Top 10 Keto Fast Food Restaurant Options

The Keto Diet is very popular nowadays and
people who eat the Keto way want to know which fast food joints offer Keto-friendly menu
items. While preparing your own healthy meals is something that should be a priority, there
will be times when you’re busy and need to grab food on the go, or just don’t feel like
cooking. For those times, we are here to take the guesswork out of ordering by looking
at the top 10 Keto meals at fast food chains. Wingstop – Chicken Wings (Plain) If you love chicken and want to avoid fast
food chicken menu items that contain breading or other types of carbs, Wingstop will be
a great option. Wingstop restaurants have nostalgic, aviation-inspired themes. This
restaurant chain bases its theme around the pre-jet days of Thirties and Forties aviation.
Wingstop restaurants popped up during 1994, and this restaurant chain has its headquarters
in Dallas, Texas, USA. In 1998, the Wingstop company began offering franchise opportunities
to entrepreneurs. At this point, there are more than a thousand Wingstop restaurant locations
open for business or preparing to open for business. In the past, football legend, Troy
Aikman, represented the Wingstop restaurant chain. Wingstop is known for its boneless
wings, chicken strips, wings, sides and dips. To grab a tasty Keto meal at Wingstop, go
for the Plain Chicken Wings. They have zero carbs, which is great news for Keto Diet fans.
Plain wings aren’t the only option. Other no-carb wing options include Atomic, Cajun
and Original Hot flavors. If spicy hot isn’t your thing, then go for Plain or try out Garlic
Parmesan or Mild. In general, all of the bone-in-wings are quite low in carbs. We’ve focused on the
zero carb flavors. For sides and dips, stay no-carb with celery and carrot sticks and
go for Ranch dip, which has 2 grams of carbs per serving, or opt for Blue Cheese dips,
which have 3 grams of carbs per serving. Stay away from the boneless wings. Hickory Smoked
BBQ boneless wings from Wingstop have twenty grams of carbs per serving. Liking this video so far? If you’re new
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to join our notification squad. Five Guys – Bunless Cheeseburger Five Guys is very popular. This fast food
joint is also very accommodating when it comes to helping out customers with dietary restrictions.
While it’s not the right place for people with peanut allergies, because it offers peanuts
for patrons to snack on and cooks with peanut oil, it’s definitely a good choice for other
Keto diet followers. All you have to do is ask to get a burger or hot dog without the
bun. You may also ask for a burger wrapped in lettuce. Burger bowls are another option. Of
course, you’re going to have to forego tasty fries from Five Guys and avoid carb-laden
burger and hot dog toppings. If you’re willing to make these sacrifices, you’ll find that
Five Guys is a great place to eat a high-protein meal that doesn’t short-circuit your diet
goals. Bear in mind that french fries from Five Guys
are really exceptional. You may need some willpower to resist ordering regular or Cajun
fries when you enter a local Five Guys fast food joint, because everyone else around you
will be shoving those fries into their faces, unless they’re also on the Keto diet. If
you aren’t sure what to order, here’s one meal option to try. Ask for a Little Bacon
Cheeseburger, without a bun, and request a lettuce wrap if you want one. For toppings,
go for mustard, mayo and pickles. With this order, you’ll get just one gram of net carbs,
plus four hundred and seventy-eight calories and twenty-four grams of protein. This is
just one menu option of many. Five Guys is highly-rated for good reason. The food tastes
great. Plus, it’s suitable for people on the Keto Diet. In-n-Out – Protein Style Bunless Burger With
Cheese In-N-Out is popular with celebs, such as Tom
Hanks, Rita Wilson, Reese Witherspoon and Priyanka Chopra. Many stars love to gorge
on this fast food chain’s burgers after long awards ceremonies. They don’t seem to order
their burgers bunless, but you can. When you choose a Protein Style Bunless Burger with
Cheese, you can indulge the Hollywood way, without breaking your Keto diet. If your appetite
is really hearty, go for the Quad Quad Protein Style Burger, which includes four American
cheese slices, four beef patties, special sauce, optional onions, lettuce and a couple
of slices of tomato. This burger contains nine hundred calories, sixty-three protein
grams and eight grams of net carbs. To lower the carb count, don’t order onions, special
