The Ulcer Rap | An NSAID PSA |

The Ulcer Rap | An NSAID PSA |

Uh, yeah Z Dogg MD YouTube Samix dropped the beats Nurse, another bag of normal saline for the
ladies at the bar And pour some out for the GI bleeders who
didn’t make it Word to the ICU Z Dogg MD
board certified to be the #1 doctor on the mike
you won’t see Another MD like me
an O.G. who nearly OD’d on med school it’s Doctor
Z Coming direct to check the med rec
and drop some truth on some meds that can wreck
Your gut if you aren’t aware I ain’t trying to scare
I’m just trying to share Cause I care
About the N to the S to the A I D S Motrin, ibuprofen and the rest
Of the class known as Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs the little slugs
That people take for their aches and pains
They don’t realize the strains That these meds put on the stomach lining
It ain’t whining I’m just depicting and defining and further
outlining the type Of damage pain killers do Breaking down the gut mucosa through and through
forming an ulcer and the blood it begins to spew
A tarry black goo Out the rectum, Wrecked him?
It damn near killed him, G! So when you check in the bowl that’s what
I’m smelling ah The foul black stool we call melena Cause when an ulcer in the stomach starts
to bleed real fast We take an endoscope and POP A CLIP IN THAT
ASS! So unless you wanna swallow that scope I suggest You pay attention to these rhymes that are
dope, and then lest You be at higher risk if you use aspirin
Or steroids, or blood thinners quit multitasking! If you already have ulcers you’ll just make
em worse And your next ride could be a hearse Which is why for these patients we choose
Tylenol Cause when your bleeding out your ass you
ain’t smiling, y’all So now you know about the whole ulcer issue,
if you died then we’d miss you When you wipe, check tha’ tissue. Check tha’ tissue, G.


  1. Yo zee-max, You got your finger obviously on the pulse of today's youth, how about an educational video on safe sex?

  2. Hey Does Vicodin Eat The Stomach Liner Away? My Mother's In The ER Right Now Becuz She Has A Ulcer, And She Lifted Something Heavy The Otherday And It Might Of Broke, (Or Whatever Thats Called,?) Anyway Are Ulcers Deadly?

  3. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because of my bloody stool (had it once 4 months ago but it went away after a month when I got food poisoning, a month after food poisoning it started coming back). I'm pretty scared, had this for too long. Don't know if it's a bleeding ulcer… can you get pylori bacteria from bad sushi?

    I've been looking on the internet to see how melena looks but I can't find anything. Do you have any idea how I can go about obtaining these pictures?

  4. In addition, I have diarrhea which consists of stole that is very low in fiber. It's almost watery. Its appearance is small stringy pieces that sink in the toilet bowl. However I do get normal healthy stool once throughout the day but there are patches of blood on it. I also get chunks of blood as well that are dark in the middle and gradually brighten as they extend towards the circumference.

  5. Well Zdogg, I am diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I'm a 20 year old going to UC Berkeley and hoping to become an investment banker. Looks like my goal in life is no longer possible 🙁

  6. I just took 3 BC powders and my headache is gone but now my ears are ringing, I have sharp upper gastric pain and I'm yaking up coffee grounds, but I ain't drank no coffee yo! Imma gonna be ok, doc?

  7. Quality stuff and may I go even further as to say that this doctor understands and embraces culture. The inconvenient truth is that there is a slight discrepancy with cultural acceptance and optimal health care. You may have viewed this video one-sided and found it entertaining but understand that this further shows a doctor that TRULY cares about people.

  8. yup, NSAIDs are so dangerous… yet you and other doctors would have chronic pain patients rely on them solely to control 24/7 level 6 or higher pain. Yup, everyone, these are dangerous and can cause bleeds, but it's ok for a chronic pain patient to turn their guts into hamburger, or bleed out! 

  9. Check video! Check out my visual aid for learning your NSAIDS!

  10. Salsalate. The NSAID to use if you have to use one. It passes the poop test: in clinical trials, head-to-head comparison with other NSAID's, no blood detected in stool. And proven, unmatched cardiovascular safety. There's nothing like it, and nothing even comes close!

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