The Untouchables (9/10) Movie CLIP – Nitti’s Fall (1987) HD

The Untouchables (9/10) Movie CLIP – Nitti’s Fall (1987) HD

Here I am,
treasury man. Come on!
Arrest me! What are you
waiting for? Don’t just stand there!
Arrest me! Don’t push me. They’re going
to burn you, buddy. Yeah? Yeah. I’m going to come see you
burn, you son of a bitch, Because you killed
my friend! He died like a pig. What did you say? I said that your friend
died screaming Like a stuck irish pig. Now, you think about that
when I beat the rap. Hey! Hey! (screams) Did he sound anything like that? (screaming) (crowd chatters indistinctly)


  1. Yes? Except this movie, though well done, is so historically inaccurate it's ridiculous! This movie is just more Hollywood hokum melodrama. We all want to see the Nitti in the movie get his, of course, because of his murderous persona. Who better to kill him, than the Kevin Costner Elliot Ness, of course, to satisfy movie audiences for revenge. Also the shootout scene in the train station never took place. It's more than likely that the real Elliot Ness never met Al Capone; the confrontation scene between Ness and Capone and his men at the Lexington Hotel never happened either. The real Frank Nitti (The Enforcer) committed suicide. After Capone's arrest on income tax evasion, Capone eventually ended up in Alcatraz, and the end of his criminal career.

  2. Great scene except it ruins the film's shot at history. Nitti died by some railroad tracks near his home after shooting himself in the head.

  3. Only just noticed that Nitti is right in front of the door in one shot, then when Ness grabs him they're miles away from it

  4. Since real life Nitti did not really die this dramatically… Maybe Ness only imagined this scenej. As if De Palma thought.." Aw heck, have Ness avenge Malone's death by dropping that Nitti bastard like a hot potato and let the audience applause! "…then they will just read how he really died(not dramatic as real life).

  5. “He died like a pig.”

    “What did you say?”

    “I said that your friend died screaming like a stuck Irish pig. Now you think about that when i beat the rap.”

  6. What a stupid ending. Everyone knows Nitti succeeded Capone and did not die by Ness throwing him off the roof. Nitti also went to prison for tax evasion but served a must smaller sentence and then succeeded Capone in 1932 until he shot and killed himself in 1943 because he didn't want to go back to prison. There were two witnesses that thought he was shooting at them but then saw he shot himself 3 times. If they are going to make a movie about a person, they should at least be somewhat accurate.

  7. Quite sad to here Drago passing away! He was great and creepy in his villainous roles in many films. First saw him in Delta Force 2 as a kid and felt he stole the show as a bad guy then saw him in Hills have eyes 2006 and was superb as the villian

  8. Here is the late Billy Drago (RIP) playing the White suited assassin Frank Nitti. He passed away just 4 days ago. He's going to be missed by all. I've never forget him as the bad guy Frank Nitti on this movie.

  9. I love both these incredible actors. I just reread an article where Billy talked about all his screen deaths and it made me laugh even though I've been sad over his passing. He laughingly said (paraphrasing here cause i dont remember exact words☺) "well, i've been killed by some amazing guys"…Eastwood, Costner, Norris to name a few☺☺❤❤ Nobody other than William Smith (another fave hunk of mine cause i like bad boys at least on screen, not so much in real life) could play bad guys like Billy. R.I.P.
    Billy. We will miss you.

  10. to the owner of the car " i have good news and bad , the bad news your friend is dead , the good news is your car is now a coupe " ! 😂😂😂

  11. Be at peace Billy Drago, and thanks for all the great screen villains you gave us through out your career. You will be missed.

  12. Elliot Ness was nothing more than a thug. Just another gestapo member sent by the government to harass, assault, and kill American citizens for committing the ultimate sin of enjoying alcohol.

  13. Frank Nitto committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, three times. He missed the first time and hit the second and third times.

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