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in your journey to lose fat, get shredded and I know
they’ve certainly served me in my journey to get
super lean this summer. So without further ado,
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let’s get right into it. Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve been in the fat loss
phase, I am three weeks out from a competition right now. My first natural bodybuilding show. It is in Sacramento on July 20th, 2019. It’s two days before my 28th birthday and that’s perfect because
my mom and my sister are coming out from the East Coast, from West Virginia to
support me at the show and then we’re having a
nice little two, three day venture around Sacramento/San
Francisco area. Gonna hit up a winery or
two, may drink a little bit. It’s gonna be a good time,
but for the next three weeks, there is no alcohol, there’s actually, really the five foods that I’m gonna talk about here, amongst others. So let’s get into it, number
one is sugar free ketchup. And this is something
that I use quite often. Probably a little bit more than I should because as we know, or you should know, using sugar free options that
have artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame,
there’s a lot of controversy around it, it may not be the healthiest for our short-term memory,
our memory in general. Also, there is a lot of
study that states that, if we take in sweeteners,
it will actually increase our appetite, will increase our hunger because we’re actually tricking our body, giving our body the signal
that we’re taking in sugars, which are carbohydrates, glucose and we’re actually not
taking in any calories. And then 30 minutes later, when we take in the sweetener, we are actually hungrier. So, I know I’m kinda selling
you guys away from using the ketchup, but I do think it’s valuable to be used in small quantities. Once a day max, just to bring
a little bit more flavor to your food because as we
know, when you’re dieting down, you’re limiting your calories,
you’re monitoring closely, your macronutrients, your
proteins, your carbs, your fats. And a lot of the foods that we take in that are nutrient dense can
tend to, especially whole foods that we promote, tend
to be a little bland. So sugar free ketchup,
specifically Heinz has a great one that I find in most grocery stores, is an awesome option for you. Perfect segue into the next one, number two is sugar free maple syrup. So, and I’m obviously droppin’
some B-roll over the screen to show you guys the
specific brands that I use, but there are many other brands
that I’m sure taste amazing. These ones I can vouch for 100,000%, the Maple Grove’s Sugar Free
Maple Syrup is absolute fire. I’ll put it on breakfast in the morning. I’ll put it on eggs, I’ll
put it on turkey sausage if I have that every once in a while. Obviously, I’ll put it on pancakes. I’ll make some protein pancakes. You guys can get creative
with these condiments, on the ketchup and the maple syrup. And especially when you’re
in a fat loss phase. Weird things start to
taste good that otherwise, wouldn’t taste good when
you’re not in a fat loss phase. So, who knows, now I’m
not sayin’ to put like maple syrup on your
broccoli, but honestly, at this point for me, that actually sounds like it may be good, crazy right? So anyways, take that for what it’s worth. These two are big, big staples for me. (clearing throat) Also, I have a squeaking problem
with my throat apparently. (crashing) Next one, and this is gonna be a big, well duh moment, but it’s vegetables okay? Steamed vegetables specifically,
shying away from using oils and fats to bring out
the flavor in vegetables. Obviously we know when we
add a lot of salt and oil, fats to vegetables, they taste like candy. Well, unfortunately we
can’t do that with oil in a fat loss phase, with salts, specifically pink Himalayan sea salt, gonna talk about that in a second, is a great way to spice up
the flavor of vegetables. Guys, don’t cut out salt by the way. Don’t cut out sodium in your diet. Anyone, any coach or anyone
tells you you need a limit, your sodium intake, just fire
them and just say goodbye. There’s a lot of benefits
to taking in sodium and salt in a fat loss phase, it’s actually very important for our body. But back to the subject at
hand, steamed vegetables dropping on the screen, usually
what I gravitate towards. And I’m also showing you guys these top five foods
for efficiency, right? Because I come from a corporate
accounting background, working a nine to five,
