the ultimate youtube video (vlog, boyfriend tag, haul, mukbang, cook with us) | Olivia Rouyre

the ultimate youtube video (vlog, boyfriend tag, haul, mukbang, cook with us) | Olivia Rouyre

Olivia – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! I’m in Colorado with Emma and Olivia… that’s me. And Amanda Emma – Dude, I’ve beem calling Amanda, Olivia all day and I just like can’t stop. We’re making cookies Olivia – We’re making cookies today, but you’re also gonna get to see some vlog footage because we did some things yesterday We did some things today. Amands – We’re going to this place called Daniels point *Amanda* No, try again *Olivia* and we’re gonna take some pictures. Daniel’s Locker? Wait no, Davy’s Walter? Daniels–Daniels–Daniel’s gate? It’s called Daniels gate and we’re gonna take pictures because it’s really pretty here. It’s a lot colder than I’m used to at night, but it’s fine *Emma* and she is in fact, wearing shorts. *Olivia* And I am in fact wearing a short sleeve shirt I also haven’t washed my hair in 4 days house showers a few days, basically That’s all for now folks… umm *Emma* See you on the flip *Olivia* see on the flip. Enjoy the vlog! *Olivia, Amanda, and Emma* What that was snow? *Emma* are you okay? Olivia is something wrong? *Olivia* something is wrong Look at the freaking Mountain Alright, it’s kind of cold, but we’re doing this. I am so excited. This is so pretty This gives me like throwback to a frickin car trip vlog this cute let me throw backs to when I lived here Oh you still do? What live here? Now Can I say something Teens scare me Oh save other teams out there. There’s like people walking and I feel like they’re teens and they scare me About this experience that we’re doing cookies. You’re gonna get some content Target, we’re at Target and it’s not only any target It’s a super target and we’re gonna grab stuff to make what kind of cookies which ones you see there that okay So this is the ones that everybody ever tried them, but I heard they’re really good They’re the holiday like Pillsbury cookies that have like real like a circle and then they’ll have like a little like picture in it Okay, where’s the cookie dough? Where’s the cookie dough? We want wait, wait what no, we have to go to a different store. Okay, we’ll go to we’ll go to King Soopers We’re getting more. We’re trying round two. Oh, do you know what we need to do and Our classes in the grocery store picture you think that’s gonna fall Pink I’m gonna print that on a Polaroid this one so get me there somewhere here. Yep That’s it. Those are in. This is a chief mystery. We have the Christmas tree version. Is this called an unboxing? Oh my god Oh my god. Yeah, I’m gonna there’s so many of ours. It’s so little no they grow. Oh you see these were all You’ve ever had these cookies before, you know, they change the shape They used to be big round circles and now they’re like weird changes weird, bro. This is fire. Oh my god Let’s get our pan. Shall we? Okay? Wait? Yeah, what are the directions on this? Oh Please make young heat up into three feet. What do you say place make? Yeah, you didn’t Just realized that this is literally so easy to do all you do is just put in the oven. Yep Um, if you want to know why we’re wearing these onesies There’s really no specific reason Oh there is because we wouldn’t do justice today and we bought matching ones because guess what Yolo swag What is the other thing we have matching? Friendship chokers all dresses go to justice. If you want to show your love to your best friend. Yup. Keep that ladies. Love it We need something with sequins something with sequins rainbow rainbow. Maybe a unicorn. Do you meet me – Can I please be fuzzy though? Yeah, I think we need to go back to the sleepover shop. Oh, so not into Monday, bro Oh you need some undies Go check out our slam poetry down below down below it’s linked in the bio swipe up We thought we’re done now you were literally done well now we have to wait for the oven to turn on or so we can just reach and we can just chat so That’s it this is it that’s it for today’s video bye guys Hello, everybody walk away my Berk smells And that’s how you clear the room. Ladies and back to welcome back to my channel. Why are you here another coffee? Oh, my actually could be done. But he had a lot of this is the way she said that was so hot We’re going to Nordstrom Well, we’re going there cuz our coffee tasted like pure so we’re going to get more you are dramatic It just isn’t oat milk, and it’s not expresso. I Just list a threat though One two, yeah, you hold it now You can’t just forget my list like okay one two three guys ready One two three eight one Two three five. Wait, no. Oh, well, I thought are we doing it for you to fit it in your mouth? No. Yes Yeah, okay, one two, three four Olivia to get it done to herself. Yes. One two three Okay, I guess you’ll spray it in my mouth then 🙁 Humpty it’s down. Put it into the oven. I Was literally in the middle performance. The cookies are ready to be placed into the oven Let’s do it Okay now let’s make coffee *Emma talks while the rest mumble* Dude, I can’t believe we all have boyfriends *Amanda* Let me know in the comments below of Salmonella is dangerous *Emma* Okay, who ate half of this and then squished the rest? *Amanda* YOU HAVE NO PROOF *Olivia* Okay I would just like to let everyone know here that I claimed the blame for this and it was HER *Emma* Did you hear I was like ‘am done with this emotional trauma’ *Emma dances and sings* moo moo moo moo *Amanda* first begin with a double espresso shot maybe the most satisfying sound get it as get really close to you. Make sure you a some are Shh Oh Geez on x-games mode Take that nap. Take that back. Take that back that she’s on that steams mode. Yes. