The Witcher Netflix Ending Scene – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

The Witcher Netflix Ending Scene – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

The Girl, in the woods. Will be with you always. she is your destiny. I met a Witcher he saved my
life now fetch him an ale before he goes to
Sodden, hey Witcher, Witcher where are you going? people linked by destiny will always find
each other who is Yennefer? welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my video for The Witcher Netflix back half of the season the
ending I’ll do a separate video about season two so don’t worry about that but
if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos they’ve
already renewed the show for season two they’ll start shooting it next year but
obviously spoiler warning for everything from Witcher episodes 5 through 8 pretty
short season but we’ll do top 10 and Easter eggs as we go along starting with
number 10 Geralt saves yennefer from the jinn with his last wish I already talked
a little bit about this in my last video so I’ll go into slightly different
details during this but the whole idea was that yennefer thought that she’d be
able to trap the jinn in her form and use its power to heal herself so that
she’d eventually be able to have children if she wanted to the reason why
yennefer can’t have children those because they surgically removed her
ability to have children burning her ovaries on the pyre and using the
magical energy that that created to cast the enchantments that made her look
beautiful but it’s Geralt wish that binds their fates together magically
intertwining their destinies so he saves her with his last wish it’s from a short
story in the books called the last wish the magic of the wish just
causes their destinies to be intertwined no one is really sure exactly what the
words he spoke were that caused their destinies to be intertwined but however
he worded it however the jinn interpreted that and then executed the
wish the magic of that is what causes their destinies to be connected forever
that’s why later in the season when they run into each other on the dragon
adventure she says there’s so few witches in the world why do I keep
running it to you everywhere I go it’s the magic of the wish that keeps
bringing them back together no matter how many times they’re driven apart so
number 9 obviously Geralt saves the golden dragons life and the baby dragon
egg this is from a short story in the books called the bounds of Reason which
appears during the book sword of Destiny but Geralt is hired by Bor ch3 jackdaws
to go kill a dragon come to find out most of you probably figured this out
pretty early on with the way they were seeding clues that Borch himself is the
dragon and a golden dragon at that it’s no accident that he hunts Geralt down to
try and find him to hire him for this because Borch the dragon however you
want to think about him had heard the stories that were being told about
Geralt the white wolf you could think yeah skiier a little bit for the
– that’s a bit of a funny callback to him the bard singing all those songs and
crazy tales about Carrollton how good he was everyone posts all your memes about
tossing coins – witchers respect us in my history you notice that he’s wearing
a dragon skin vest and when he’s having conversations with him around a campfire
specifically with Geralt he’s really just feeding Geralt questions so that
he’ll give him answers and give him a sense for what gerelds personality is
like does he really care about dragons is he really a good person in through
Geralt explanation he explains that dragons aren’t evil they’ve been hunted
to extinction so once of confirming a lot of the good
things that he heard about Geralt making him feel a lot better about him helping
save him from the other hunters there’s also the line about golden dragons being
a rare mutation so this is meant to sort of give them some sort of connection
because Geralt himself is the product of a mutation just like the golden dragon
there were a couple big changes to the way the book version of this story
played out but for the most part it all ends up in the same place the dragon
then tells yennefer and Geralt that their destinies will be forever
intertwined but yennefer will never be able to have a child herself no matter
what she does and Geralt will eventually lose yennefer but the thing about that
prophecy is a tricky thing if you’ve watched Game of Thrones you know this
you should never interpret those things quite so literally so like the magic of
the last wish will still bring them together no matter how many times have
driven apart but like at the end of this episode she’s like you’ve lost me I’m
gone I’m out of here but the magic of the wish will cause that to not stick
eventually they’ll run into each other probably during season two because they
don’t meet each other before the end of this season again but also even though
yennefer will never be able to biologically have her own child she will
become the mother figure for another child on the TV show number eight
garol tries to claim ciri through the law of surprise we’ll see how that goes
so ciri belongs to him by the law of surprise which he called in the
