The Untouchables (6/10) Movie CLIP – You Got Nothing! (1987) HD

The Untouchables (6/10) Movie CLIP – You Got Nothing! (1987) HD

Al capone.
We have no mr. Capone– I know, get him. We have no mr. Capone–
I said, goddamn it– I said… Something
you want here? My friend was killed today. I don’t care.
You don’t care. Now he does. Come out here,
capone. You want to fight? You want to fight?
You and me, right here? That’s it,
come on! What’s the matter? You afraid to
come out from behind your men, To stand up for yourself? You wanna do it now?
You wanna go to the mat now? Come on,
you guinea son of a bitch! What?
Easy. You talk to me like that
in front of my son? Fuck you and your family! Fu–? Easy. It’s me.
It’s me! Not this way.
Not this way. You fuck,
you got nothing! You’re nothing but
a lot of talk and a badge. You’re here because you got
nothing. Nothing in court, You don’t got the bookkeeper,
you’ve got nothing! Nothing! And if you were a man,
you would’ve done it now! You don’t got a thing,
you punk!


  1. Great actors but the scenario is very bad. "You wanna fight.. You wanna fight?" Why FBI officer would say that. And The Niro accent is bad.

  2. You guys are really annoying with the "historical accuracy" things
    This is actually not based in the actual facts, its based on a tv series of the 50's, which was inspired by the real history but obviusly took big licenses and was pure entertainment
    So its bullshit dashing on this because "historical accuracy", do your homework guys, it was never intended to be accurate

  3. I like this movie.

    But Kevin Costner is a terrible actor in this film. He just sounds off and his emotions lack intensity, and don’t feel real.

  4. It would have been the worst thing ever for Capone and his business if Capone's men had killed Ness here in broad daylight for all to see. It would have given the feds, the Governor of Illinois or both the perfect excuse to decide to declare Martial Law in Chicago and the surrounding area and take down Capone by whatever means necessary. Capone had a lot power but even he or his men were no match for troops, either Illinois State Militia troops or federal troops. Capone and his business wouldn't survive the week, 10 days tops and Ness would have been lionized and made a martyr after it was all over if not sooner.

  5. I have to watch The Untouchables, because of Kevin Costner from The Highwaymen movie. I put Untouchables and Highwaymen together as my favorites.

  6. Huge Deniro fan but they should've picked somebody else that better resembled Capone. Reminded me of of when Deniro did Raging bull,

  7. I like Costner in this roll, however I feel as if he lacked raw emotion in this scene. He should have been much more vigorous, shown real rage and anguish, I feel like the scene could have been much more intense. De Niro showed an appropriate amount of intensity and anger.

  8. Frustrating thing about this scene, no interaction between De Niro and Connery. They don’t even share the same camera scene, or Costner for that matter.

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