didn’t have all the time in the world, I couldn’t
be steaming my vegetables on the stove top or in
the oven every single day. So, this is a great option. I like Steamfresh from, I believe it’s Birds Eye is the brand. There’s many different brands. If you just pop in the grocery
store in the freezer section, there’s usually like a 10 for 10 deal. You can get like 10 bags for $10. Vegetables are very
inexpensive and that’s why it’s always very confusing
to me when people say, “I wanna eat healthy, but
it’s just so expensive.” Actually, eating healthy
is less expensive. Try going out to eat and
getting super fatty foods all the time, see how much you spend versus going to the grocery
store and buying smart. Buying some rice in bulk,
buying some vegetables in bulk, buying some meat in bulk. Actually, go ahead and just YouTube search healthy grocery haul for
under $50 or under $100. Guarantee you find 10 fire
videos, just to dispel that. Steamed vegetables,
they help with satiety, feeling full because of the fiber content. For men, we usually, the
rule of thumb is take in 10 grams of fiber for every
1,000 calories roughly. So, for me, I’m taking in
about 2,600 calories a day on this fat loss phase. I can take in a little bit more. You can take in a little
bit more than that, but for a man my size, around 190 pounds, little less at this point,
it’s about 30 grams of fiber. And fruits and vegetables,
vegetables specifically, because fruits are more calorically dense, higher in fructose, higher in sugar. Vegetables will really help
you with that fiber intake. And then not only that, the
sheer volume of the food. The sheer volume of
vegetables goes along to serve that satiety that I spoke on earlier, where you’re feeling full on
less calories, on less food and that’s really what we look for, especially in a fat loss phase. You know, I’d love for
you to compare taking in 100 calories of peanut butter versus 100 calories of cauliflower. The feeling you’re gonna have afterwards that there’s really not a comparison there in terms of satiety and
feeling like you’re full. One quick caveat I will add
to taking in vegetables. Obviously we know vegetables
are very important for a micronutrient intake. It’s way beyond just macros,
IIFYM, If It Fits Your Macros. That’s like a basic bitch,
introductory beginner course into losing fat and gaining muscle. We need to focus on the actual
food quality as well, okay? Yes the law of thermodynamics states calories in, calories out is a real thing. I acknowledge that, if
you take in more calories than you burn, you’re not gonna lose fat. That’s the truth, we
focus first on controlling our macro nutrient intake,
protein, carbs and fats. But there’s many different
layers below that, once you navigate into the
realm of micronutrients and phytochemicals and all
of these things, right? The quality of the food itself. Super important and vegetables,
if you take in too many on a fat loss phase, they can really upset your stomach, potentially. So, this is not permission
for you guys to go balls to the wall taking in
so many freakin’ vegetables because I’m tellin’ you,
you’re gonna have gas out the wazoo, you’re
gonna upset your stomach and it’s simply not gonna
be a good situation. So, with everything, there’s
a blanket assumption here with the things that I’m sharing, that we don’t overdo it, okay? There’s, no matter how
healthy the food is, there is such a thing as overdoing it and there are adverse affects to taking in even the most healthy food, right? It’s an unavoidable reality. The next food that we’re
gonna cover is red meat. Now I’m gonna make a statement here, and some of you may scoff at
this, but it’s simply a fact. Red meat has way more health
benefits than white meat, than poultry, than turkey, than chicken and my main source of meat on this contest prep has been red meat. Now what do we hear about red meat? We hear, oh but it’s higher in fat. Well yes, that is true, but we can also get lean cuts of red meat. We can get lean cuts of pork. We can get lean ground beef, fun fact. And not only that guys, but
I’m not sure if you guys have ever paid attention to
the work of Stan Efferding. Extremely intelligent human
being in the fitness space. Coaches some of the best in the world. Strongmen, physique competitors, he’s been shredded over
300 pounds with abs, like the dude is absolutely insane. I believe he’s a doctor and he prescribes something that he calls the Vertical Diet. He’s been speaking on this I
believe for 20 to 30 years. I was actually listening