sauce or tomatoes. If this “4 by 4” burger is just too much food,
choose a burger with 3 patties, or go for a Double Double. Another option is a bunless
Cheeseburger. These bunless burgers get rave reviews. This fast food chain has been around
for seventy years. There are currently three hundred and thirty-five locations. In surveys,
burger fans rate In-N-Out highly. They love the taste of food from this classic American
fast food joint. Buffalo Wild Wings – Chicken Wings (Buffalo
Dry Rub) Buffalo Dry Rub chicken wings from Buffalo
Wild Wings have just one gram of net carbs per serving. They are a good choices for Keto
Diet fans, but they aren’t the only option at this popular eatery. Other dry spice-flavored
wings, including Chipotle BBQ, Bacon Bits, Desert Heat, Lemon Pepper and Salt and Vinegar
are also “one net carb per serving” options. The Chili-flavored wings have eleven grams
of net carbs, so be careful what you order. Now, let’s talk dips. They do tend to have
higher carbs, so you may want to skip them. The lowest carb dip options are Mild and Medium. Boneless
wings have higher carb counts. Stick with the bone-in wings to stick with your Keto
Diet. If you want a casual dining experience, rather
than fast food, this restaurant will be a Keto-friendly option, and it’s a good choice
for takeout or delivery. Buffalo-style wings are what this chain of restaurants is known
for. Buffalo Wild Wings also offers chicken legs and chicken tenders. Other stuff is on
the menu, including tacos, burgers and salads. Buffalo Wild Wings was established in 1982
and has a fun sports theme. Chick Fil A – Grilled Chicken Nuggets And
Side Salad Chick-Fil-A offers Grilled Chicken Nuggets
to its valued customers and these nuggets are great meal options for Keto Diet followers.
When you choose 4-piece grilled nuggets, you’ll be choosing a meal with only seventy calories,
two grams of fat, one gram of carbs and thirteen grams of protein. Even the 12-piece Grilled
Chicken Nuggets menu option contains just three grams of carbs. Order four, six, eight
or twelve Grilled Chicken Nuggets from Chick-Fil-A, depending on just how hungry you are. Add
a side salad for more nutrients, texture and flavor. Chick-Fil-A headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.
Chick-Fil-A differs from other fast food joints because it isn’t open on Sundays. This is
a company which prefers that its employees spend time with family and friends and/or
worship on Sundays. Chick-Fil-A has been subject to some controversy in the past. The company
has donated cold, hard cash to organizations that are against same-sex marriage. Some people
love the fast food restaurant’s values and others don’t. If you’re ok with Chick-Fil-A’s
company philosophies and business practices, dropping by for some Keto-friendly Grilled
Chicken Nuggets will be a good idea. If you’re not, there are tons of other fast food restaurants
to choose from. KFC – 2-Piece White Meat Combo – Original
Grilled KFC makes delicious grilled chicken, so this
fast food restaurant is a terrific option for Keto-friendly dining. When you visit KFC,
go for a 2-Piece White Chicken Combo Grilled, and ask for green beans as a side, instead
of the carb-laden fries. Order diet pop if you want a drink. This meal combo will set
you back about five bucks. Bear in mind that the green beans are a little bit on the bland
side. They’ve been described as tasting similar to baby food. Unfortunately, no other sides
at KFC fit Keto Diet rules. Grilled Chicken from KFC doesn’t have a high
fat content, so you may want to boost the fat by adding some butter. KFC provides margarine,
rather than genuine butter, so you’ll need to bring your own along. Drizzling olive oil
on your chicken is another option. Again, you’ll need to bring your own. If you’re having
KFC delivered or picking it up to eat at home, it’ll be easy to pump up the fat content with
stuff from your own kitchen. KFC is a fast food chain that is all about fried chicken,
but the grilled chicken is really good, too. This company’s headquarters is, naturally,
in Kentucky. Right now, KFC is the second-biggest restaurant chain on the planet. McDonald’s
is number one. There are roughly twenty thousand KFC locations all over the world and it has
been around since 1952, when it was founded by Colonel Sanders. Jimmy Johns – Beach Club Unwich Yes, Jimmy John’s is a sandwich shop, but
it’s a sandwich shop that really cares about customers with special dietary needs. When
you patronize this fast food chain, you’ll be able to get your sandwich without a bun.