flashback episode earlier during episode 4 when he saved dooney’s life so you
have to imagine that more than 10 years have gone by since that happened they
kind of fudged with the timeline a little bit but Ciri is supposed to be
closer to 13 or 15 years old the second time she meets Geralt in
present day but when Geralt comes back it’s before the fall of Cintra before
nilfgaard attacks Queen Calanthe as you saw did another 180 and is determined
not to let Geralt have her there’s an important reason why she’s kind of an
asshole about it but there is a reason unless she tries to pass off the fake
this is totally my granddaughter ciri why don’t you take her right now but by
this time series mother pavetta has died and Duney her father is also believed
to be dead they only briefly imply that so I’m hoping they do another flashback
during season 2 to explain but if they don’t make it really clear why everyone
thinks that they’re dead I’ll include that in a video but pavetta her mother
believed this ciri would only be safe being raised by her mother and Cintra so
that’s the main reason why ciri was raised by Queen Calanthe in the main
reason why Calanthe doesn’t want to let Geralt tap her she’s not crazy or
anything the TV show just isn’t giving you enough information so in order to
prevent Geralt from taking her in hoping quote-unquote to avoid Destiny’s wrath
chol anthe has Geralt thrown in the dungeon but number seven we find out
that Geralt was in the dungeon while nilfgaard was sacking Cintra this is all
happening on the orders of the usurper king in nilfgaard it’s not emperor Emhyr
it’s a different character they never really say what his name is in the books
he just referred to as the usurper but he’s also the person who’s responsible
for placing the curse on Duney when dune II was a little boy so hopefully
they’ll get into that during season two but because that’s potentially spoilery
I won’t talk about that here if you have read the books please don’t post
spoilers about what’s going on with dune II in the books we don’t meet the
usurper this season on the show or anything like that maybe we’ll see him
during season two but there is a lot of important stuff going on in the
background up in nilfgaard separate from what’s happening with Geralt and Ciri
down here number six though Yennefer meets Vilgefortz, the other mage
from the Brotherhood of sorcerers and one of the main antagonists from the
books at least in the future like I said they’re fudging the timeline a little
bit this is meant to be Vilgefortz before he becomes one of the bigger
antagonists the way the actor is playing him seems kind of ambiguous I think
that’s actually in the character of most of the other sorcerers that you meet at
the Brotherhood of sorcerers like Strega Bor is kind of a terrible person but
he’s not any more evil necessarily than a lot of the other bad characters that
you meet during the course of the show but the
point of the introduction here is a big change to the book story because it’s
all leading up to the Battle of sodden hill in the fall of the Brotherhood of
sorcerers which I’ll talk about in a second all this episode 7 stuff is
really just a lot of table setting to sort of give you background on these
characters and sort of introduced them before they become bigger characters
during season two they give you a sense for what Vilgefortz’ personality is he is a
good mage but he spent a lot of time in campaigns and Wars so he’s very hungry
for battle they changed a lot of what’s going on with the story line around the
Battle of sodden hill and the fall of the brotherhood of sorcerers so I don’t
know if there’s any secret shady stuff going on in the background or if this is
just meant to be exactly the way you see it but number five the fall of the
Brotherhood of sorcerers so the Battle of sodden hill on the TV show seems like
they’re combining a bunch of different book plots together to streamline the
fall of the Brotherhood and the rise of the lodge of sorceresses
which is like the next big organization of mages that come together in the ashes
of the Brotherhood they make this big deal about freeing gila trying to lure
them to nilfgaard under the auspices that they’ll be able to practice magic
freely of any rules or restrictions forbidden magic all the fring gila stuff
though is mostly a big change to the books the end result for their
organization is still the same they suffer heavy losses and then even later
campaigns from Emperor Emhyr effectively in their Brotherhood’s power
but number four the actual Battle of sodden hill the big war that they fight
as stated this is the stand of the Brotherhood makes against nilfgaard
mostly because they feel like nilfgaard is getting too powerful not because they
care about all these neighboring kingdoms it’s not a genuine source of
compassion or anything like that they just feel like if nilfgaard unifies the
continent they’ll start placing more rules and restrictions on the
Brotherhood and they don’t want anybody telling them what to do we see that
nilfgaard the rogue mages freeing gila fight really dirty causing heavy
casualties because what’s happening with Geralt and Cirie is right next to this I
