Think Fast! with Seth Meyers

Think Fast! with Seth Meyers

-Here’s how it works
-Okay. -We are going to take turns
drawing one of these cards. Each card has five totally
random questions on it. -Okay.
-One person asks the question. The other person has to answer
each question as soon as it’s asked —
I mean, like, immediately. -Immediately.
-Yep. And it doesn’t matter if
the answer is right or wrong. It just has to be the very first
thing that pops in your head. -No time to ruminate.
-No rumination. No. Seth, because you’re the guest,
I’ll read your questions first. -Okay. Gotcha. So, give myself
about two minutes for each one? -[ Chuckles ] Here we go. Are we changing the lights?
We are. -Oh, good.
I think faster when it’s dark. ♪♪ -Why were you late for brunch? -Because I hurt my knee! -What’s the German word
for potato chip?-Neinschenfrien!-What does Brenda look like? -Well, better
than she used to look. -Laugh without smiling. -[ Imitates laugh ] -Whisper your darkest secret. -[ Whispers ]
I’m not really hear. [ Laughter ] -That’s it right there.
It works like that. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s the way it is.
Seth, it is my turn. Whenever you’re ready. -Okay.
-Choose a card. Okay, ready?
-Yep. -Why did you eat my toothpaste? -Because I needed it. -What rhymes with umbrella? -Frumbrella. [ Laughs ] -Why is there so much meat
in the garbage? -Because Gary put it there! -Yell the name of a vegetable. -Kumquat! -Do sharks go to heaven? -No.
-Oh. [ Laughter ] I thought it was going to end
on kumquat. I didn’t know there was
another all right. -All right, it’s time
for the final round here. You get a card,
and I get a card. Okay, in this round,
we both pick up a card with the same set of questions. We’ll ask and answer them one at
a time going back and forth. Ready for this?
-Yeah. -Here we go. “Think fast.”
Round 3. I go first.
[ Clears throat ] Why are bugs so small? -Because if they were bigger
they would be whales. -What’s the cool toy everyone
wants this Christmas? -Uh, they got to get a Keebler. [ Laughter ]
What’s in the piñata? -All the candies!
Why do you love your dentist? -Because of the candies.
[ Laughter ] Oh, how big is the big monkey? -As big as the biggest monkey! What does the food taste —
-Uh, what? -What does the food taste like?
-Oh, sorry. Thank you. -It’s just bland,
but with a hint of cilantro. What is the worst smell? -The smell
of the biggest monkey. Give me a compliment. -I love your style.
-Thank you. -Give me an insult. -I love when you say
you love my style, I can tell you’re lying. How do you say California
backward? -Cafinoria.
[ Laughter ] There you have it. That was
“Think Fast” with Seth Meyers. His stand-up special,
“Lobby Baby” is available on Netflix.
Check it out.


  1. Next time they have Jimmy on Late Night, they should do Seth and Jimmy Clear the Air and Back in My Day. But on different episodes of course. I hope you're reading this Late Night writers.

  2. mr beceacuse
    beceause i am not (The Matrix Rooftop Scene)
    yes mr because and mr i am (Final Sahnesi | Recep İvedik 3)

  3. And these guys are talk show hosts…They must of kissed unimaginable ass to get here. I really do hope in the future there is better late night talk shows.

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