to a podcast with him and B-Pak, Ben Pakulski who
owns MI40 Gym outta Tampa, the other day and two
extremely intelligent minds and they both agree on
the extreme benefits of red meat over white meat. Specifically the
nutrients B12, zinc, iron. Now I’m not a registered
dietician, I’m not a nutritionist, so of course I’m gonna
stay in my lane here, but briefly I will highlight B12, supports red blood cell production, which red blood cells
shuttle oxygen to the muscle. Which is extremely
important for performance. Zinc is great for immunity,
boosting the immune system, avoiding getting sick, things like this. And then the next one was
iron, which iron supports also the immune system, it
supports your performance in the gym, strength and
also it reduces fatigue. These are things that are
found naturally in red meat that aren’t found in white meat. And not only that, we
understand the importance of testosterone versus
estrogen when it comes to maintaining muscle in a fat loss phase. And gaining muscle in a surplus. Now it’s important to
understand that white meat, specifically like poultry,
has higher levels of estrogen, which is not a good thing
when it comes to supporting muscle growth, whereas
red meat has higher traces of testosterone and supports
muscle growth that much more. So guys, when it comes to red meat, obviously pay attention to
the macro nutrients, right? The protein and the carbs, not the carbs, there’s no carbs in either,
but the fat and the protein. I would just be sure, don’t
have a takeaway of this be, oh red meat, okay, I
can go balls to the wall with a big flank steak
followed by some filet, followed by a rib eye,
followed by a T-bone. No, we can’t do that
because that’s super fatty. All right, so we still
need to pay attention to the fat intake, but
understand the mineral micronutrient vitamin load of red meat is much more impressive than white meat. So I highly encourage you to
introduce that into your diet and prioritize that over
white meat consumption. Next one is peanut butter. So, peanut butter is my love. I fucking, fucking, pardon my
French, love peanut butter. I would, if I get married in my life, it will be peanut butter, and
if it’s not peanut butter, it will be my best man. I have an irrational
obsession with peanut butter. And not even when I’m in a fat loss phase, when my body really
notices I’m lower in fat, this is even when I’m
in a surplus, I just, I love it, I don’t know what
it is about peanut butter, but I’ve developed this
unavoidable affinity towards it. But here’s the thing. The harsh reality of peanut
butter is it’s very high in fat. Right, we know this, so
how can we avoid that. Well, PB2 is freaking
amazing and dare I say, not only is it like 75%
less fat, but they do, I’m very impressed with the company and how they formulated it. The food scientists there
must be fucking amazing. Love you guys, if you
happen to find this video. It tastes really good,
it’s not like one of those peanut butter flavors
where it’s like bullshit, this doesn’t fucking
taste like peanut butter at all, this tastes like chalk. It’s not that way, it really
does taste like peanut butter and it comes in powder
form and you just throw in a little bit of water,
you can mix that in. I’ll even like sprinkle
it on top of pancakes and if you love that peanut butter flavor, which I freaking love
it, it’s a great option. Now, for some people,
they don’t really like PB2 and some people have shared with me, like ugh, it’s not the real thing. I can understand that to
because it is pretty damn low in fat and to get that
true peanut butter flavor, it’s kind of unavoidable to
have the fats increase a bit. So the next thing you can
do is go to this brand that I’ve personally found, I
find in many grocery stores. It’s called Naturally More,
and if you don’t find it, I would go as far as to say
order it ’cause it is that good. Naturally More is a natural peanut butter which it doesn’t have hydrogenated oil, which hydrogenated oil is in your Skippys, it’s in your Jiffs. Hydrogenated oil increases
the risk of heart disease. It’s a really bad thing. Not only that, but Skiffs
and the Jiffys have a lot of added sugar, we just want
to avoid those, at all costs. I don’t take those in,
but here’s the thing. Naturally More, this not
only is it higher than fat than the PB2, but it’s lower in fat than most peanut butters
and it’s higher in protein. You get more protein, it’s
the same amount of calories. It’s about 170 to 200
calories per two tablespoons. I believe it’s 170, so on the lower end, actually caloric intake per