think they’ll probably dressed it’s at the beginning of season two because
Geralt knows that yennefer is fighting at the Battle of sodden Hill so he tries
to go find her there but there’s all these unmarked graves so he believes
that she’s so alive but doesn’t confirm that till a little bit later
number three friend Gil is forbidden magic it’s not so much that they’re
using super dark magic it’s more that they’re ignoring a lot of the safety
protocols that the Brotherhood of sorcerers adhere by to protect
themselves and preserve their own lives all magic comes with a cost
the forbidden aspect of this is that friend Gila is having these random rogue
mages working for nilfgaard completely consumed their life force to produce
extra powerful magics Yennefer’s Power Move to burn through the army with that
giant area of effect attack isn’t forbidden either it’s more about her
fully committing herself to the cause because previously she really just
didn’t care about what they were doing she didn’t care about the other
neighboring kingdoms any of the Kings any of the people in them she didn’t
want have anything to do with the real world part of the reason why she seems
so much more naturally powerful than the other mages as they implied earlier in
the season is because she’s half elven and elves have a much deeper connection
to magic she’s not as naturally powerful as someone like Ciri who has the elder
blood but yennefer has been training as a witch for decades and decades and Ciri
has no idea how her powers work number two this is actually a big one may
not have been totally clear but Geralt meets his mother Vicente
he has all these hallucinations and flashbacks so if it wasn’t clear what’s
happening here this is him actually meeting his mother and it’s not just a
hallucination she actually does come to help him here in this moment and if it
wasn’t clear the reason why she looks so young is because she was a sorceress
that’s why during the flashbacks when he’s a little boy they never show you
what her face looks like just to make you wonder oh wait a minute she’s a
sorceress just like yennefer and the other ones so she lives way longer than
everyone else she left Geralt and Cara morhen as a child with The Witcher
School of the wolf but the best explanation that I could give you is
that she did care for him but she felt like she couldn’t care for him like a
real mother could and the best chance for him for a good upbringing would be
to give him to the school the wolf but the really tricky thing like I said
nobody on the show is truly evil or truly good it’s all shades of gray
she knew that most children given to the school of the wolf died during the trial
of grasses so she totally understood that there was a really high probability
that he could die they don’t really address Gerald’s
father during these flashbacks but his father is most likely the warrior
Corinne who appears during this side book outside of the main novels maybe
we’ll see him in a flashback in a future season but I’m not really expecting it
they don’t spend a lot of time devoted to his character in the main novel
series he just rinsed every once in a while
occasionally but number one Geralt in ciri finally meet each other in the
woods near sodden hill and ciri unleashes her elder blood full powers
without realising what’s going on and it’s all about their destinies being
intertwined the same way that Geralt destiny with yennefer is being
intertwined that’s also why at the beginning of this episode you see the
three sigils on the title screen formed together around each other because all
three of their destinies are now intertwined so they’ll probably spend
most of the early part of season 2 catching up on where they’ve been and
what they’re going to do next while all this nilfgaard and usurper stuff going
on in the north sorts itself out because that is still a very big deal going on
in the background there’s all this stuff that’s coming up with Vilgefortz’
character Emperor Emhyr, I don’t know how much they’re fudging the timeline so the
minute we get some clues about that I will include it in videos the TV show
has changed a little bit about the way series powers work but you kind of get a
sense for what may have happened you just meant to imagine it in your head
how she just Visser ated all these other people without completely understanding
how she used her abilities the way the games treat her abilities are a little
bit different so I’ll probably do a video at some point just explaining how
that all works because you could spend all day talking about how crazy powerful
she is she’s like God – you’re powerful compared to all the other people on the
show but let me know in the comments what was
your favorite moment from the season and what are you hoping that they do during
season 2 I will do a season 2 video sometime in the next couple of days
because they won’t start shooting for a little while but we have a pretty good
idea for what story they’re going to adapt while you wait for everything
click here for my brand new Star Wars baby Yoda and Mandalorian video and
click here for all my other Witcher Netflix episode videos thank you so much
for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!