It’ll be wrapped in lettuce. Just request an “unwich”. That’s how Jimmy John’s staff
refer to bunless sandwiches! Also, you should know that this fast food joint has an amazing
delivery service. You won’t need to spend much money to meet the minimum order requirements.
Delivery is fast, too. Now, let’s talk about why the Beach Club unwich is a good choice
for Keto Diet followers. The Beach Club contains just seven grams of
carbs. While it does have some carbs, the level is low enough for some Keto Diet fans.
When you choose the Beach Club unwich, you’ll also get 30 grams of protein. Total fat grams
will be thirty-eight. The calorie count for this unwich will be four hundred and seventy. This
popular sandwich shop has been around since the early Eighties. Today, there are twenty-eight
hundred of these fast food restaurants. Give Jimmy John’s a try if you’re getting tired
of grilled chicken from fast food locations, or bunless burgers. While you won’t get a
zero carb meal, you’ll enjoy something a little different which is quite low in carbs. Wendy’s – Double Bacon Cheeseburger With No
Bun Wendy’s is an easy option is you’re looking
for a good bunless burger. We recommend the Keto-friendly half-pound Double Cheeseburger,
without the bun. You’ll need to hold the ketchup and onions too. When you order as recommended,
you’ll be choosing a menu item with six hundred and twenty calories, 3 grams of carbs, forty-four
grams of protein and forty-four fat grams. Most people who eat the Keto way find that
this bunless burger is pretty great-tasting. Chances are good that you’ve already sampled
Wendy’s burgers, so you’ll know what you’re going to get when you start ordering them
bunless. Naturally, you will not be able to indulge
in carb-heavy side dishes, such as golden french fries. Go for a Side Salad, without
croutons, and ask for Avocado Salad Dressing or Southwest Ranch Dressing on the side. Both
types of salad dressings have two net grams of carbs. Unsweetened iced tea will be a good
drink of choice, as is has just .6 grams of carbs per serving. Wendy’s has been around
since 1969, when it was founded by Dave Thomas. These days, there are sixty-five hundred Wendy’s
locations worldwide. It’ll be easy to find a Wendy’s when you need a protein fix. Chipotle – Burrito Bowl You may customize a Chipotle Burrito Bowl
to suit your Keto Diet. Burrito Bowls are burritos without their tortilla wrappings.
Chipotle actually has a lot of ingredients that are Keto-appropriate, so you’ll be able
to fill your Burrito Bowl with food ingredients that suit your diet to perfection. For meat,
you’ll have a group of options, which are barbacoa, chicken, carnitas and steak. Fajita
veggies and lettuce are good veggie options for your Burrito Bowl. To add texture and
creaminess, you may add queso, shredded Monterey Jack cheese and/or sour cream. The Chipotle
salsas with the lowest carb counts are fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo green chili salsa,
red chili salsa and guacamole. Chipotle Mexican Grill was founded in summer
of 1993, by Steve Ells. The chain sprouted up in Colorado and then attracted investment
from McDonald’s in 1998. McDonald’s divested by 2006. By then, the Chipotle Mexican Grill
restaurant chain grew exponentially, to include five hundred locations. Today, there are over
two thousand Chipotle locations and company headquarters are being moved to Southern California. Popeye’s – Blackened Chicken Tenders When you go to Popeye’s, you may feast on
tasty Blackened Chicken Tenders. If you order them and staff seem confused, ask for “naked
chicken tenders” instead. What these Keto-friendly chicken tenders are called varies by location.
These chicken tenders feature zesty Cajun seasoning. Choose mild or spicy. Order green
beans as a side. The green beans at Popeye’s taste very good and only have four grams of
net carbs. If you order five Blackened Chicken Tenders in Mild, along with green beans as
a side and a cup of unsweetened tea, you’ll get four hundred and seventy-seven calories,
ten grams of net carbs, forty-six grams of protein and twenty grams of fat. Popeye’s offer Lousiana-style taste and there
are currently twenty-six hundred Popeye’s locations. Find one to enjoy Keto-friendly
chicken that helps you to achieve your health goals. This restaurant chain’s roots go back
to Arabi, Louisiana. The fast food eatery has been around since 1972. Hungry for more after that? Well we’ve got
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