two tablespoons, which is good. But, it has less fat even then like, if you were gonna get reduced fat Jiff. It still has less fat
than reduced fat Jiff. But it tastes freaking amazing. So Naturally More is a
great alternative if PB2 just simply isn’t working for you. So, that’s number five guys. Hope you enjoyed the
video, but before we end, I know I’ve been going a bit long here. Damn, we’ve really been going long. Really quickly is water,
so hear me out here, this is the bonus, this is number six. Water intake is so
important, but all water is not created equal, so
something that I’ve been paying attention to on my fat loss phase is not simply taking in
store bought spring water, basic bitch water or tap water. I’ve been taking in
enhanced water with calcium, potassium and magnesium
because fun fact guys, and this ties back to the
comment I made about salt intake, sodium intake specifically,
pink Himalayan sea salt. Which guys, nix table salt, okay? It’s not all created equal. Table salt is manufactured in a facility. It’s absolute crap,
there’s not many minerals and nutrients in there. Go to pink Himalayan sea salt. It has like 50 plus
different minerals in there that support our body
massively, and I will enhance my water with pink Himalayan sea salt or I’ll buy pH water, pH Balance water. We’ve seen that grow in popularity a lot in the last six months to a year, where it’s enhanced with these
important trace minerals, which is like I said, magnesium,
potassium and calcium. Which actually goes to hydrate us. See guys, the water itself doesn’t actually really hydrate
us and peeing clear isn’t actually a sign that
we’re adequately hydrated. Yes, I know this is probably
something you’re hearing and you’re like, wait,
my mind is blown, what? I’ve never heard this
before, but it’s the truth. It’s really the quality
of the electrolytes. Which electrolytes are just sodium, salt, that we take in with the water. That’s why Gatorade has become so popular in the last 10, 15, 20 years. Now granted, it has a
shit ton of sugar in it which is not good, but it
also introduces sodium. Like the potassium, the
calcium, the magnesium, which is very helpful for
recovery, for adequate hydration. So how can we get the benefits of Gatorade without all the sugar and the calories? Well, we drink like pH Balance
water or enhanced water with these minerals and you
can add pink Himalayan sea salt to your water if you’re
gonna get it from the tap or from the filtration
system on your refrigerator and it’s a great option. Last thing I’ll say is
adding a bit of lemon to your water is extremely
helpful for nutrient uptake. And if you can get sparkling water as well because the sparkling
water helps with satiety, kind of like the diet
sodas which diet sodas are very controversial
because they do contain a lot of artificial sweeteners and can actually make you much hungrier. You get addicted to
’em, you end up drinkin’ like 10 diet Dr. Peppers in a day and you’re just cravin’
sweets all the time. Carbonated water, sparkling
water is a great option. Like Perrier, I frickin’ love it. Feelin’ super classy, drivin’ in my whip with my Perrier water with
my pink Himalayan sea salt and my lemon, I’ll even get
the lime flavored Perrier where I can add some lemon or
the lemon flavored Perrier. So, either way guys, introduce
these options to your diet in your fat loss phase
and you’re gonna be setup in a much better way to win, all right? I created this channel to help you guys to get fucking shredded,
stay shredded for life, be shredded for life and give
you guys the tools to win. That’s really what this is for. Sure it’s to document my journey too, but with that being said,
everyone gets to win. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please implement these,
don’t just watch the video and then run away from
it without implementing. Plus, I shouldn’t have
to twist your arm here. These are awesome options
in a fat loss phase that make your life easier. So if you guys enjoyed the
video, please go ahead, share it out to someone
who may benefit from it. Please drop a like, drop a
comment, add your two cents. If you agree with me, please say so. If you disagree with me, please say so. And subscribe if you’re not, of course. So without further ado, I’ll
see you in the next video. We are three weeks out
from the competition and we are truckin’ on the videos. Whew, I’m tired but we’ve got cardio, we’ve got training coming
up, so let’s hit it. Love you guys, peace. (intense music)


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