasons Not to Eat Honey" http://gentleworld.org/3-reasons-not-to-eat-honey/

    "While you may spread a heaping tablespoon of honey on your morning toast without thinking, creating each drop is no small feat. To make one pound of honey, a colony will have to visit over two million flowers and fly over 55,000 miles, at up to 15 miles per hour, to do so, according to the Utah County Beekeepers Association. [6] The association also informs us that, during a bee’s lifetime, she will only make approximately 1/12 teaspoon of honey [6], which is essential to the hive for times when nectar is scarce, such as during winter. At times there may be an excess in the hive, but this amount is difficult to determine and large-scale beekeepers often remove all or most of it and replace it with a sugar or corn syrup substitute. Can you imagine someone removing all the fruit juice from your house and replacing it with fruit-flavored soda? It may still give you energy, but eventually it will probably make you sick.

    Another thing to think about while you sit by your beeswax candle and contemplate the lives of these little fellows is that bees must consume approximately eight pounds of honey to produce each pound of wax! And the more we take from them (bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis) the harder these creatures must work and the more bees are needed, which isn’t good news for a population that is dwindling."

  36. Honey is not vegan. http://gentleworld.org/3-reasons-not-to-eat-honey/ It's not necessary to use it. Honey is meant for the bees who collect it. They are made sick by the syrup that is given to them in place of their sustenance. Please do not promote animal products like honey Dr. Greger. Thank you.

  37. I often advice patients to use Medihoney for wounds and ulcers, it's especially effective for type 2 diabetes induced ulcerous wounds.  Burns too, medihoney is wonderful for healing burn wounds, I find the skin will heal to a smoother texture with medihoney.  From my standpoint, if you can get away with not using prescription topical steroids while getting better results, why not give it a try?  We get atopic dermatitis (eczema) patients who are often quite distressed by their skin condition, invariably even those who initially resisted prescription steroid cream will eventually give in because the symptoms are too awful or distracting.  I'll write them for Triamcinolone cream and it works quickly to relief symptoms, but for chronic sufferers with idiopathic AD it can become a cycle of topical steroid use and that's not a good thing.  Medihoney is not indicated for use in AD but I'm interested to see more studies with honey and skin conditions.

  38. Dr. Greger, please tell people to check their question in your video library before they ask you on your livestream. This way, new content can be covered. Many thanks Dr.Greger

  39. My son used to have mouth ulcers very regularly and a lot of them. He would be in agony and sometimes miss school. Then someone recommended zinc and, hey presto, no more mouth ulcers for a year!!

  40. Is it possible that the salve property of honey is what draws out the infection? If so, there are other kinds of natural salves that leaves bees be.

  41. My honey story: I had severely sprained my outer ankle & put a 4"x6" frozen cold pack on it for 20min every 4 hours, as instructed by my doctor. By the next day, I had a 4×6 3rd degree "freezer burn" of necrotic skin. It turns out this is not an uncommon injury in runners. The skin is so thin and there's so little circulation it's very easy to get frostbite if the cold pack is frozen. Due to the size of the burn, my Doc got me an appointment at the nearest burn center. While waiting, I happened to take my dog to the vet. He asked what happened and after giving the details, he recommended a Manuka honey dressing. He said he'd seen burned horses grow skin back at the rate of about 1"/month. When the burn unit told me treatment would be $6000 and take 6 months, I bought the honey. I changed dressings every other day and in 3.5 months, the burn was completely healed!! The "inside" 25% of the 4×6 rectangle is a bad scar, but the rest doesn't even looked damaged! I ended up having to get 24 oz of honey. Total cost of honey and dressings (human large non-stick pads and horse anklewrap that sticks to itself…for only $2/roll, which was 80% less than the equivalent human wrap) was about $275. Vs $6000 at the burn center! Anyway, that's how honey healed my 4"x6" frostbite/burn.

  42. I get that it's all unbiased and just presented science but it's pretty sad that this can't be relied for ethics, too… Unnecessary exploitation of animals is wrong – and it's unnecessary, just how it was pointed out in the video. The healing agents probably come from the plants anyways.
    and it would be really nice to hear all of the nutrition science about the consumption of honey as well.

  43. Dr Greger suggests to use the pollen flower directly, not honey: such as camomile and lavender oils. Watch the whole video before commenting please.

  44. I used to get a few canker sores a year. I wish I knew to try honey. I'm curious how the honey was able to stay in place in the mouth long enough to be effective. Some OTC goop I was using created a film over the sore that stayed in place. On a side note, I don't get them anymore, and I'm really not sure why.

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