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yeah. Oh This is not real show me this face Can I try it oh Yeah, so good Oh We’re just having fun just girls being girls. Let’s feast I Think we all know that this is the inferior design. It’s the inferior cookie. Okay. I thought you really liked these cookies I do But you just said you don’t like cookies. Okay. Oh, we did some same poetry. You know this dog sadly my life. It wasn’t Hey, wait, hold on if there’s a ghost wait This is a boy, right? But they’re answering the questions about me because I’m dating both of them my celebrity crush way. I didn’t know you detectives You go Rose if she said Matthew Gray I said Selena Gomez or iCarly, okay um What time did I grow up in? Was makes me feel special like I’m loved she said Fort Worth 13 different of thousands in 30 years Isaac You’re up question mark bell G All right. What is my eye color? I Don’t know bro. I feel like you’re being dramatic Brown I knew that there blue guys have known about it. How would you describe the way I smell? Filter taters using coffee Well, I said nuts or babies confused because let me elaborate on this. So basically on Olivia’s perfume is enough flavor I had the same lawyer Um, so I just said nuts for a short and then the babies part when she gets out of the shower She smells like a baby Three letters salt tastes great one to h.o.t baby unmemorable Would you notice if I didn’t wear pants no, I wouldn’t because you never have pants that’s it you never working Do you remember the first thing I said to you? Thank you, um t-there thrifted a size four and little boys That’s really what she said cuz the first thing I ever said to her was I like your pants Thank you. My little more iconic. My name J America I just wanna lose my ego. Mine’s kind of gonna cut deep. Okay, but is also gonna cover really deep anywhere. Yeah – Breakfast burrito denying your feeling that what is my greatest fear? Oh Wait, why are you being funny and I’m actually your boyfriend Mine’s hair Aaron but You Ain’t ready yet What is one thing that you dislike that I do occupy the toilet? Eat so much, but be a tiny little baby, dear 1 2 3 0 because mommy kissed you when you came out of the moon Do that I knew that answer really why don’t you write it because guess what you were wrong keys to frisbees returning mom, so What are the names of my siblings how many dogs do I have and how many cats do I have three siblings one step-sibling four dogs two cats siblings infinity dogs Seven cats one of them. Happy siblings. I got closer on the first one I have four step-siblings, okay for dogs and Since when do you forceps Emily? I have Jason Stephanie Anthony and Sarah the one son of your stepmom That’s Jason successive weeks are gonna feel so easy videos they look like they Did somewhat fun things say as you saw from my vlog footage kind of so take it or leave it. You see that’s it Good night Mike and So I’m Matt Damon. We didn’t have any time. I don’t understand Because Jimmy Kimmel Matt Damon. Hey, Joe. I don’t know any I don’t know any references for anything cuz I don’t watch TV Thank you and good night


  1. i really dont understand this comment section , saying that they like that Olivia didnt put Emma's name in the title , like why would she?? like why , thats just dumb

  2. "Teens scare me" okay I just want you to know how much the squad of you guys scare absolute piss out of me with your soul cycle and cute ass onesies so

  3. y'all if you put the CC on and at 6:11 read that whole line. IT LITERALLY SAYS that Emma says to Amanda "Dude, I can't believe we all have boyfriends" but "boyfriend" is covered as babies if u are just listening to it without the CC. If you have them on and read it, it literally says "boyfriends"

  4. Like I'm kinda confused Olivia says she didn't shower in like 4 days people are like wow !!!
    And Emma is disgusting because she also didn't shower in 3 days 🙄🤯 is it just me !

  5. “We’re going to a super target!”
    Me:*hears fire alarms* You’re ignoring the fact a building may be burning down lol

  6. I really feel like Olivia ignores Amanda and doesn't really care about her, espacially when Olivia didn't even know where Amanda lives right now

  7. I find myself starting to hate youtubers you literally do nothing get paid and act cool … I was gonna subscribe to all of you but i noticed you all don't really talk to your fans which is very disappointing bitches ☕

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