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  3. I was so worried that Netflix was going to fuck this up for us. I am man enough to say that was my bad. That shit was fantastic. Game of thrones be damned. Holy shit. I didn't care about triss not having red hair, everything felt like it was where it was supposed to be. Just wow. Cant wait for season 2. Henry cavill IS Geralt.

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    In the first half episode you mention the future where Yennefer and Geralt become parent figures to Cirila… I had only seen the series, so I didn't know anything about the books or games, so I was shocked. It is kinda of a bummer to know now…

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    1. Yennefer and Geralt being parents to Cirila
    2. The mage that turns to an important antogonist in following seasons.
    3. The fall of the Mages (the brotherhood) – we get a cliffhanger about what happened to them in the last battle.
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  7. Wait, so the current Emperor of Nilfgaard isn't Emhyr? Do they just call each leader the white flame that dances on the graves of their enemies?

  8. I find it moderately hilarious that pretty much all these Witcher TV show explainers say Yennefer is "half elven" when it clearly says in the show her dad is in fact the one who's half elven, making Yennefer……(drum roll)…..quarter elven.

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  10. Thank you for the explanation, u helped me a lot understand the Witcher as am not a gamer or a book reader , thanks from Dubai

  11. As far as I remember Cintra was not sacked by the Usurper, but by Emhyr, who took back his throne about 5-6 years earlier. The show's timeline is a bit off, because the second battle of Sodden (the one that is shown in the series) happens about a year before Geralt and Ciri are finally reunited.

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  19. I would really like the Nilfgaardian outfits to not look like a penis and for them to not downplay men so much. I'm a girl, and totally for women's equal rights and recognition. But there is no reasoning to attack men on every front. Men are people too and deserve to be treated fairly. It is disgusting when people put their political views into a work of art that is supposed to be enjoyed by all. If the bad guys looked like female parts all hell would break but somehow the vice-versa is okay. I was so excited for this show and loved it! But when I heard them talk about this topic I threw up. I love the strong female characters in this and how powerful they are (being a girl I want to be like them) but I would like to see more awesome men in this other than just the super sexy Geralt (you got to give a girl some choices). #fangirl #dropthepolitics

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  22. Stupid Question:
    (1) Geralt's mother is/was a sorceress.
    (2) Sorceresses are infertile (because of the ascension ritual).
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  24. I actually think that Vassena gave Garault to the witchers because she was 'rogue', as not being part of the actual school of magic, and wanted to protect him in case anyone came after her for having a child, since they are not supposed to have them. Apparently, she found a way to skip the process of taking her uterus. Maybe the one doing the process had a thing for her and lied saying he did it or something..

  25. If the usurper is in power during the fall of cintra which happens about less than 1 month before the brotherhood meeting, why did Frangila say nilfgaard was under emhyr's rule?

  26. Great video!

    My 2 cents: I never assume that the reason Calanthe didn't want to give up Ciri was because she was crazy. I think the show did a good job of showing that she loves her grandchild immensely and it's natural she wouldn't want to give up the only link to her daughter to a virtual stranger. Just because of some stupid Law of Surprise. I felt so bad for Calanthe on that front but also I was so annoyed by her arrogance.

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